What are Soft Spike Golf Shoes?

What are soft spike golf shoes, and can they help you play golf better? Well, you don’t need to be an expert in golf gear to be able to decide if soft spike golf shoes are the right shoes for you.

What are Soft Spike Golf Shoes
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This article will give you an idea about what soft spike golf shoes are and include some tips on where you can get them.

What are Soft Spike Golf Shoes?

Soft spike golf shoes are one of the common kinds of golf shoes worn by amateurs and professionals alike.

It has features that help golfers play with more control. Should you get a pair of these? Not so fast.

If you are new to golfing, it would be rational to consider other shoes that may also be an option for you.

First, know the basic types of golf footwear. So you decided to get yourself a new pair of golf shoes.

However, there are a lot of choices out there, and this prevents you from making a decision. What you can do is to look up on the internet the basic types of golf footwear.

You can just input what are soft spike golf shoes or what are golf boots on your Google search bar and then hit the enter key.

The search results will probably show you these.

  • Classic spiked golf shoes

This is the most common type of golf shoes especially for those who compete professionally.

The spikes (also called cleats) located at the soles provide traction to the wearer, making them more stable as they swing and keeping them from slipping when they are on wet grounds.

For most spiked shoes, the metal spikes are removable. Wait, what are soft spike golf shoes then?

They are just like ordinary spiked shoes, but instead of metal, the cleats are made of plastic.

  • Spikeless golf shoes

This type of golf shoes is also well known as “street shoes” because it appears very similar to sneakers.

In fact, golfers who own spikeless golf shoes sometimes use them casually outside the course.

Compared to the classic spiked shoes, these street shoes are more comfortable because they are lightweight and designed with flat soles.

However, as a compromise, spikeless golf shoes are not really effective in providing the golfer with stability and they are also generally not waterproof.

  • Golf boots

Several golfers do not want to play on courses with extreme conditions like muddy or icy grounds.

But for those who do, golf boots are the footwear of choice. Golf boots are rarely used because they are too expensive, heavy, and thick – pushing them to the brink of being uncomfortable.

However, they offer unparalleled protection against water and mud, so it must be worth the price.

  • Golf sandals

Who does not love a pair of sandals? Golf footwear makers banked on the popularity of sandals and designed sandals that can be used in golf courses.

Of course, since sandals are open, they are not waterproof. This limits the use of golf sandals to courses with dry grounds.

Then, go soft spike.

Now that you have a basic idea about the different categories of golf footwear, you can start learning more about the specific type that you like.

We will focus more on soft spike golf shoes.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions from people who are planning to buy their golf footwear.

  • What are soft spike golf shoes made of?

    Just like most golf shoes, they are made of a combination of leather, waterproof materials, and synthetics. For the cleats, they are mostly made of plastic, making them lighter compared to the traditional metal spikes.
  • Are the spikes permanently attached to the shoes?
    In most cases, no. Spikes are easily damaged due to the wear-and-tear from playing. Golf shoe manufacturers make it a point to design their spiked golf shoes with locks on the soles that will enable users to replace their spikes.
  • What are soft spike golf shoes for?

    In terms of usage, they are just as versatile as the golf shoes with metal cleats. They can be used even in slippery and muddy grounds. Moreover, they cause less damage to the greens, which is why they are highly recommended.

Where can I get Soft Spike Golf Shoes?

After thorough research, you decided that you really want to have a pair of soft spike golf shoes. The next step would be buying them.

But then again, as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of choices at your disposal, and this complicates decision-making.

Don’t worry because it’s easy to sort those options according to your shopping style.

Prefer traditional shopping – go to the stores

Golf shoes are not confined to the usual golf equipment manufacturers like Callaway, Footjoy, and Ecco.

Even the mainstream sportswear companies like Under Armour, Nike, and Skechers offer soft spike golf shoes.

If you enjoy physical activity, you can just go to their stores.

The benefit of doing this is that you get to personally ask the sales personnel what are soft spike golf shoes brands that suit your preferences well.

Moreover, you will have the chance to try your shoes on to make sure they fit you.

Don’t have much time – go online

The world has become highly dependent on the internet, which is sometimes a good thing because businesses have also moved to cyberspace.

For busy people who cannot go to the stores, you can just do your shopping online.

Amazon houses a lot of brands that you can choose from.

The company websites of Callaway, Footjoy, Ecco, and other golf equipment manufacturers also allow people to shop virtually.

However, in exchange for convenience, you will not be sure about the product specifications of the shoes you will order.

There is no one you could ask, what are soft spike golf shoes for me because online shops don’t have salespeople.

It could happen that your ordered golf shoes will be a bit smaller than your foot size. So, for online shopping, you really have to be careful and wise.

How to Remove Soft Spikes from Golf Shoes

Using the best golf shoes fitted can boost your confidence and enhance your game. Golf shoes provide comfort, flexibility, and stability for leg support.

However, you will notice that your shoes will start to wear out and catch dust even if you take care of them well.

These factors are what make it difficult to remove the spikes when needed.

I will share essential tips for getting spikes out of golf shoes and how to remove broken soft spikes from golf shoes.

How to Remove Broken Soft Spikes from Golf Shoes

  • Using Spike Wrench

Want to know how to remove soft spikes from golf shoes? You can use a golf spike wrench. It is a tool designed for the purpose of removing all types of spikes for golf shoes.

