Best Golf Travel Bag – Comprehensive Buying Guideline

Traveling with golf bags is a new trend that is slowly gaining traction across the US and, probably, globally. This can be achieved with the best golf travel bag. Golf travel bags are slowly becoming a necessity for golfers.

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Key Takeaways TL;DR
🏌️‍♀️ Golf travel bags are essential for protecting clubs while on the go.
🧳 Soft golf travel bags are lighter and more flexible, while hard bags offer greater durability.
⚖️ Durability is crucial, with materials like nylon or polyester providing excellent protection.
📏 Choosing the right size bag is important for accommodating clubs and ensuring proper protection.
🚶‍♂️ The decision of having wheels or not depends on personal preference and travel needs.
🛡️ Proper padding and protection are necessary to prevent damage to clubs during transit.
💼 Additional features like pockets, straps, and customization options are available in golf travel bags.
💰 Golf travel bags come in a wide price range, offering options for different budgets.🏷️ Top brands provide quality and reliable golf travel bags worth considering.
👥 User reviews provide insights into practicality, functionality, and pros and cons of different bags.
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Despite the sudden mushrooming of golf bag rental firms, carrying your custom golf bag around gives that ultimate satisfaction. Whether you are using your car or a plane, a poor quality golf travel bag puts your clubs at risk.

The bag you choose determines the safety of your clubs and other items.

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Factors to Consider when Looking for the Best Golf Travel Bag

The weight and size

What is the weight? What about the size? Are the two important?

Well, these are quite important factors. The size determines how many items you can carry. On the other hand, when looking for the best golf travel bag, the weight also matters.

The weight determines how easy you can carry or push the bag around. You don’t want to walk around pushing or pulling over 100 pounds, do you? Well, get something weighing less than 20 pounds at most.

In fact, I suggest less than 15 pounds if possible. Anything between 10 and 20 pounds would be fairly reasonable.

Ease of use

You will be pushing your golf travel bag on your own. Therefore, consider getting a bag that doesn’t require complex steps when operating. For instance, brands with ergonomic handles make operations breezy.

Also, check a model with large two-ways zippers for easy access of items without kneeling.

Wheels or no wheels

We have wheeled and non-wheeled golf travel bags. Which one do you prefer? If asked, I’d suggest the wheeled models for smooth operations. For that reason, when buying your travel bag, consider the wheeled options.

This is preferable for those planning to travel by air.

Hard or Soft Shell

There are soft and hard shell travel bags. The hard models are durable. However, they are less flexible. They are even bulkier. On the other hand, the soft models are flexible but less durable.

For that reason, they might expose your clubs to risks. Fortunately, there are hybrids. These combine the benefits of the soft and hard shell models. I suggest picking these ones.

Best Golf Travel Bag
Comprehensive Buying Guideline

SKB ATA Standard Golf Travel Case

Hard Plastic Storage Wheeled Golf Bag Travel Case

This is a sturdy, compact and durable golf travel case. It boasts an ultra-grade polyethylene construction which makes it ideal for tough uses. For the ultimate safety of your golf clubs, this is an ideal purchase.

Thanks to its contoured design, the golf travel case offers a snug fit for almost all cart bags, drivers and carry bags. It fits drivers of up to 48-inches. What’s more, this travel case is made to meet all ATA 300 category 1 specifications.

The set includes an excellent locking mechanism that offers added safety for your clubs and golf bags. Unfortunately, the ATA locks are not included in the package which is not a deal-breaker.

The advanced valance bending design offers a tighter and more secure fit. As a result, your golf bags and clubs are protected against moisture, dust, and dirt. Of course, dirt and moisture would affect some of your golf accessories.

About the closure, this travel golf case guarantees safety for your items. It boasts the latest patent-pending latch design which delivers superior closure for increased security. The latch design ensures that your golf gear is protected against all risks.

And yes, the latch locking system is TSA-approved (Transport and safety). Therefore, you won’t get into any trouble with the airport officials concerning the badass locking system.

