How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag – The Right Way

“Teach me how to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag.” said, my son. I had never given it a thought. This could be because no one had taught me either. However, this was a young man who needed some help. That’s the first time I give it a thought.

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Key Takeaways TL;DR

🏌️‍♂️ Golf Club Arrangement in Golf Bag:

  • Golf clubs should be arranged based on the golfer’s playing style and preferences.
  • Understanding golf club categories such as blade and cavity back clubs, as well as materials, helps in selecting the appropriate club for each shot.
  • Sorting clubs by type, such as woods, irons, wedges, and putters, allows for easy access and a consistent swing.
  • Organizing clubs by length, from shortest to longest, ensures quick and convenient club selection.
  • Utilizing dividers and compartments in the golf bag helps organize and protect clubs.
  • Placing clubs in order of use, with frequently used clubs at the top, improves efficiency during gameplay.
  • Considering weight distribution in the bag arrangement helps prevent fatigue and injury.
  • External pockets provide additional storage space for accessories and personal items.
  • Regularly maintaining and cleaning the golf bag ensures its longevity and appearance.
  • Experimenting with different arrangements, grip orientations, and strap placements can enhance convenience and accessibility.

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How to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag

Then I figured out; there could be many people out there having the same concern. Most golfers, especially beginners, have a challenge arranging their clubs in a cart bag. Therefore, I decided to jolt the tricks down for you.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag

I earlier stated that no one taught me how to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag. Well, that’s because there’s no specific way to do it. Generally, we all try to get all our clubs in the bag, if it fits, well and good. However, there are some tricks on how to get that perfect arrangement.

I will put it in simple terms; if the arrangement offers quick access to your clubs, I mean with two seconds, then the arrangement is perfect. Therefore, it’s all about how fast you can grab your club when the need arises.

Like earlier stated, you will need just 14 clubs in the bag. Therefore, how you arrange them determines how perfectly they fit. Create enough space for each of the clubs to fit perfectly. Of course, each club comes at a different length.

With clubs of different lengths, you have to balance everything so that they all fit perfectly. Do you start with the longest then later come to the shortest? Well, I shall explain below.

Steps to follow!

First, put your wood in the cart bag

From the left side to the right-hand side or the vice versa, place the longest irons

Now add the wedges

Finally, put the putter

This is the most appropriate and convenient way to arrange your golf clubs in a cart bag. However, the same trick also works perfectly with stand bags.

A common rule for all golfers is to ensure that a club’s location doesn’t block the access of the others. If you make an arrangement that obeys this rule, then you are good to go.

As for the way you place the irons, you could place it from the left side or from the right side. Just ensure that you arrange them in order of their lengths,

Another strategy would be arranging the clubs from the back to the front.

However, with this arrangement, you need to arrange the clubs from the longest to the shortest. I mean, the longest goes first, then the shortest comes last.

The Importance of the Golf Bag Design

Personally, I place the wedge next to the putter. I have friends who might prefer doing it differently, and they still enjoy their play. However, for purposes of easier and quick access, placing them next to each other works the magic.

With my golf cart bag, I like the design. It creates room for the putter in the middle section. Therefore, I enjoy the convenience. I suggest you also have something with the same design.

Although the design of creating room for the putter in the middle section is common, some bags allow one to put it anywhere within the bag. Provided everything else is placed perfectly, the putter won’t cause many issues.

From my experience, I just place in of the wedges on the left side of the putter and the other on the right side. With that, I get quick and easier access. Of course, it also offers easy memorization of the location of the wedges. Therefore, I grab them without even looking.

However, as I earlier said, it might depend on the nature of your bag. The key thing to note is the ease of access to your golf clubs. A rule of the thumb, be able to get it within one or two seconds.

Practical Example

To paint a clearer picture, I will walk you through a real case situation. Perhaps you could also try doing the same and see how it turns out for you.

With me over here, I will first put my wood in the front section of my bag. Then, I will put the other clubs behind my woods. From what I can see, there’s quite some trouble right there.

