How to Buy Golf Clubs for Beginners – Comprehensive Guide

Starting your own golf career is not as easy as it seems as learning How to buy golf clubs for beginners is a daunting task? Getting the hang of the game is not the only challenge but picking the right golf clubs as well.

How to Buy Golf Clubs for Beginners - Comprehensive Guide
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When you watch professional golf tournaments, players make the game as if it is a piece of cake but in reality, it can be quite daunting.

In this article, we will outline the things you need to remember before buying your equipment, the right golf clubs for your level of expertise, and more.

How to Buy Golf Clubs for Beginners

In this part, you’ll learn how to buy golf clubs for beginners and how to choose these clubs well, so you can match your strategies with equipment appropriate for it.

Golf clubs, in essence, influence how well a player carries the game. However, purchasing the same equipment as your idols don’t guarantee your own good game.

If you’re a beginner, you should know that choosing golf equipment heavily relies on your swing mechanics or level of play.

The question – how to buy golf clubs for beginners is often answered incorrectly.

Most of the time, beginner players like to assume various strategies and facts, that in the long run don’t really help them out.

In fact, choosing various equipment and strategies when it comes to golf is really crucial. Most people know that golf can really be an investment.

With this, equipment and resources are not the cheapest among other sports which is why it’s important that we use and spend each penny well.

To do this, being critical is needed. Luckily, we’re here to clarify it. So how to buy golf clubs for beginners?

Here are things you should keep in mind to get the best equipment possible

  • Take your time

Buying golf clubs shouldn’t be rushed because it has a crucial role in your golf career. How to buy golf clubs for beginners, you ask? Be meticulous about your options.

Do thorough research about different clubs before you canvass. Check out our other articles to know how to buy golf clubs for beginners.

  • Try Multiple Options

If you watch golf events, you might think that purchasing the same model professionals use would work.

In commercials, you may also be easily swayed on ‘What golf clubs should I buy as a beginner?’

As commercials really seem to work that way. But that is a bit of a misconception! Golf clubs can serve its purpose as long as the player can maximize its full potential.

If your swing mechanics are similar to the professional you look up to, then no need to ask yourself on which golf clubs should I buy as a beginner.

However, know that beginners don’t get seasoned in just a snap. By all means, purchase the same brand but make sure to try other options too.

It might not be what you exactly need. Consider your gameplay, not others’.

Again, what golf clubs are best for beginners or how to buy golf clubs for beginners? Use your skills as a basis and not what you see on golf tournaments.

  • Check the grip

One of the answers to – how to buy golf clubs for beginners is paying attention to the equipment’s grip thickness you plan to purchase.

Choose only those golf clubs that you are comfortable handling. Grip thickness can have a significant outcome on your swing.

Hence, picking the wrong one can negatively affect how you play your game.

  • Get the right shaft

Of course, getting the correct shaft length can help you considerably improve your golf career.

It is one of the fundamental considerations when deciding what golf clubs to buy for a beginner.

Picking a shaft length should not be random. What you need to do is check your height, physical strength, and body time.

In golf, to know what golf clubs to buy for a beginner, there is a general principle that tall players should pick clubs with longer shafts if they want to play their best.

But apart from this rule, you should also check the suitability of the shaft flex to your swing mechanics.

In case you choose a stiff shaft, it can lower the flight of the balls you hit, resulting in a shorter distance.

You wouldn’t want that if you are aiming to rise to the top. So, which golf clubs should I buy as a beginner? It would be equipment that matches your body and skills.

  • Check the loft

What is a loft? It’s simply the angle of the clubface as it is positioned on the shaft. It is measured in varying degrees. Some golf clubs are high-lofted.

These models often result in the descending and rising of the ball into the air with a sharper angle. Low-lofted golf clubs do the opposite.

In terms of choosing what golf clubs should I buy as a beginner, consider equipment with a high loft if your swing speed is not that great.

Otherwise, purchase low-lofted golf clubs.

  • Choose the right clubhead

Owning different clubhead sizes can work at your advantage.

Many stores offer midsize, standard, and oversized golf club heads. Now, what golf clubs to buy for beginners in terms of the size of their clubheads?

You should know that larger clubheads allow your swing to have more forgiveness. However, they are often difficult to control and heavy.

Hence, you should only buy equipment with larger clubheads if you think you can handle it. Now, you’re probably asking yourself: “What golf clubs should I buy as a beginner?”

Let’s answer it in the next section.

What are the best golf clubs for beginners?

Usually, the types of golf clubs are divided into five categories – irons, woods (including drivers), putters, wedges, irons, and hybrids (a combination of iron and wood).

It’s a fact that all these golf clubs have different levels of difficulty.

Beginner golfers will likely struggle with irons because it’s hard to hit. So again if you’re asking – golf clubs are best for beginners?

What is the best golf clubs for beginners? Let’s get to it!

In knowing what are the best golf clubs for beginners, realize that you’re allowed to have 14 golf clubs in your bag. However, beginners don’t really need to complete the set right away.

You only need 9 clubs, and sometimes, not all of them are used. So now, let us talk about which golf clubs for beginners should you have.

Golf Driver

Which golf clubs for beginners should you own? One of the most greatly desired golf clubs is the driver.

It’s a piece of must-have golf equipment that can positively impact your handicap. When you look at other people’s golf bags, you can easily identify the driver from a distance.