This is a compact and lightweight golf travel case. It weighs just 19 pounds and measures 52 x 13 x 16 inches. With the size and weight, pushing it around is a breeze.


What we Like - PROS
  • Features valence bending system
  • It includes a perfect seal for keeping moisture away
  • Backed by $1500 club warranty
  • Features strengthened construction
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • A customer complained about the case is too small for their golf bag but that seemed like an isolated case.

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Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

This is a super-lightweight and extremely durable golf travel bag. It features a solid ABS construction which makes it tough and sturdy. It shields your clubs and golf bag against wear and tears when traveling by air.

What else? The travel cover case comes with a padded interior. The cushioned interior design offers adequate protection for your golf clubs and golf bags.

It will keep your golf accessories in perfect condition even after the ups and downs that come with air travel. Club heads are sensitive. That is why they need to be cared for at all times.

And yes, this bag offers protection for the club heads thanks to the quilted interior construction. With 4 spinner wheels, this is a maneuverable product. It will offer smooth sliding and won’t demand too much effort while being pushed around the airport.

Of course, you can push or pull the travel case. Additionally, the product comes with two in-line skate wheels. They offer easy pushing and pulling as well.

For added safety, the travel case features excellent internal compression straps. The straps secure your golf bag, keeping it in one place while you push or pull the case across the airport.

This way, your clubs won’t be moving up and down, hitting and bumping into each other.


What we Like - PROS
  • Features a padded design
  • It accommodates large bags of up to 10.5-inches
  • The spinner wheels make it maneuverable
  • It can be pushed or pulled

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • None. No concerns were raised at the time of this publication

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CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

This travel cover protects even the longest golf clubs. Additionally, it accommodates even large golf bags. A one-year warranty backs it. Therefore, your purchase is covered.

Of course, this warranty covers all the damages that are caused by airlines. To keep your golf bag safe and secure, the travel cover comes with external and internal compression straps.

The straps keep the bag in position, therefore, ensuring that the clubs don’t move up and down inside the bag. The heavily padded top area ensures that the bags are cushioned against impacts.

The travel case also comes with in-line skate wheels. These wheels offer easy and smooth sliding, ensuring that you have an effortless pushing.

What’s more, the golf travel case features a top-quality material which makes it durable and reliable. With the 1800D fabric and the 3X thickness, this is one of the most sustainable travel covers for your golf bag and clubs.

Furthermore, the product comes with lockable zippers that offer added safety. The zippers are fully approved. Unfortunately, the set doesn’t include the TSA locks.

However, that shouldn’t be a major concern for buyers. The club protector boasts a tough aluminum and excellent ABS plastic construction. The two materials make it sturdy and perfect for your golf bags and clubs.

The club protector is fully adjustable. Therefore, it accommodates clubs of up to 52-inches in length. For that reason, it will work perfectly with all your clubs.


What we Like - PROS
  • The wheels are sturdy
  • Comes with two slots for the address
  • It comes with two straps for easy locking
  • There are two bags on the side for shoes and other accessories
  • The side bags can hold your extra clothes
  • It folds to half for storage when not in use
  • One-year warranty
  • It comes with a convenient club protector
  • Features durable nylon material
  • The fully-adjustable clamp keeps your clubs safe

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • None. No concerns were raised at the time of this publication

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Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag

This is one of the best-rated golf travel bags. The high-impact EVA construction makes it a great purchase. I love many things about this golf travel bag.

You can easily spend twice its price for a brand of its equal quality, but why? With handles on top and excellent rolling wheels, the bag simply offers what any golfer needs.

Side handles too. I mean, you enjoy the service of a top-tier product, at an affordable price. The straps on the inside offer safety. Additionally, the bag features excellent padding.

This way, high impacts won’t affect your golf clubs and other accessories. With the double zipper design, this bag offers more than just safety for your accessories.

The zippers lock easily, making the purchase a no-brainer. If you have a small golf bag, you can easily fit it into this carry bag. Fitting more bags inside the travel bag might save you the extra luggage fee you’d have incurred.