However, using a simple golf spike wrench might not be enough.

It’s especially true when a soft golf spike is snapped, damaged, or worn out. In this case, you are going to need some extra tools and a little bit of know-how.

Here are some tips for getting spikes out of golf shoes.

  • Method #1 Using WD-40

Here’s how to remove broken soft spikes from golf shoes: If using a spike wrench to remove the golf shoe spike did not work, you will need some WD40 to lubricate the spike.

Sometimes a simple use of WD40 works best for removing a golf shoe spike. So, what you will do with WD40 is spray it onto the piece and onto its receptacle.

Apply enough of the lubricant to coat its entirety, but not to the point that the WD40 is dripping. You’ll find that tips for getting spikes out of golf shoes involve this process.

After applying WD40 to the soft golf spike, use the wrench, and tighten it around the piece. Then, start twisting it in both directions. If it is stubbornly stuck, it will take a lot of force to get it out.

Material Requirements

Here are the requirements on how to remove broken soft spikes from golf shoes. You will need the following tools and materials:

      1. Golf spike wrench
      2. WD-40
      3. Cleaning brush
      4. Needle-nose pliers
    • Step 1: Remove Loose Dirt

The first step on how to remove soft spikes from golf shoes is to clean all loose dirt. First, clap your pair of golf shoes together to shake off dirt and debris stuck on the soft spikes.

You need a cleaning brush and soapy water to clean the remaining dirt from your shoes’ soles. The essence is to have a clear view of the spike that needed to be removed.

    • Step 2: Spray the Stuck Spike Using WD-40

After cleaning your shoes’ sole, you need to spray the area around the soft spike with WD-40.

If you can get the WD-40 to penetrate the threads, it will make the removal easier. This is the best way how to remove broken soft spikes from golf shoes.

    • Step3: Remove the Stuck Spikes Using the Wrench

How to remove broken soft spikes from golf shoes involves using a golf spike wrench.

However, if the golf spike wrench fails, use the needle-nose pliers to grip and twist it counterclockwise until they are out.

  • Method #2 Using Penetrating Oil

There’s only a slight difference from the method one above. But, different variations may help on how to remove soft spikes from golf shoes with ease.

Material Requirements:

      1. Golf spike wrench
      2. Penetrating oil
      3. Cleaning brush
      4. Needle-nose pliers
      5. Dry towel
    • Step 1: Remove Excess Dirt

Like the first step on method one, you need to remove the excess dirt on your golf shoes’ sole to remove it properly and easily.

Use a cleaning brush to clean the soles of your shoes and wipe them dry. After the sole is dry and clean, you can start the next step.

    • Step 2: Spray Using the Penetrating Oil

How to remove soft spikes from golf shoes using oil works best with penetrating oil. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best lubricants when it comes to removing spikes.

First, spray the oil on the stuck piece that you want to be removed. You should watch out not to overspray the oil because it may lead to it sliding while turning them.

However, it is a relatively easy way how to remove broken soft spikes from golf shoes.

    • Step 3: Remove the Stuck Spikes

Place the spike wrench on the stuck spike and twist it both clockwise and counterclockwise until you get it out. Use a plier to remove the loosened stuck piece.

However, if you use a wrench and the stuck piece does not get loose, you can drill a shallow hole in the spike’s center.

Bear in mind not to drill into the sole of golf shoes.

Use the needle-nose plier to get through the drilled hole and remove the stuck spike.

It is the most important to do it with the utmost care to avoid additional damages to your golf shoes.

Why is it Important to Change the Spikes Regularly

Despite the fact that replacing the spikes of your golf shoes isn’t exactly enjoyable, it is a significant activity. This is particularly true if you want your shoes to last longer.

Here are the benefits of changing your golf shoes’ spikes regularly and some tips for getting spikes out of golf shoes:

  • To Maintain Traction

Spiked golf shoes are engineered for uneven and damp terrains.

The spikes are in charge of grip to the ground to maintain the shoe traction abilities. If your golf shoes have a stuck piece, the efficiency of the shoes decreases significantly.

  • Enhances Your Shoes’ Durability

When you are looking for a golf shoe, you want to use it as long as possible. However, the responsibility to maintain it properly by cleaning and replacing their spikes is up to you.

Changing golf spikes regularly will give your golf shoes extended durability.

  • Provides Adequate Leg Support

Having a proper spike will provide golfers adequate leg support to play with comfort. An unbalanced height of spikes can cause tripping and possible ankle dislocations.

Make sure to find tips for getting spikes out of golf shoes. It’s good to remember that replacing your golf shoe spikes can help your stability and posture.

Getting Ready to Shop & Roll

What are soft spike golf shoes?

You already know what they are and how to get them. Your next step would be the actual shopping, and this will be a breeze for you.

You also learned how to remove soft spikes from golf shoes.

Golf enthusiasts who play frequently must change their spikes regularly. This is because the more you play, the more likely your shoes are going to wear fast.

Spikes of a golf shoe do not wear down all at the same time. However, when some of them lose their traction, it can affect your game.

Just remember to know your preferences well, and you will surely get the best soft spike golf shoes out there.

Good luck, golfer!

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