How to Organize 14-Divider Cart Golf Bag

Of course, discussions on How to organize a 14-divider cart golf bag end up in debates. Why is it so? This is because most people have their own ways, but end up with the same results.

How to Organize 14-Divider Cart Golf Bag
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Do you know that one can say if you’re an amateur or a professional golfer depending on how to organize your golf bag?

That’s true. Professional golfers say that the golf bag club order reflects the type of player you are.

Every golfer utilizes its own system regarding how to organize clubs in golf bag. The way they organize golf clubs play a role in keeping pace during their play.

Although,  there are actually golf bags with individual slots that can help you organize golf clubs.

Others have pockets that help you strategize about the best way to organize golf clubs in bag.

How to Organize 14-Divider Cart Golf Bag

Organizing your 14 divider golf bag isn’t a straightforward affair. Golfers have varying ways regarding their golf bag club order. But as mentioned, there can be a specific way of organizing.

Provided the benefits of how to organize clubs in golf bag, you surely wouldn’t want to miss the best way to organize a golf bag.

Here is the process, on How to organize a 14-divider cart golf bag! Don’t worry because this just includes seven easy steps to get you started on how to organize golf clubs in bag.

Save your golf bag from being too cluttered in no time. Let’s get started on how to organize your golf clubs in your bag.

  • Take all your clubs out of the bag

You’re looking for ways on how to organize golf bag? More specifically, how to organize clubs in golf bag?

Well, this is the first step. You first take out all the clubs and line them up. You may either follow the descending or ascending order.

The reason is that before you can even have an organized golf bag, you have to determine the things you need and don’t need. It’s a reality most golfers face.

That golf bag of yours probably contains a lot of things not actually needed. Organizing golf bag means evaluating what’s there and removing the unnecessary.

  • Clear the Equipment in the bag

You might be organizing a new or an existing bag. If it is an existing one, first clear the bag. Get out all the additional Equipment.

You might want to take out the balls, the retrievers, and the tees. Additionally, you might want to grab this opportunity to clean the bag, as well.

The best way to organize clubs in golf bag is to make sure you clean the bag. From the inside to the side pockets, check everything.

Usually, you’ll see extra golf balls, gloves, and towels when you start organizing golf bag.

Once you take everything out to start organizing your golf bag, you might realize what makes that bag so heavy.

A single golf ball might be as light as air. But when stacked together it becomes quite heavy.

This is exactly why organizing golf bag is important. Time to practice the best way to organize clubs in golf bag, don’t you think?

However, the step above is only viable for an existing golf bag. How about a new one? Well, you simply skip that stage.

  • Place the woods on the top of the bag

Here’s where you would really get started on how to organize golf clubs in bag.

This is more particular to a 14 divider golf bag but I’ll briefly describe how to organize 15 divider golf bag later.

The first thing you need to put are the woods. Where? At the top of the bag. I mean the area closer to the strap.

For me, this is how you organize golf clubs in bag. However, if the bag comes with slots, then placing the clubs in a descending order makes more sense.

Start with the driver then place the others from left to right. This type of golf bag club layout will help you easily see all the club heads as you face the bag.

Also, it’s easier to spot and get the one you need each game. However, if the bag comes with a single pocket at the top, just insert all the woods in the pockets.

As for the standard-sized ball retrievers, store them with the woods for ease of access.

How about if your bag has 15 individual sections? The question is, “how to organize 15 divider golf bag?”

The idea is just similar to that of 14 sections. Only that the added section is for your ball retriever. Again, you ask, “how to organize 15 divider golf bag?”

Well, start at the back, with your longest club. Let’s say your 3-wood or driver. Then, as mentioned earlier, place the clubs in descending order.

The ball retriever can be placed at the center if you’re carrying one. See, how to organize a 15 divider golf bag that is plain and simple.

  • Add the short irons

The next step on how to organize golf clubs involve the short irons. You need to place the first 3-4 short irons on the slots.

You could also put them on the pockets below and also on the right side of the bag.

For instance, you could get the 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons. These ones are perfect for the slots and pockets below on the right of your bag.

  • Put the long irons in the pockets or slots

The long irons easily fit in the pockets below or the slots. Also, follow the order from the left of the top bag.