Why? Well, the driver is the longest club, and it also has the largest clubhead.

What are the best golf clubs for beginners? Definitely a driver because the type of club allows players to drive the ball to greater distances.

Often players have this golfer’s ego, which is about hitting the target correctly to drive it farther. As far as materials are concerned, modern driver heads are made out of hollowed titanium.

Most of the time those who are not familiar often ask what golf clubs are good for beginners?

And if you are struggling in finding the right answer for you since everything differs from person to person, you can try getting to know the driver more.

A driver is the only equipment in a golfer’s bag that isn’t designed to hit the ball off the ground.

If you’re wondering what are good golf clubs for beginners, this is definitely a top-notcher.

They are used to hit the ball off the tee instead because it allows maximum clubhead speed while remaining balanced.

Through this, you can distinguish better what golf clubs for a beginner would be more comfortable for you.

Fairway Woods

Which golf clubs for beginners should you buy? Well, consider having a fairway wood in your golf bag because it is also an important addition.

As its name suggests, this is the type of club that you would most likely use in a fairway.

This golf club allows you to lift the ball out of the turf without compromising distance and accuracy.

By ensuring that this is done well, players can always practice in golf courses or inquire from potential trainers or training services.

What are the best golf clubs for beginners? Fairway wood is definitely one of them!


Which golf clubs are best for beginners? Never forget to consider hybrids. These are a combination of good qualities of iron and wood.

They’re the newest addition to the categories of a golf club and are one of the most versatile and flexible equipment.

And it just might be one of the professionals’ recommended options on what golf clubs for beginners can you try.

So what are the best golf clubs for beginners or what are really the best golf clubs to start with? If we’re going to discuss which golf clubs to use for beginners, it would definitely be a driver.

It is one of the easiest to hit. It is very user-friendly, and a lot of people have a good experience using it. Hybrids and fairway woods then follow.

Should a beginner get fitted for golf clubs

Here is another golf clubs beginners guide tip.

For this part, let us answer the question – should a beginner get fitted for golf clubs and how to choose golf clubs for beginners. What do you think?

To answer most of the beginners’ queries, well, you don’t have to be a seasoned professional to own a custom-fit golf club.

One of the misconceptions in golf is that only those who compete in tournaments should invest in personalizing their gears. However, that is not true.

If anything, to determine what is best for beginners, fitting customization can be considered. Fitting is actually quite necessary regardless of your level of expertise.

As long as you are interested in playing golf, you can always have your equipment custom-fitted.

Getting the right setup can help you improve your game. So if you have the passion for golf, consider investing in it through a fitting to know better what golf clubs to start with.

So, should a beginner get fitted for golf clubs? Definitely.

By doing this, beginners get to have a better familiarity with their strengths as golfers and they allow themselves to really grow and be more comfortable with the sport.

If you are wondering about should a beginner get fitted for golf clubs, other thoughts may come to mind as well regarding where to get your golf clubs, how to get it fitted.

Which services offer the best but most affordable training services. Now, how to size golf clubs for beginners? Let’s again refer to our golf clubs beginners guide.

In theory, the longer the golf club, the greater the distance you can cover. However, that is not always true. Here’s how.

You should first measure your height.

If you are not aware, the clubs are matched to the distance between your hands and the ground and your height. Ask another person for help to do the measurement more accurately.

After this, you should measure your wrist-floor length. The next thing you should do is to swing a standard length club at the store where you are sizing clubs.

And that’s the answer to the query –  how to size golf clubs for beginners?

In terms of the question – how many golf clubs should a beginner have, here is our golf clubs beginners guide.

If you want to know about should a beginner get fitted for golf clubs,

Well, you should also know some basics about golf? With regard to knowing the number of golf clubs, the maximum number of clubs stated in the Rules of Golf is 14.

However, a beginner does not need to have it all. So if you do not have a complete set yet, there’s no need to fret.

How many golf clubs should a beginner have?

The answer is 9 or 10. It depends on you. As a matter of fact, even if you have 10 clubs, you would most likely not use all of it because of your level of expertise.

But as you improve, that’s when you can change it.

A beginner is recommended to have at least two hybrids and two wood clubs. As for the irons and wedges, it depends on your experience.

Let’s Wrap it up

Quite a handful of questions we have answered today in this article for beginners.

If you want to know more about it, you can check out our other posts about golf clubs beginner’s guide.

Most importantly we detailed a Comprehensive Guide on How to Buy Golf Clubs for Beginners.

If there’s one thing you should take away from this article, it should be an expert’s advice. That is, you should not purchase your set of golf clubs at once if you are a beginner.

If you want to improve and advance your golf career, it is essential that you do it gradually.

So, how to buy golf clubs for beginners?

Base it on your personal skills and level of play. You should not buy equipment that you see In tournaments without you actually trying them.

As for the question – what are the best golf clubs for beginners, you should start with woods (including drivers) and hybrids.

The questions of which golf clubs to start with, which golf clubs for beginners should you have, and what golf clubs to buy for beginners can all be answered by observing your swing mechanics.

If you have other concerns and queries relating to what are the best golf clubs for beginners, check out our other articles about.

Golf can be intimidating but as long as you know which golf clubs for beginners should you use, then you are good to go.

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