The bag easily fits into the back of your truck.

The size is amazing. It isn’t that big like some people would like to imagine. It just comes in a reasonable size. To fit it into your car, just take the clubs out then fold the bag. After that, shove it into the truck, and it fits perfectly.

Its EVA mold delivers added protection. Sturdy, durable and user-friendly are some of its attributes.

Additionally, this golf travel bag comes with a North Pole protector for your clubs. This way, it guarantees safety for your clubs.

Guaranteed Performance

To guarantee performance, this golf travel bag comes with a one-year replacement warranty. Therefore, you won’t need to worry for a whole year after making your purchase.

Of course, this cover only works when the damage is caused by airlines. To add to its durable construction, this product boasts a top-quality 1800D nylon material.

This is a top-tier material which guarantees adequate durability. For that reason, the bag withstands all the tough airport environments.

For easy movement, the bag includes some impressive inline skate wheels. The wheels make it maneuverable and easy to use. The self-balancing wheelbase makes it even better.

I mean, the bag moves smoothly without tipping off thanks to its unique, balanced base. How about the safety of your clubs? Well, this bag features superior construction.

It comes with external and internal compression straps that securely hold your clubs in place. This way, you won’t expect any damages.


What we Like - PROS
  • This is an affordable golf travel bag
  • Folds to a small size
  • The bag easily fits in your car
  • Features heavy-duty construction
  • Padded for additional safety of your clubs

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • The pockets stick out and can snag on different things which causes tearing

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

This golf travel bag is an absolute pleasure for traveling golfers. It easily maneuvers through the crowded airport environments. The bag offers enough space for all your items.

I mean, it holds even the largest golf bags. This golf travel bag boasts excellent padding, which makes it safe and perfect for your golf clubs. You will also love the folding design.

It folds to a small size for easy carrying. You simply fold, and then shove it inside your car, and leave. The bag also stands up nicely. Therefore, you won’t need to hold it up regularly.

The large size makes it even better and worth a purchase. I was torn between a five star and four-star rating when crafting this best golf travel bag review. This is because a five star sounded slightly exaggerated.

However, a four-star rating seemed to mean given the product’s high-quality construction. I settled for a 4.5.

Given its size, the bag is generous enough to accommodate even the longest drivers and stiff arms. With its unique club protector, your clubs will not get damaged as you travel. The internal design also creates room for shoes and other outwear.

The bag also features excellent padding all around. This way, it keeps your clubs safe.  Additionally, the product comes with unique retractable wheels. The wheel design saves storage space.

Of course, the wheels also offer easy maneuvering.

Build to Last

Another positive feature is the fact that the bag features a tough construction. It lasts for longer than most knockoffs. The main use of a travel golf bag is to protect your clubs, right?

This bag will do that, even surpass your expectations. It is built to last. In fact, a bunch of your friends will definitely come to ask where you got it from.

I highly recommend it. The overall weight is about 13.3 pounds. It comes with dense foam padding. This way, your clubs are protected during those vigorously traveling encounters.

With the extended leg design, stability is enhanced. With the ultra-grade powerful zippers, you will no longer kneel when loading or unloading your golf bag. The pivoting wheels also add to its unique design.


What we Like - PROS
  • The two-way zippers offer easy loading/unloading
  • Heat-treated axles offer added durability
  • The high-impact wheels stand high impact
  • It comes with two exterior pockets for storing essential items
  • The ballistic nylon fabric makes it durable

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • Although the wheels extend/retract, they don’t seem to do so easily

CaddyDaddy Golf Co-Pilot Pro 2 Hybrid Travel Bag

This is among the best golf travel bags I recommend for you. It comes with a one-year warranty which covers all the damages resulting from airlines. How durable is the bag?

Alright, this is a highly durable golf travel bag. It boasts a tough 900D fabric which makes it a long-lasting product. Additionally, the ultra-quality six zippered pockets offer extra storage for your other golf items.

