What Type of Golf Bag Should I Buy – Selection Criteria

You might sometimes ask the question, what type of golf bag should I buy? Once you get the hang of playing golf, this would be one of the most crucial questions you would ask.

What Type of Golf Bag Should I Buy - Selection Criteria
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There is a vast range of golf bags to choose from. You have to look at several factors to select the model that will best suit you.

What Type of Golf Bag Should I Buy

When it comes to what are the different types of golf bags, it’s important to know that you have many options.

Golf bag models usually cater to a specific preference of a player and their techniques. Knowing this, you might start to ask yourself, what kind of golf bag should I buy?

Before knowing what are the different types of golf bags, you have to first look at what type of golfer you are.

Do you like carrying your bag? Or do you like having it placed on a cart for your convenience?

Do you prefer a bag with multiple dividers to organize your clubs?

Or you’re more of the easy-going type, and dividers don’t matter for you?

You see, it’s all a matter of preference. With that, here’s a guide on the criteria that you must evaluate before making a purchase.

Personally, this helped me decide what kind of golf bag should I buy when I bought mine.

  • Number of Dividers

The number of dividers that a golf bag has is typically a determining factor in the quality of the bag. Take in mind that you can carry up to 14 bags.

Golf bag dividers would usually range from no division to up to 15 sections. These are also referred to as “way-top” as it tells the number of openings in the top part of the bag.

Furthermore, you also have to take into mind if these dividers are full-length.

A good quality bag should have dividers that extend until the bottom part of the bag. This feature ensures that the clubs wouldn’t bump and clang onto each other.

On the other hand, some golfers prefer only three to four dividers for convenience when removing clubs from the bag.

Either way, I recommend buying golf bags with multiple dividers. It was one of the deciding factors for me when I was deliberating what kind of golf bag should I buy.

  • Number of Pockets

Additionally, the number of golf bag pockets also differs depending on the model and brand. I found that what kind of golf bag should I buy primarily relies on my gears and accessories.

It’s important to consider what you regularly bring in the course, such as spare golf balls, tee markers, etc.

These extra pockets determined what type of golf bag should I buy as for most golfers.

  • Leg Feature

What are the different types of golf bags?

Some golf bags come with legs, which makes it easier to navigate around the course. It gives you the freedom to let your bag stand on its own without having to carry it.

It can also protect your bag from dirt and stains as it won’t touch the ground. However, this is still not that accessible to purchase in the market.

But you can find one in major golf bag retailers.

  • Strap System

I also learned that there are different strap systems on what type of golf bag should I buy. The two primary strap systems of golf bags are single or dural carry straps.

Since you would be carrying your bag through straps and handles, this is an essential factor in what golf bag you should buy. Typically, your bag would have life handles on top of it.

Some models would also have bottom handles to make it more convenient to carry the bag. Of course, you want to choose a bag with comfortable and excellently-padded straps.

It’s also a plus if it has an adjustable or self-balancing feature, so it’s more convenient.

Different Types of Golf Bags

When I was planning what type of golf bag should I buy, it made me realize just how vast the options are.

In this section, let’s dive deeper into the different kinds of golf bags. It would allow you to choose which type of golf bag would suit your preference.

With that, here are the different types of golf bag you can purchase in the market.

  • Golf Cart Bags

First, let’s go about what are golf cart bags. Cart bags offer a more extensive storage option for traditional carry bags.

This type of golf bag provides convenience for the golfer who prefers pushing or pulling carts while in the course.

Do you know what are golf cart bags also known as? Some golfers also call it as trolley bags because it has a design that fits perfectly on the back of golf carts.

It typically has a single strap without an integrated stand mechanism.

What are golf cart bags capable of carrying? This type of bag would usually weigh around 5 to 9 pounds. Hence, it has a large storage capacity for all your gears.

When evaluating what are golf cart bags, it is also essential to know that they have accessible zippers even when strapped onto your cart.

What are golf travel bags is a type of golf bag specially designed for traveling on land, air, and even the sea. It protects your clubs when going on a trip and putting them on baggage.

What are golf travel bags types?

There are typically two types of what are golf travel bags:

    1. Hard case golf travel bag
    2. Soft case golf travel bag

Both ensure your clubs’ safety, but the hard case variant is usually heavier than the soft case bags.

What are golf travel bags?  Should be durable and have high-quality padding to keep your gears secure.

  • Golf Staff Bags

When tackling what are golf staff bags are, it is important to know it is considered the largest among all golf bag choices. Hence, it usually requires a caddie to bring them to the course.

Do you know what are golf staff bags known as? This type of bag is also famous as tour bags. It is because the majority of golfers who use this bag are pros who play on tours.

What are golf staff bags made of are high-quality leather materials, which are typically also waterproof. This way, you can attest that you’re purchasing a reliable and durable bag.

Once you know what are golf staff bags, then you understand that it would suit you if:

    1. Golf cart where you can strap it to
    2. Caddie to carry it along with your rounds
    3. The bulk of gear you need to carry
  • Golf Stand Bags

If you know what are golf stand bags, then undoubtedly, you know that this is one of the most flexible golf bags.

Not only what are golf stand bags lightweight, but it also has legs that allow you to keep it upright by itself without worry during a round.

Most stand bags would usually have backpack-like straps to make it more comfortable when a golfer carries it.

Thus, what are golf stand bags provide a balanced carry compared to single-strapped bags.

Here’s a quick highlight of the features of what are golf stand bags:

    1. Cart-friendly
    2. Has a convenient leg feature
    3. Simple design
  • Golf Carry Bags

For beginners, it is vital to start on knowing what are golf carry bags. This type of bag is the best option when you prefer to walk on the course.

Moreover, it is compact, lightweight and usually has ample space for storage. With that, what are golf carry bags known as is being the traditional golf bag.

Also, what are golf carry bags known to provide? It can efficiently hold your preferred set of clubs, spare balls, and your tees.

It also provides shoulder and back comfort even when you’re walking the course. This was a crucial factor in knowing what type of golf bag should I buy.

Here are the features your need to take note of on what are golf carry bags:

    1. Lightweight
    2. Boosts your pace during rounds
    3. Has a minimalist design

How Would You Carry It

Evaluate how you would like to carry your bag. Some golfers love to walk around the course, while some may prefer riding a cart.

It is essential to consider choosing a bag that works for you since different bags have different purposes.

If you like walking, you may prefer a stand bag. If you prefer to carry your bag, then lightweight carry bags may be your best choice.

On the other hand, if you always ride in a cart, then a cart bag or even a staff bag may fit your taste.


If you’re opting for a carry bag, then a bag that is too heavy would be a wrong choice.

If possible, find a golf bag that is lightweight but still provides sturdy support. The downside of this is your bag may have fewer storage options.

Hence, you have to evaluate which gears you would bring in your bag.

Other Features

If you’re like me, I also consider the extra features on what type of golf bag should I buy.

There are a lot of available gears and accessories that you can stuff your golf bag with, including:

  • Umbrella holder
  • Bag cover
  • Drink holder

Find the Right Golf Bag for You

I hope this article answered your question of, what type of golf bag should I buy?

It all goes down to your preference and your playing style. However, it is essential to keep the factors above in mind before buying your golf bag.

Remember, the golf bag you choose would be the gear responsible for protecting your clubs and your golf gear.

Hence, it is crucial to always do your due diligence before making any purchase.

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