Which Is Better 3-Wheel vs 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart?

3-wheel VS 4-wheel golf push cart – which one should I settle for? Most people often ask me this question. Of course, various factors come to play when addressing this issue.

which is better 3-wheel-VS-4-wheel-golf-push-cart
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For instance, what are the benefits of the 3-wheel golf push carts? What are the benefits of the 4-wheel golf push cart?

And finally, what are the disadvantages of the two? These are some of the questions I will seek to answer for you.

In order to exhaustively answer the question, we shall delve deeper into details concerning these two golf push cart designs.

Which is better 3-wheel vs 4-wheel Golf Push Cart?

While there aren’t so many differences between the two models, they still differ in various features. Of course, the decision to pick any of them solely depends on the nature of your needs.

However, both of these two designs offer better results. Unfortunately, they exhibit some functional differences which make them distinct.

What are some of these differences?

4-wheel golf push carts more stable

Needless to say, the 4-wheel golf push carts offer more stability. Of course, this is because of the wide base created by the four wheels.

However, this doesn’t make their 3-wheel counterparts extremely unstable. Some manufacturers manipulate the base of the 3-wheel push carts making them wider.

Generally, though, the 4-wheel golf push carts offer more stability. This way, they guarantee increased safety for your golf bags and other accessories.

Therefore, on stability, I give it to the 4-wheel models.

3-Wheel golf push carts easily maneuverable

For obvious reasons, 3-wheel push carts offer easy maneuverability. Unlike the 4-wheel options which are more rigid, these ones allow for easy movement.

For instance, taking some negotiating sharp corners is easier with the 3-wheel golf push carts.

At the end of the day, we don’t want something that’s going to take too much of our energy moving around.

In that case, when we talk of ease of use, the 3-wheel design carries the day. Of course, ease of use is also an important factor.

3-wheel golf push carts offer faster speeds

You don’t want to spend the whole day getting to your final destination, do you? For that reason, we want something moving faster.

This point is tied to the previous one on ease of use. Without the ease of use, you will definitely take more time to get to your destination.

This translates to the 3-wheel carts being faster than their 4-wheel counterparts. However, this doesn’t mean the 4-wheel models don’t get the job done.

It’s just that they may take a longer time, and probably require more effort to move around.

Most 4-wheels fold compactly

This is a common observation I made with most 4-wheel golf push carts. They fold to a sizeable design which makes them easy to store and carry.

Unlike 3-wheel models, the 4-wheels save space and also offer easy carrying. For that reason, anyone looking for something they can carry easily, the 4-wheel models carry the day.

Most 3-wheels come with straps

To keep your golf bags secured, most 3-wheel push carts come with straps. This isn’t the case with most 4-wheels.

Perhaps the reason being 4-wheels are believed to be stable and safe. However, some people have bags with an uneven shape. Without straps, the golf bag could fall off easily.

In light of that, I recommend the 3-wheel if you need straps to keep your golf bag in place at all times. However, this doesn’t mean the 4-wheels are less safe.

The straps work perfectly with bags bearing uneven shape. In that case, when comparing a 3-wheel VS 4-wheel golf push cart, be sure to consider the straps.

What is the Best 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart?

There are various factors that you need to consider before purchasing your cart.

From essential accessories to the most advanced features, it makes up what is the best 3 wheel golf push cart.

  • Handle Comfort

You might find some issues steering your cart around the course with a handle that has an uncomfortable grip.

A sturdy handle contributes to a 3 wheel golf cart’s easy maneuver and faster speed.

  • Brakes

As discussed, 3 wheel golf carts are less stable, so having an excellent braking system can address this issue.

Without a quality brake, 3 wheel golf push carts can roll on its own on hills and terrains and damage your clubs.

Generally, a hand brake is preferable than a foot brake since it’s easier to execute.

  • Maneuverability

A good three-wheel golf cart should be smooth enough to maneuver as if you’re not pushing it. It should be easy to navigate on uneven terrain and slope.