For instance, you might place 2, 3, 4, and 5 irons on the pockets or slots. They are ideal for the slots, thanks to their size.

  • Now place the putter and the wedges on the bottom pockets or slots

After adding the long and the short irons, now come to the wedges and the putter. They are perfect for the bottom pockets or slots on the bag.

However, some golfers prefer placing the putter on the bottom, I mean the most bottom slot.

Again, although for me this is the best way to organize golf bag, some golfers have their unique way of organizing golf bag.

Placing the putter on the bottom pockets offers easy access. Of course, access is the most important thing for golfers. We have some advanced golf bags which offer easy access.

The hanging attachment on the outside of the bag offers easy access to the putter.

These attachments are called putter sleeves that assist you when trying to find the best way to organize a golf bag.

Regarding the number of wedges, it really depends on the golfer’s personal preference.

In response to the golf bag club layout, some suggest that if you’re just carrying two wedges, might as well add the 8-iron.

  • After the clubs, add the other accessories

We’re down to the last step on how to organize your golf bag. I’m sure by now you are aware of the proper golf bag organization techniques.

After you have had your clubs in place, now you proceed to other Equipment. Part of proper golf bag organization is to store other equipment and accessories in an optimal location.

Of course, some of the Equipment fit in the pockets. Therefore, you should place the frequently used accessories on the most accessible pockets.

In this case, the most accessible pockets are below and are the most appropriate for irons and wedges. They are also ideal for balls and other frequently used items.

Meanwhile, a proper golf bag club layout places the rarely used items like first-aid kit and valuables in the least accessible pockets.

You should know how to organize a cart bag as it makes you efficient when out on the field.

Most 14-divider cart golf bags also come with side pockets. In fact, all cart bags come with convenient side pockets.

This also includes specific compartments to aid you as you enhance your golf bag club layout.

They are perfect for storing additional supplies, including ball retrievers, markers, rain gear, tees, sunscreen, and insect repellents.

You may even clip some other items on the outside of your cart bag.

For instance, things like a small bag for the tees, watches, and wire brushes may be clipped on the outside of the bag.

You may also clip on some other items on the outside of the bag. Several accessories can be clipped on with ease.

That’s it. These are the seven simple steps on how to organize your golf clubs in your bag. You might find other articles that say otherwise regarding the best way to organize a golf bag.

But I assure you, these are all you need to know. Yet, remember, this is not a one-time thing to do.

Maintaining this best way to organize golf clubs in bag will save you a great deal of time and effort.

Unless you want to always repeat from the start on how to organize your golf clubs in your bag.

If followed carefully, you’ll be quick to notice that an organized golf bag looks better. Well, an organized golf bag works way better too.

Why not try these steps out and experiment on your version of the best way to organize golf bag.

After all, I’m just here to guide you. In practice, how you’ll organize golf clubs in bag still depends on you.

How You Organize Your Golf Bag

Can Have an Impact on Your Game Experience. Regardless of how you organize golf clubs, the point is to make club selection faster and more convenient for you.

So, what do professional golfers say about how to organize golf bag? Is there a standard way of organizing a 14-divider cart golf bag? I believe theirs is a specific way.

However, if you can do it your way and still access your clubs and other accessories easily, no need to worry. Still, you might want to find out the best way to organize a golf bag.

More so, the best way to organize golf clubs in bag. Before I even get started on how to organize clubs in golf bag, you might have questions popping in your head.

You might think, “Is the way how I organize golf clubs important?” Does the arrangement really affect the performance?

Well, here’s my response. Not directly, but indirectly. How is that possible?

First, the poor arrangement of your 14-divider cart golf bag leads to delays and slow access to the clubs and other accessories.

This wrong organization is a common mistake of some beginners. Because they don’t know how to organize golf bag, they end up leaving the clubs in the wrong place.

How you organize golf bag can have an impact on your game experience.

Delayed access, like spending over a minute juggling through the options, or trying to fish out that perfect club, could really kill your morale.

It can have a negative effect on your overall performance. Thus, how to organize golf clubs in bag can help give an edge especially when competing.

But more than your performance, a proper golf bag club order serves a practical purpose as well.

