What Wedges to Carry in a Golf Bag

If you want to know what wedges to carry in a golf bag, we have the details below. First, there are three types of wedges, namely, sand, pitching and gap wedges.

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All these three wedges have different functions. At the same time, they also boast different lofting designs.

What wedges to carry in a golf bag

For instance, the sand wedges are lofted from 54-58°, the pitching wedges from 45-50° and the gap wedges from 50-54°.

How about their functions? Well, they all have specific and distinct functions. However, we shall delve into the details later on.

First, let’s look at the wedges one should carry in their golf bag.

How many wedges should I carry?

We all know the number of clubs allowed in a golf bag. They are 14 in total. In that case, you want to calculate and balance so that you have room for all club types.

However, sometimes you might have to leave some clubs out to create room for others. Therefore, how many wedges should one carry in their golf bag?

Throughout my career, I have had to choose between leaving out a wedge and adding an extra fairway wood. I must admit, it is one of the hardest decisions to make.

You don’t always have to leave any of them. It all depends on the strategy you settle use.

Ideally, the type and number of wedges you carry depend on your game strategy. How does that work? Well, we have tow wedge strategy, three wedge strategy, and even four wedge strategy.

For that reason, the type of wedges you carry and their numbers depend on your experience and skills.

What are these wedge systems?

Two Wedge System

Throughout my experience as a golfer, I noticed that most players use the “Clock Face” drill for dialing in their yardages.

With the “Clock Face” drill, you get many shots with a single club. This is beneficial to most players.

Of course, this strategy strongly relies on consistency in your shots. For these players, you may only need an extra fairway wood or a hybrid, not necessarily a wedge.

However, for this method, you will require a sand wedge of 56°, and a pitching wedge of 48 °. This way, you will get a better and even gap from 9-iron.

Of course, the 9-iron is lofted from between 40° to 42°. This way, it will deliver better and even gaps during a play.

With the 9-iron, you get a better chance of having a reasonable gap with the sand and the pitching wedges.

For those experienced in hitting half shots with a wedge, they stand even better chances of having more options in their bag at the end.

How about the three wedge system? Let’s take a look at it below.

Three Wedge System

Unlike the three wedge system two wedge system, this one involves more wedges. It is, arguably, the most commonly used strategy by golfers.

With three wedges, you get a room for two fairway woods. Thie two fairway woods are perfect for players. In that case, having a room for them makes the player more comfortable.

What happens if you choose this system?

Well, choosing the three wedge strategy requires wisdom in the selection process. For instance, you need something like a pitching wedge of 46°, a lob wedge of 58° and a gap wedge of around 52°.

With this technique, you need a difference of like 6° between each club. This way, you have the freedom to use the three wedges with ease.

The three wedge system is commonly used because it gives better chances of interchanging the wedges.

How about the four wedge system?

Four Wedge System

When it comes to the question of what wedges to carry in a golf bag, the four wedge system plays an important role.

What does it mean? Well, like you must have noticed already, the four represents the number of wedges carried.

For this strategy, you will take four wedges. It is perfect for long hitters. This is because they leave more room for the use of different wedges in a play.

Who are these long hitters? Here, I am talking about people who consistently hit beyond 280 yards. With such long shots, you can have four wedges.

Alternatively, anyone uncomfortable with half shots could also carry four wedges. With more options, you strive to get full swings and long shots.

In that case, when deciding on the number of wedges to carry, you need to consider all these factors.

With the four wedge system, to get better shots, strive to get even loft gaps. In that case, you could begin with a pitching wedge of 46°, then followed by a gap wedge of 50°, then take the sand wedge of 54°, lastly finish with a lob wedge of 58°.

With the four wedge system, an average golfer gets 8-12 yards. This is a good play for an intermediate or learner. However, professionals can do even better.

What to carry in your golf bag?

Besides clubs, you also need several other accessories in your golf bag. Clubs are just the major items, but we also have others.

Therefore, what items do you need in your golf bag? Well, it is a balancing task. I mean, balancing between making it less loaded and having all the essential items.

In most cases, some players might opt to leave out some crucial items because they don’t want to get tired. However, this isn’t always the best idea.