Pay attention to the front wheel of the cart to see if the bag is rubbing against it.

3 wheel golf push carts with a wider wheelbase or an adjustable wheelbase can address this for easier maneuver.

  • Compact Folded Size

A key feature on any excellent 3 wheel golf push cart is a design with a compact folded size.

You want it to take as little space as possible when storing, placing it into your cart, and bringing it to the course.

  • Storage

The storage compartment of the 3 wheel golf cart should hold enough space for your stuff. It includes your clubs, scorecard, umbrella, and other essentials.

Different 3 wheel golf carts manufacturers make different models with varying sizes of storage that can suit your needs and preferences.

  • Weight

Although a bulkier three-wheel golf cart is more durable, you also have to consider aspects like portability and the amount of your gear.

Lightweight 3 wheel golf push carts have an advantage on and off the course in terms of transporting it.

  • Accessories

For a better golfing experience, you should also look for added features and accessories of 3 wheel golf push carts.

These features would make your experience more convenient and your valuables safe. It includes cup holders for your beverages, phone holder, umbrella, etc.

Although not necessary, when choosing what is the best 3 wheel golf push cart, these added features have weight.

Who Makes the Best 3 Wheel Golf Cart?

After evaluating what is the best 3 wheel golf push cart, it’s time to rank who makes the best 3 wheel golf cart.

Golfers can choose from among many brands and models, depending on their unique preferences.

In my case, here are my top picks:

Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart

If you ask who makes the best 3 wheel golf cart in the market, Clicgear will always be on the list.

The Clicgear Model 4.0 3 Wheel Golf Cart has a unique and compact design that makes it convenient to carry and store.

It builds up from the previous models from Clicgear that surpassed expectations with its new features and improvements.


  • Flip switch brake that requires minimal energy
  • Durable construction and design made with high-quality materials
  • Lightweight, making it easier to carry and navigate around
  • Stylish, modern design


  • It can take a bit of time to get used to its complication folding process

Tangkula Golf Push Cart

The Tangkula 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart is a heavyweight model that has a steel-constructed frame.

Nonetheless, it is easy-to-assemble and store like other standard 3 wheel golf carts’.

You can remove its wheels for storing in areas with limited spaces.

A great feature of this cart is an adjustable stool convenient when you’re waiting for your turn which is missing from other 3 wheel golf carts.

You can also adjust its height to your preference and have a flexible handle that turns in every angle.


  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Removable wheels.
  • Adjustable height and handle angle
  • Cart’s wheels have ball bearings
  • Comes with a convenient stool


  • It only has a foot brake system

Bag Boy Nitron Golf Push Cart

The Bag Boy Nitron Golf Push Cart Three Wheel Golf Cart has a 360-degree Swivel-Tech technology.

The bag of this three-wheel golf cart retains its upright position through its lock-in feature on the frame.

It also has a large accessory bag and storage clip for storing your essentials.


  • 360 degrees swiveling wheel technology
  • Handy parking brake
  • Bag lock-in system to maintain its position


  • You may need to tighten and adjust the front wheel
  • Cart’s platform lacks durability

What is the Best 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart?

When choosing what is the best 4 wheel golf push cart, you have to look at the features that make it perfect on and off the course.

Here are the important factors that you need to take note of before purchasing your cart:

  • Handle Comfort

Since 4 wheel golf carts are more challenging to maneuver, a comfortable handle will help in steering it around.

I highly recommend looking for a 4 wheel golf cart with a padded handle for a more comfortable grip.

It makes 4 wheel golf carts more manageable, especially if you want to go for a faster speed.

  • Brakes

Although 4 wheel golf carts are considerably more stable, you should never compromise for bad brakes.

Similar to other push carts, golfers prefer hand brakes than foot breaks since it’s easier to reach.

You can also find carts with parking brakes, which are handy for having rounds on slopes.