Imagine, wouldn’t it be easier if you’d organize golf bag where clubs and accessories are in the same place? Organize golf bag also helps keep your clubs safe, especially when traveling.

Now, tell me, knowing the right golf bag club order sounds exciting, right? Therefore, how do you organize a 14-divider cart golf bag?

Let’s address that below and learn how to organize your golf bag like a pro!

How many clubs can you add to your golf bag?

This is a question I have answered more times than I can count. Of course, this is still in relation to how to organize golf clubs in bag.

We only have 14 slots. Therefore, the golf bag can easily get cluttered. Therefore, the proper arrangement is important.

It would be great to utilize the best way to organize golf clubs in bag, right?

A poorly organized golf bag results in poor performance. Quick access to your clubs makes everything better.

With a proper arrangement, you will get quick access to your clubs. As a result, you will get better performances.

Besides quick navigation of your clubs, carrying golf bag is easier if you know how to organize a cart bag. It will look better as well while you’re walking in the field.

Thus, the way you load your clubs will tell if you’re practicing the best way to organize golf bag. If you’re quick to forget, take a few steps back to absorb how to organize your golf bag.

Placing the golf balls and your tees on the zippered bottom pockets makes things easier for you. I mean, the zippered pockets guarantee safety for the balls and also offer quick access.

You may also want to consider carrying some snacks in the zippered pockets, probably a sandwich. If you have bottled water, the bottom pockets are the best place for that too.

And perhaps some sunscreen might go there as well. For the umbrellas, the ideal place is the section where you have the woods and the putter.

However, some cart golf bags have a special slot designed for the umbrella.

These are things you might have difficulty doing if you forego organizing your golf bag. Where can you possibly find the space if proper golf bag organization isn’t even practiced?

How to travel with a golf push cart

Just think about the convenience in traveling when you’re done organizing your golf bag. You no longer need to bear the unnecessary burden.

That’s why I’m urging you to practice the best way to organize clubs in golf bag.

But how do you travel with a golf push cart? Well, when I was first asked this question, I didn’t take it seriously.

I wondered why someone would want to travel with their golf push cart. I guess it’s because they were talking about air travel.

Therefore, I decided to delve into the topic.

If asked, I would recommend renting a golf cart after getting to your destination, for air travel. However, we are all different.

Therefore, is it possible to travel with your golf push cart? Well, it’s possible. Like earlier mentioned, modern push carts boast an advanced design.

They are foldable. They fold to a compact size. Therefore, you can fold them to a compact size for easy transportation.

Therefore, to answer the question, you just need to fold the cart, and then travel with it. However, you might want to consider hiring one is you are making a long journey.

Also, make sure you finish organizing your golf bag. You can easily put the bag and your equipment especially with proper golf bag organization.

How to Fold Golf Push Cart

After learning about how to organize a cart bag, I’ll walk you through the process of folding your golf pushcart. To fold a golf push cart, there’s a convenient handle control for the task.

You first turn the front wheel in such a way that it faces downwards. Then step on the front section and lift the rear section together with the wheels

There’s a button on the middle section which you press to like make the rear and front parts free.

Then compress by pressing the rear section towards the ground while still stepping on the front section

That should be it, and you will have yourself a fully folded golf push cart. They fold to a very compact size. With this, travelling will be much more comfortable.

Combine that with the best way to organize golf bag and you’re good to go.

In Conclusion

To know how to organize a 14-divider cart golf bag, you need some practice.

If you’re not the type who’s really into organizing, then this article on how to organize golf bag might be overwhelming for you.

But of course, I won’t let you go through this whole process of sorting and organizing alone.

I have carefully dissected the entire topic, and put to rest the debate about how to organize your cart bag.

Particularly concerning how to organize your golf clubs in your bag.

What’s great about this organize golf clubs in bag thing is ensuring that all the essentials are accounted for.

How to organize a cart bag might be often overlooked.

But now, you know the benefits. I hope you can maintain the proper way to organize golf clubs in bag.

For me, this is the best way to organize clubs in golf bag.

Of course, there are other ideas, and we’d love to hear them. Feel free to drop us a comment or a suggestion below.

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