The bag offers a generous size. It holds 12 to 14 clubs. Something else, the rugged base with inline wheels offers easy movement. The wheels smoothly slide, gradually lessening your burden.

Something else, this bag features six full-length dividers. The padded dividers keep your clubs and other accessories safe even on high impact environments. With its hardtop, this bag guarantees safety for the clubs.

It also boasts a 9-inch size which makes it ideal for all your gold items. The all-round crush-proof case offers extra protection. This is a fully-functional travel bag which also comes with enough pockets for all the other items you have.

With the dual locking metal rings, the package offers the ultimate performance and gives value for your money. It secures your clubs and other golf accessories.

Comprehensive Design

The all-in-one design makes it a perfect product for course and travel. It is one of the best walking golf bags. However, the set does not include TSA locks. However, you can get them easily.

What’s more, this golf travel bag holds even the largest clubs. It can hold drivers of up to 48-inches. This way, it is ideal for all golfers, learners, and experts. It also includes a ring for your umbrella.

There’s a ring for your towel too. The lightweight construction, weighing just 12 pounds, makes this a great product.

The four hook and loop straps also keep your items secure as you maneuver through different terrains. With the tough ABS molds, the bag offers added protection for your clubs.

This is a soft-shell golf travel bag. It boasts a small footprint and is much lighter than most of its competitors. It comes with one of the best golf bag travel cases.


What we Like - PROS
  • This is a hybrid golf travel bag
  • The hard case makes it durable
  • Comes with ergonomic handles
  • Easily fits into any car
  • Comes with high-quality pockets for balls and shoes
  • The pull mechanics work effectively

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • It might not be ideal for two woods

Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Travel Set

This is a three-piece travel golf bag. It is a great product. It comes with one of the best covers, made using a super-strong polyester material blended with an excellent fabric 07.

The bag holds even the largest clubs. It accommodates clubs of up to 48-inches. It also comes with self-repairing nylon zippers which make it an ideal product. The zippers come with large pulls.

This way, opening and accessing your golf accessories is easy. With the padded and non-slip straps, carrying the bag is easy and convenient. The detachable straps make carrying the bag easy and convenient.

Furthermore, this top-rated golf travel bag features excellent rubber grips for the bottom and top sections. Therefore, it is extremely durable. The front handles boast an ergonomic design, making the bag maneuverable.

Easy to Handle

The sealed ball-bearing wheels make movement easy. The wheels work perfectly on all terrains. Additionally, the tapered shape offers a better fit and easier control.

The bottom section features an advanced design with three layers for additional durability. For added safety, this bag comes with unique bungee straps strategically located on the front and back straps.

With the zippered side pockets, you enjoy quick access to your accessories and personal items. We all want to have our golf clubs smelling nice and fresh, right? Well, this travel golf bag features mesh windows for ventilation.

This lightweight soft-sided bag features a tough 600D polyester material. As a result, it delivers a long-lasting service.


What we Like - PROS
  • It features a quilted interior for extra safety
  • The bag is big enough for your items
  • Holds two pairs of shoes
  • It is perfect for pushing or pulling
  • It is adequately padded
  • The three-layer design offers protection

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • None

Bag Boy T-750 Wheeled Travel Golf Cover

Spice up your travels with this wheeled travel golf bag. With 600D nylon material, durability is uncompromised. Unlike flops, this travel bag features a 4-sided design.

The padded top secures your clubs and other golf items. It also includes high-density foam which cushions your clubs for added safety. Of course, traveling comes with the risk of encountering high impacts on uneven terrains.

This impact could damage your clubs if they you use a low-quality travel bag. With impact-resistant PVC material, this bag will offer protection for your golf accessories.

The bag offers easy movement too. It comes with powerful inline wheels fitted with ball bearings for faster and more reliable operations. Furthermore, this bag comes with reinforced corners.

