How to Remove Spikes from Golf Shoes | 3 Simple Methods

If the spikes on a golf club get damage and you need to change them, you should learn how to remove spikes from golf shoes.

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Key Takeaways TL;DR
🔑 Summary: Proper footing is essential in golf, and maintaining the spikes on golf shoes is crucial for stability. Tools like pliers and a spike wrench are needed to remove and replace spikes, and knowing the spike type is important.
Preparing involves cleaning the shoes and loosening the spikes. Cleaning and maintenance include cleaning spike holes, checking for damage, and lubricating threads.
Replacing spikes involves buying new ones and inserting them correctly. Storing golf shoes in the right conditions helps prolong their lifespan.
📌 Golf shoes require proper footing for stability and balance during swings.
📌 Spikes on golf shoes provide necessary footing but can wear out over time.
📌 Removing and replacing spikes is essential for maintaining performance.
📌 Tools needed for spike removal include pliers, spike wrench, and wire brush.
📌 Knowing the spike type is important to avoid damage during removal.
📌 Preparing for spike removal involves cleaning the shoes and loosening the spikes.
📌 Spike removal requires turning the wrench counter-clockwise and removing the spike carefully.
📌 Cleaning and maintenance involve cleaning spike holes, checking for damage, and lubricating threads.
📌 Replacing spikes involves buying new ones and inserting them properly.
📌 Storing golf shoes in a cool, dry place and using shoe trees or newspaper helps maintain their condition.
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How To Remove Spikes From Golf Shoes | 3 Simple Methods

How to Remove Spikes from Golf Shoes

Golf shoes with spikes boost your confidence on the green. Your feet are stable whenever you take that swings with the soft spike shoe. Your shots are improved.

Besides, you’ll be glad to use the spiked golf shoes, especially on wet grasses.

Wet grasses are always slippery, and the best thing that could ever happen to a golf player is to wear golf shoes with spikes. They keep your feet firm and upright.

That said, this article is going to discuss how to remove spikes from golf shoes. How will you remove some of these spikes if you want to?

Perhaps the spikes are worn out, damaged, or you just needed something new, or you want to transform your golf shoe into an everyday shoe (you cannot do that without removing the spikes)

Walking on the normal ground on shoes with spikes can be seemingly uncomfortable. So let’s get around how to remove spikes from golf shoes.

How to Use a Golf Spike Wrench

The golf spike wrench is a highly recommended tool when it comes to how to remove spikes from golf shoes. They are created solely for this purpose.

So using a golf spikes wrench should be your first attempt to removing the spikes from golf shoes.

On a good day, using the golf spike wrench is literally easy. Just tighten them around the spike, pull it back and the spikes should come out.

It should come out easily without the need to apply excessive force.

On the other hand, if the golf spikes are broken, worn out, or snapped, a typical golf spike wrench might be unable to get the job done.

In such a situation, you’ll need some extra tools and some bit of force.

How to Remove a Seriously Stuck Spike

If you’re unable to remove the shoe spike after trying with the spike wrench, then it’s high time to get the WD40, also called lubricating grease.

These greases are no big deal. You don’t have to spend a lot of money buying one, but WD40 tends to help remove stubborn golf shoe spikes.

So when it comes to how to remove spikes from golf shoes using the WD40, here’s what to do:

  • Spray the lubricant on the spike and the spike receptacle

Make sure you only apply a minimal amount (don’t do too much).

While you want to make sure enough lubricants are sprayed through the spike and the spike receptacle, be sure not to go overboard with the quantity to prevent dripping off.

  • Next, take the spike wrench and tighten them around the spike, pull it back and forth to remove.

Remember that you’re dealing with stubborn spikes, so be ready to apply more pull force here.

By now, the spike should be able to get off; however, continue reading if that isn’t the case.

  • Try pliers and drills

So you’ve tried out the golf spike wrench, applied the WD40 lubricant – yet you don’t get the desired result. So what’s next?

Well, the next thing to do on how to remove spikes from golf shoes is to use a power drill with a small drill bit.

The power drill will be used to drill a hole in the spike. But be careful not to accidentally drill into the shoe, especially if you’re still using them.

Drill a hole into the spike (size large enough to accommodate your needle nose plier), insert the drill into the spike hole, clamp it down, and pull out.

By now, the spike should be off from the golf shoe, even if it’s hard or soft.

Getting New Spikes

So now that you’ve successfully learned how to remove spikes from golf shoes, next is to replace the spikes with new ones.

Golf shoe manufacturers will always suggest that you replace your spike after complete 15 rounds. This is unnecessary.

You should play a minimum of 30 rounds with your spikes before considering a replacement.

Another thing to keep in mind before purchasing new spikes is that the new spikes must match the thread on the golf shoes.

So feel free to pick your choice from different available golf shoe brands.

Also, make sure the spike housing is thoroughly cleaned before inserting new spikes, so it would be dirt and debris free, else it won’t fit inaccurately.

Alternatively, you can flush out the dirt with water or blow some air.

Once you have a clean receptacle, place the spike in the shoe and use your fingers to turn it in a clockwise motion.

Again, you’ll need to use a spike wrench. Be sure that you’re using the one that supports the type of spikes you use. So just tighten the spike by rotating it in a clockwise motion.

Make sure it is well tightened; else, they may loosen up or even disengage during a game. You don’t want that, do you?

Why Should You Change Your Spikes Regularly

Although you don’t have to change your spikes every now and then, it’s still an important thing to do for your shoe to last longer.

So apart from knowing how to remove spikes from golf shoes, you also need to know the benefits of changing your golf shoe spikes regularly.

  • Maintains traction

Golf shoes with spikes support wet and slanted terrains. They help shoes to grip firmly to the ground in order to maintain traction.

The efficiency of the shoe reduces significantly if the spikes are stuck. That’s why you should change your spikes regularly.

  • Boost the durability of the shoe

Maintaining a golf spike will help increase the durability of your shoe.

When you buy a golf shoe, you expect that it will last for long. Make sure they are maintained and that you change the spike regularly.

You also need to maintain the soles. A regular change of the golf spike will keep your shoe more durable.

  • Offers better leg support

The spikes in a golf shoe must work properly before you can achieve your desired leg support. Shorter spikes may cause your leg to trip and possibly dislocate.

Hence removing and replacing the stuck spikes is an excellent way to maintain your golf shoe’s stability.

In Conclusion

There you go, folks. That’s how to remove spikes from golf shoes.

On a typical note, removing spikes on golf shoes should be easy, but there are always some exceptional cases.

With that said, if your golf spike is damaged or extremely worn out, removing them can be a bit difficult.

You might need a lubricant to get through it, and if that doesn’t work, get ready to use a driller and pliers.

And lastly, before you purchase a new spike, make sure they go in tandem with the threading. The spike receptacles must be clean and debris-free.

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