  • Maneuverability

Although it has excellent stability and balance, 4 wheel golf carts fall short in maneuverability. It usually has a locked front wheel and requires you to lift it for complete turns.

To address this, you should buy a model with wide rubber tires that can increase its smooth maneuver without any trouble.

  • Compact Folded Size

The size is one of the first things you should look at when evaluating what is the best 4 wheel golf push cart.

Again, a compact folded size is the best-selling feature of any push golf cart, including 4 wheel golf push carts.

As mentioned, you will have no problem searching for one since most 4 wheels fold compactly.

It should be easy to fold when storing and easy to assemble for carrying.

  • Storage

Look for a 4 wheel golf push cart with a spacy storage compartment. It should be big enough for storing all your essentials, from your club, scorecard, and even refreshments.

  • Weight

As much as possible, lightweight 4 wheel golf push carts are preferable in terms of transport and on navigating around the course.

If you do prefer a heavier model, make sure that it is easy to assemble and maneuver.

  • Accessories

It’s also important to consider the extra features of the 4 wheel golf push cart that you will purchase.

Nowadays, you can find feature-rich 4 wheel golf push carts for a top-class golfing experience.

Some models include attachment points for various accessories like a phone holder or a beverage holder.

Who Makes the Best 4 Wheel Golf Cart?

Apart from knowing what is the best 4 wheel golf push cart, another important step is to know who makes the best 4 wheel golf cart.

You might find it confusing to choose between many brands and designs.

Here is a guide of my top picks on who makes the best 4 wheel golf cart:

Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart

The Bag Boy Quad XL 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart is a lightweight model with a well-constructed aluminum design.

It is an excellent mid-range pushcart that has an extra-deep console that is handy for extra stuff.

It also has an adjustable support arm that locks in as a stand bag or cart bag.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Assemble and folds easily
  • Excellent wheel structure
  • Spacy console for extra storage
  • Convenient hand brake


  • You may find yourself adjusting the brakes often
  • The frame is slightly unstable

Clicgear Model 8+

The Clicgear Model 8+ makes use of technology for the maximum golfing experience.

This 4 wheel golf cart has excellent stability with its extra-wide base, and it glides smoothly on various grounds.

It has a patented V-slide feature for smooth folding that you can’t find in other 4 wheel golf push carts.


  • Adjustable Handle
  • Mount for built-in accessories, including an umbrella holder, a cup holder, and a scorecard holder
  • Airless wheel with dual front brakes
  • Exceptionally stable with its bottom-heavy design
  • Patented V-slide folding
  • Sidelock handle


  • The brake handle is not flexible
  • Significantly more expensive than other cart models

CaddyTek Explorer V8 - SuperLite

The CaddyTek Explorer V8 – SuperLite 4 Wheel Golf Cart moves smoothly on terrains and hills. It has an aluminum frame that is made to last.

What sets it apart is the one-click fold technology that allows you to fold it in seconds.


  • Stable for both navigation and parking
  • One-click mechanism for ease of fold
  • No need for tire maintenance
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rolls smoothly on most terrain types


  • Might take you some time to get used to the foot brake
  • Its elastic bag strap design appears cheap.

Powerbilt TPX C4 Cart

Golf carts are an important part of any golf course, and the Powerbilt TPX C4 Cart is no exception. The TPX c4 golf cart is a well-designed, golf cart that can be used for many purposes.

The Powerbilt TPX C4 Cart features the latest in cart technology – the bullet system, which allows it to fold or unfold in an instant.

The TPX c4 golf cart boasts a straightforward design with drink holders and removable storage containers. The Powerbilt TPX C4 Cart also features easy-release wheels, a handle with adjustable height, and a foot brake.