The corners guarantee extra protection for your accessories. Of course, corners are subjected to higher risks of getting torn or worn out. For convenient handling, this product comes with ergonomic handles.

The neoprene handles deliver easier and smooth operations.

How about the size? Well, that shouldn’t worry you. The bag comes in a generous size. It offers enough space for different clubs and even fits drivers of 48-inches, holds most cart and stand bags.


What we Like - PROS
  • The bag is generously sized
  • It boasts a tough PVC construction
  • It is adequately padded
  • Operating the bag is easy
  • It slides smoothly

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • The wheels produce some sound which might be irritating to some people

Forgan Golf Hard Side Travel Case & Cover TSA Approved

The Forgan hard-sided travel case boasts the latest and advanced features. For instance, it comes with a super-strong ABS plastic material which makes it tough and durable.

The ABS plastic shell keeps your clubs and other items safe at all times, even on high impacts. Lightweight, durable and functional, this is a worthy purchase. The solid black color gives it a badass appearance.

Of course, black color is more viable, it matches with almost all other colors. How about the safety of your items? The bag comes with a full-zipper design. This is a great thing for many reasons.

For instance, the zippers offer quick access to your golf items without kneeling to get them. It is built to last. With the dual plastic handles, you will operate the travel case with ease. It holds all the clubs.

For instance, it holds long clubs of up to 48-inches. The case also accommodates large golf bags of up to 10.5-inches.

Safe & Secure

With four multi-directional wheels, which rotate at 360-degrees, you are assured of easier and more convenient operations. The set includes excellent internal straps that perfectly hold your bags for added safety.

Large enough for your accessories but small enough for convenient carrying, this is the real deal. It boasts an external size of 53.9 x 15.9 x 12in while the internal size is 51.2 x 15.7 x 6.9in.

These dimensions make the travel case ideal for most vehicles. At 15.4 pounds, this is a lightweight travel case. Boasting a sturdy design, the case secures all your golf gear and items.

It protects against all risks associated with air travel. It assumes an upright position at all times.


What we Like - PROS
  • The wheels make it maneuverable
  • The plastic handles offer easy operations
  • It is ultra-light
  • It fits into most cars
  • The zipper design makes it perfect

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • The bag appears bigger for some small vehicles

Founders Club Golf Travel Cover Luggage for Golf Clubs with ABS Hard Shell Top Travel Bag

Founder is among the best golf bag travel cases. Like the other models from the same manufacturer, this travel cover boasts a tough ABS plastic construction which makes it extremely durable.

With a hard shell on the top and a soft shell on the lower section, this is more of a hybrid. It gives the toughness of a hard shell and the flexibility of a soft shell.

Therefore, you won’t suffer any of the drawbacks that come with either a hard shell or a soft shell model. Something else, the travel bag offers easy operations. It features excellent inline wheels that deliver faster and smooth operations.

With the wheels, getting your golf cart from your car all the way to the checking points and the airport is a breeze. It includes three sets of padded handles which make lifting easy and more convenient.

The ergonomic handles guarantee comfort and convenience for the users. This bag fits cart bags of up to 10-inches. As for golf clubs, it accommodates up to 50-inches.

With two large shoe and rain gear pockets, you won’t need to worry about the weather when using this travel bag.

Heavy Duty

The pockets feature heavy-duty lockable zippers which make them safe. You won’t be losing your items while traveling. Of course, TSA locks are not included. However, you can easily find them.

The excellent internal compression straps offer additional safety for your items. They securely fasten your golf clubs, ensuring that they don’t bump into each other which could result in damages.

When using the travel bag inside your car, it leaves more space. It boasts a space-saving design. The body also folds, forming a compact size, for convenient storage and transportation.

The folded size is 23” x 15” x 13” while the open size is 52” x 15” x 13”. These are great dimensions that make this a perfect purchase. At a weight of 8 pounds, carrying the bag is easy too.


