What are Golf Shoes and Its Uses

What are Golf Shoes? This is one of the often questions asked by beginner golfers and non-golfers. It is probably because golf shoes are not easily distinguishable compared to soccer and basketball shoes.

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Complete your golf equipment by knowing what are golf shoes & its uses. Be ready to step up your game on the green & improve performance.

In this article, you will learn more about golf shoes, specifically how it’s built, its types, and the pros and cons of each type.

What are Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are one of the golf equipment that players invest in.

However, people commonly don’t know what are golf shoes and mistook them for ordinary sports shoes.

Golf shoes have a rich history of evolution when it comes to designs.

Different styles of golf shoes were popularized by the former English King Edward VIII who became the Duke of Windsor (1894-1972).

Back then, people gained a better understanding of what are golf shoes called thanks to the styles worn by the Duke of Windsor.

If you want to know what are golf shoes before, it’s mostly Oxford shoes but with different designs and structure.

How Golf Shoes are Designed

To give you a better understanding of what are golf shoes and how can you distinguish them, here are some of its characteristics.

You can know what are golf shoes based on its structure. Golf shoes are built with wide bases to support your balance.

This will enable you to create better swings while doing the proper posture.

The wide bases will serve as your body’s foundation that will support your weight during your entire play.

  • Golf shoes are low cut

Aside from having wide bases, you can also check what are golf shoes based on their length. Golf shoes are built with a low cut structure compared to other sports shoes.

When you try it, you should see your ankle and medial malleolus which is the bone that is bulged in your ankle.

This characteristic aims to help you turn and move better without giving pressure to your ankle.

  • Golf shoes can have spikes

For those who may not know what are golf shoes called, you may not be aware that it can have spikes too.

The spikes are there to withstand different landscapes that you may encounter on the golf course.

Brands that Manufactures Golf Shoes

Not knowing what are golf shoes may be difficult for some especially if you don’t know the brands as well.

By knowing these brands, you’ll spend less time looking for a pair of shoes since you can just go and buy directly from them.

Here is a list of companies that you can check and hopefully, they’ll teach you more on what are golf shoes for.

You may be confused about what are the golf shoes called if you check these brands.

Try to filter the searches with your preferred characteristics (e.g. spiked or not, color, etc.). This will help you easily know what are golf shoes called.

Benefits of Wearing Golf Shoes

If you want to know what are golf shoes for, it’s designed to allow golfers to play and move comfortably in different terrains.

Although many golfers use ordinary sports shoes, it is still essential to know the benefits of wearing the right shoes.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get and experience when wearing golf shoes.

  • Comfortability

Wearing the right shoes will increase comfort while playing in the field.

If you look for what are golf shoes called, you might see different names depending on their material and design.

Many golf shoes are made of leather which makes them comfortable and malleable when walking or running.

  • Breathability

Since the material is based on what are golf shoes called, you can choose a variety of choices to see your preference.

Fortunately, many golf shoes are crafted using materials such as Gore-Tex, Polyurethane, and charcoal.

These materials increase breathability because it absorbs moisture and it can adjust to the temperature for your feet.

  • Durability

Most golf shoes are made to withstand different environments.

That is why its durability is different from other sports shoes. Golf shoes are commonly built with rubber soles and shart tongs to protect the player from injuries.

The material used as well as its functions can also depend on what are golf shoes called.

  • Support

Golf shoes are designed to provide support during swings and walking.

This is because it is incorporated with paddings that will also improve comfortability since it can absorb shock and pressure.

Wearing golf shoes is important because it provides midfoot support when driving the ball.

Types of Golf Shoes

The Golfer’s Manual was released in a Scottish publication back in 1857. It explained what shoes to golf in and how they can improve one’s game.

In the manual, it was stated there that golfers should use shoes with “small nails or sprigs” so it’s easier to move on high and wetland.

When deciding on what shoes to golf in, the type of golf course you are playing in, and the weather should be taken into consideration.

Back then, when people were choosing which golf shoes to use, spiked shoes were the famous ones.

This was because golfers were able to try it and found that it can improve your performance. They advised it to people who were looking for what shoes to golf in.

For those who still look at what shoes for golf should they use, spikeless shoes are now available on the market.

Spikeless shoes were also introduced and is now considered as the modern golf shoes.

Although it was hard to introduce different types of golf shoes, players now have more choices in what shoes for golf they’ll be using.

In this article, we will be explaining the pros and cons of the two types. This will give you a better understanding of which golf shoes suits you the best.

Spiked Golf Shoes – Pros & Cons

To provide a better understanding of which golf shoes should you use, differentiating the two types will be of great help.

The following are the pros and cons of Spiked Golf Shoes:


  • Provides a better grip and prevents you from slipping. If you’re playing on wet grass and still deciding what shoes for golf to use, the spiked ones might be the best for you.
  • If you want to practice swinging and don’t know what shoes to golf in, you can use spiked shoes because it supports your balance.


  • Since metal spikes are now banned, manufacturers use plastic material which is less sturdy compared to the old ones. So if you are looking at what shoes for golf should you use, it’s important to check and ask on the durability of the spikes.

Spikeless Golf Shoes – Pros & Cons

Are you still undecided about which golf shoes should you choose?

Here are the pros and cons of using spikeless golf shoes:


  • If you are experiencing back pain and you aren’t sure what shoes to golf in, spikeless shoes might be the one for you. Fred Couples, a famous golfer, was asked which golf shoes is he using and he answered spikeless shoes. He said that it enabled him to play without worrying about his back pain which is common in golfers.
  • Best for walking and is lightweight.
  • Have nubs on the soles to prevent slipping when doing swings.


  • The soles lack grip compared to the spiked ones. If you’re searching for what shoes for golf should you use in wet areas, this might not be the best for you.

In Conclusion

Knowing what are golf shoes may be confusing to many. That is why it is important to know the pros and cons to help you decide which shoes to buy.

Buying golf shoes will add to your expenses but it will improve your experience and protect you from injuries as well.

I believe that golf shoes are equally important as golf clubs.

It is because to generate good swings, you have to have a good foundation and support in your movements.

This will enable you to balance yourself as you properly position your body.

However, I also think that the costs of playing golf shouldn’t hinder you from playing.

For those who are on a budget, wearing sneakers or sports shoes should be fine but be careful on wet grass.

You can also search for affordable golf shoes online especially from those selling second-hand ones.

Lastly, when choosing which shoes should you buy, comfortability and breathability should be your priorities.

The functionality is significant too but having your feet comfortable will allow you to move easily.

Also, wearing comfortable shoes will save you from experiencing back pain and feet injuries during your play.

Being free from these things will allow you to enjoy the sport while maximizing your performance.

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