Powerbilt TPX C4 Cart Features

  • Bullet system that allows it to fold and unfold in just seconds.
  • Straightforward design with deluxe scorecard holder, built-in storage, beverage holder, Umbrella holder, and removable storage containers
  • 4 EZ Slide Easy-release wheels and Brake foot pedal for easy stopping.
  • Features include a dual ball bearing system and performance wheels for a comfortable, stable ride.
  • Easy to use and adjust elastic bag retention system adapts to any size golf bag
  • An adjustable elastic bag retention system is to fit any size golf bag that is easy to use

Automatic golf push cart

Manual golf push carts pose quite some challenge for the users. They require strength to move around. However, with the automatic golf push carts, things become easier.

Therefore, what are these automatic golf push carts? Well, they include remote controlled electric carts and the normal electric carts.

That’s confusing, right? Well, the remote-controlled electric carts use a small remote for easy control.

They are capable of reversing, moving forward, moving left and also moving to the right.

With the remote-controlled models, safety features and the range play an important role.

For that reason, before making a purchase, consider their safety features and the range of operation. With range, I mean from how far the remote operates the cart.

With the purely electric models, you don’t get the remote. However, you use buttons to operate it. That’s just the difference between the two automatic golf push carts.

Advanced models come with advanced features. Therefore, they make the experience more enjoyable for users.

Of course, when looking for an automatic golf push cart, it’s always about your preferences. Various factors would influence your decision.

How to push E-Z-Go golf cart?

How do you push E-Z-Go golf cart? Well, there are various steps to ensuring that you push your cart perfectly.

It isn’t just a matter of getting your hands on the handle and moving around. First, we have the electric models and the push models.

If you are using the electric model, it can also fail and you have to push. In that case, how do you go about it?

Once your E-Z-Go golf cart breaks down, the first step would be moving it to a safe location. Most people take the bad decision of removing some of the parts.

Of course, pushing the cart requires energy, hard work, and dedication. It won’t be an easy task, so you prepare for it.

To push, ensure it has the freewheel feature. With this function, you won’t be working against the heavy mechanical functions.

The only thing that makes pushing the golf cart easy is the presence of the freewheel feature. Otherwise, that would be an uphill responsibility.

With a little effort and the freewheel mode, you can easily push your cart.

What do you? Well, you should ensure the cart isn’t on a reverse gear. That would create more issues for you.

As for gas-powered models, always ensure it is on a neutral gear for the wheels to move freely.

Then exert some power in the right direction and you will easily get the device to the desired location.

To get better results, stand on the left sides of the cart. Then steer it using the right hand in the right direction.

For leverage, just hold on to the cart’s frame. The frame is sturdy so you won’t cause any negative effects on it.

With all your strength, push it forward and you will move the E-Z-Go golf cart to the desired location.

Which is Better Push or Pull Golf Cart?

The purpose of a push golf cart or pull golf cart is the same, carrying around golf clubs and other golf equipment or golf accessories that you need while playing.

The real question is which is better push or pull golf cart? The choice between push and pull golf cart comes mainly down to the number of wheels they have.

A pull cart typically has two wheels, while a push cart has three or four wheels. Having an extra wheel like in a push golf cart makes it for easy to push.

When using a golf push cart, pressure is lessened on the shoulders and muscles. Rather, energy is given to the wheels from your natural walking position.

When you carry a golf bag, you engage your core muscles. When pushing the cart, one does not need to use his/her core muscle.

This is the main reason that using a golf push cart is much easier to use. You are less exhausted and concentrate more on playing golf instead.

Final Thoughts

Comparing the 3-wheel VS 4-wheel golf push cart is never an easy task. At the end of the day, almost equal numbers prefer one over the other.

However, it all depends on what you value most. If ease of use is what you need, the 3-wheel models carry the day.

On the other hand, if stability is your main concern, you settle for the 4-wheel golf push carts. An it all depends on your personal preferences.

Having used both models, I’d say I love both in equal measure. I currently use a 3-wheel model for speed and maneuverability.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t give a solid reason why you should get one design and not the other.

Simply compare the benefits of each, as stipulated above, then make a personal decision.

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