What we Like - PROS
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • The durable anti-skid base offers stability
  • The hard-shell top secures your clubs
  • The three grab ergonomic handles make it perfect
  • The large pockets are enough for shoes
  • The hybrid design makes it easy to use

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What we Don't Like - CONS
  • There are no issues so far

Finding the Best Golf Travel Bag

A close look at different golf travel bag reviews paints an image of a divided opinion amongst golfers. In fact, most players find it hard to differentiate between the knockoffs and the showoff golf travel bags.

Below are the steps to follow!

Step 1 Determine the items you want to carry in the bag

This is a crucial step for any buyer looking for a golf travel bag. The best golf travel bag should offer enough space for all the items you need. Of course, you will be using the bag to carry your golf clubs, no doubt about that.

However, you may also need to carry other items. For instance, you will be carrying your tees, gloves, shoes, and golf balls. You might also need a space for markers.

For those going on a flight, you might want to consider a golf travel bag with an extra storage room. This way, you will save more space in your suitcase.

What next?

Step 2 Determine the size of your golf bag

In some cases, golfers simply use their golf travel bag as a case for their regular golf bag. If that is your case, taking the measurements of your regular golf bag is essential.

The best travel golf bag ought to create enough space for your golf bag when used as a case. Picking a smaller travel bag might prove quite inconveniencing for you.

Besides using the golf travel bag as a case, you might also settle for a hybrid model. Hybrids offer the convenience of a regular golf bag and the durability of a travel golf bag.

What do you do after getting the measurements of your golf bag?

Step 3 Choose between the hard and the soft shell designs

This is an important step that most golfers choose to overlook. Of course, ignoring it proves quite costly in the long run. There are soft and hard cases for a golf travel bag.

Going through several travel golf bag reviews would help you make an informed decision concerning the shell design. Generally, soft cases are lighter and easier to store.

They also come with more pockets and offer more storage options. The soft shells are perfect for those golfers who travel by car. However, they might not be the ideal choice for air travel.

On the other hand, hardshell models are tough and heavier. Perhaps, the main benefit of the hard shell golf travel bags is the fact that they offer quick and easy movement around busy airports.

We even have some hybrid models which combine the soft and the hard shells. They feature a soft bottom and an extra-hard top for protection and convenience.

These are the best golf travel bags. Then what?

Step 4 Try experimenting in person before buying

In case you are buying from an offline store, trying the bags out might be a good thing. Before making your final selection, try a few models and see which among them is better.

You might want to settle for one of the best light golf travel bags available on the market. After sampling different models, you will have an image of what you need.

However, if you can’t find the ideal option in your local store, you might want to consider buying from online stores.

Something else that you need to decide on is whether you need a model with wheels or not. Also, check the straps and the handles to ensure they are comfortable and durable.

Step 5 Now go ahead and pick your best choice

After following the steps above, you are ready to pick the best golf travel bag. There are several factors that determine the right brand to get. The style might seem like a minor concern.

However, it is also vital. The bags also feature different colors. There are many designs too. Settle for a golf travel bag that reflects on your personality. I mean, you don’t want something too shiny when you love dull colors, right?

The color and design are supposed to be the final considerations after the product has surpassed all the other factors. For instance, don’t get a cheap and low-quality golf travel bag because you love the color and the design.

Which are the best golf travel bags? Below are our recommendations!

In Conclusion

Do you need the best golf travel bag?

Everyone does. We have so many golf travel bags out there. However, not all the models deliver the desired results. Buying a flop is a sure way to get disappointed while traveling.

Ensure the bag fulfills all the parameters highlighted on the “factors to consider” section above. They should be durable, roomy, compact, maneuverable, and easy to operate. Always check all the parts.

Decide whether you want a wheeled or non-wheeled model. Whichever you choose, ensure it meets your expectations. Of course, also consider the design and color options. Get the design that augurs well with your persona.

All said we all want to get the top-rated golf travel bags. However, combing through all the options requires time and effort. The models above tick most of the boxes on the factors to be considered.

They are durable, fashionable, roomy, and maneuverable.

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Paul Roger Steinberg