How is that? From what you can see, some golf clubs block the access of others. This way, getting your appropriate club takes more time.

But we said there’s no wrong arrangement!

Well, in reality, all arrangements are right, until they are wrong. Quite a confusing statement! What I mean is, if an arrangement doesn’t offer quick access to the clubs, then it is wrong. However, any arrangement which offers quick access to clubs is RIGHT.

In our case, we made the wrong arrangement since it blocked some of the clubs making access slower. Of course, that arrangement doesn’t prevent you from getting your clubs. It only makes it a pain in the rear.

You don’t want to strain and waste time trying to get the right club, do you? Well, then making the right arrangement is vital.

Putting the bag behind the cart with the clubs on the front doesn’t offer quicker access, either. When installing your cart bag on the golf cart, grabbing the clubs from the back is a bit hard.

Do it Yourself

Sometimes back, I had my son arrange the clubs for me, and I, at some point, thought I had lost some of the clubs. I could hardly find them in the bag. Strange enough, they were still in the bag, but the arrangement wasn’t the one I was used to.

Don’t let anyone organize the clubs for you. It could be frustrating when they place the clubs according to their ideas, and you can’t get them.

Of course, different people prefer different arrangements. This makes it hard for another person to arrange your clubs the exact way you wish to have them arranged. Therefore, spare yourself the hassle and the stress by doing it yourself.

The organization of your clubs greatly affects how effective you perform. Imagine spending a minute looking for the right club. It is quite a painful experience.

How about Golf Head Sleeves?

Some people opt to use golf head sleeves to get perfect arrangements. I once used them, but I threw them away after losing almost three-quarters.

However, they are a great way of ensuring that your clubs are perfect and easily accessible inside the cart bag. Most have the number of the club printed on the top. Therefore, you just pick from the number written.

With the sleeve, you might improve your efficiency and get quick access. However, they might not be perfect for everyone. Therefore, if they work for you, get them.

Of course, arranging your clubs doesn’t have to be a stressful affair for you. As long as you can access the clubs easily, you don’t need to really follow a strict formula. However, the correct arrangement of the clubs guarantees more reliable results.

Don’t really stick to my two seconds rule, just ensure you can have the clubs at a reasonable time frame.

Personal Take!

Talking about the golf club arrangement makes me wonder. Is there a person who just dumps their clubs inside the bag aimlessly? That sounds a bit funny.

What would be the effects of an unorganized golf bag? First, I tend to believe it would lower someone’s performance. How is that? Well, you would most likely focus on the clubs and not the game.

You’d be worried about the clubs, how fast you will access them and such things. Therefore, you would lose concentration on the course.

You’d also be a stressed gold player! I mean, imagine the frustration and all the hassle. It’d definitely lead to lowered self-esteem. As simple as it looks, the proper arrangement of the golf clubs makes the game more enjoyable. Therefore, knowing how to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag makes a lot of difference.

Of course, improper club arrangement may also lower your score. How is that? Well, if you ask me, I believe that would happen because of the confusion and everything. Of course, this is far-fetched. In fact, there’s no evidence to that effect, but I will tell you it DOES.

How to put a carry strap on a golf bag?

You now know how to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag. However, do you know how to put a carry strap on a golf bag? This is also an important thing for golfers.

The latest golf bags come with a dual loop strap design. The strap works perfectly and also offers some padding. However, how do you install it? First, identify the first and the second loops. Then attach the first loop to the first connection point on the bag.

Attach the loop in such a way that it’s possible for someone to insert a single-arm through the first loop. This way, they will support the bag using the shoulders.

How about the second loop? Well, just like the first loop, attach it to the second connection point. This way, you should be able to support the bag using the second loop as well.


To know how to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag, you have the tips above. I always tell beginners; these simple things in golf have large effects. For instance, improper arrangements for your golf clubs could greatly affect your play.

However, you have the tips above. Leave us a comment or a suggestion!

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