Below are the necessary items to carry in your golf bag!

Less than 6 golf balls

You already have a club. However, what will you use it on? You need golf balls. Of course, not more than six.

How did I settle for six? Well, that’s my approximation after years of practice. Losing a golf ball is such a sad thing for players.

However, sometimes you just can’t find the ball so you have to use a new one. With golf balls, you might not need so many. Perhaps this will give you the desire to use them carefully.

Of course, I don’t foresee a situation where you’ll lose over 6 balls in gameplay. Even in an unfamiliar golf course, losing more than six balls is unacceptable.

Alright, I am not being judgy here. I know there’s that bad day when you lose more balls. However, that doesn’t happen each day.

In conclusion, I still stick with my initial six balls. But, if you feel like you need more, well, what can I say.

But, if you feel sufficiently generous, just carry like 10 golf balls. You could be doing your supplier some good by losing more balls each day.


Don’t be shocked, I don’t expect you to engage in a knife fight on the course. I also don’t foresee a possibility of you encountering a wild animal wild playing.

However, a switchblade is an all-purpose tool. It serves different purposes. It serves as a ball marker and a divot.

For that reason, having the switchable blade makes your work easier on the course. Some might not consider it a basic requirement. However, from my own experience, I think of it as a crucial tool.

Of course, you should avoid fixing ball marks with your tee. In case you don’t have the blade, better use a divot for that task.

Better still, you could use a coin to fix ball marks, NEVER use a tee for that.

Several Golf Tees

You don’t need many tees, I guess you are aware. However, you definitely don’t need just a single tee.

Plastic or wood, that’s for you to decide. However, a handful of tees will be appropriate for a gameplay. Of course, plastic models last longer than their wooden counterparts.

Golf Gloves

Are gloves necessary in a golf play? Well, they are quite necessary. In fact, they are essential.

How many pairs do you need? Well, personally, I just carry two pairs. An extra one just in case I need it. However, carrying a single pair wouldn’t hurt.

But, you need an extra pair of gloves, you never know when you will need it.


Even for morning golfers, sunscreen is a necessity. Of course, things change suddenly with the weather. And, you don’t want to be found on the wrong side of bad weather.

For that reason, with sunscreen, you are prepared for any eventualities that may occur. This way, you play without worrying about the weather.

I say, and repeat, sunscreen is a basic requirement. You need it in your golf bag. In the list of what to carry in a golf bag, ensure you have this basic requirement.

Rain Poncho

Sunscreen will protect you during the sunny days, how about when it rains. This is where you need rain poncho.

Talk of unpredictable weather, a sunny day can easily turn to a rainy one. In that case, a poncho does the work.

They are lightweight and compact, not like umbrellas. For that reason, you won’t be bearing too much weight.


You don’t want to get dehydrated while playing. You need water. Unless, of course, you guys have a constant supply of clean water.

Even in that case, you will still need your own supply. Of course, your convenience matters a lot. Sometimes, the location on the golf course’s water supply isn’t always convenient.


You sure need a towel while playing golf. Of course, I don’t mean the big ones. Something small to wipe out sweat. It can also help wipe the dust off your ball.

Therefore, a towel is one of the items you need in your golf bag.

You could also consider carrying other essential items like snacks, and an extra shirt, a compact first aid kit or a bug repellent.

Also, take your business card with you.

Can you carry 2 putters in your golf bag?

Can you carry 2 putters in your golf bag? Many people ask me this question. Of course, you can carry two putters. There are no restrictions. However, you might have to consider your strategy and the skills you own.

You also don’t want to have many putters that eat up space for other items. However, if you want to carry two putters, and it is necessary for you, go for it.

Can you carry 2 drivers in a golf bag?

Can you carry two drivers in a golf bag? As stated above, there are no restrictions. For that reason, you can even have two drivers.

However, you don’t want to have too many drivers and consume the space for other clubs. For that reason, one isn’t bad. But, two won’t lead to disqualification.

In Conclusion

You now know what wedges to carry in a golf bag. You also know the other items to include in your bag. A simple rule of thumb, don’t overload the bag. Just balance the accessories and gadgets.

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