What Is the Best Carry Golf Bag?

What is the best carry golf bag? I have answered this question countless times. I come across it on online platforms, from learners and even friends.

Well, I never have a specific answer. This is because various parameters come into play.

What is the Best Carry Golf Bag?
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There are many brands that battle for the coveted title too.

In that case, pointing out a single golf carry bag and labeling it the best might not be an ABC affair.

What is the best carry golf bag?

Lately, I have spent a considerable amount of time visiting different golf courses. I made several observations concerning the choice of golfing gear by different golfers.

For instance, choosing a golf club is easy. In fact, it’s not unheard of for a player to just take tow swings with a club and settle for it.

However, choosing the best carry golf bag didn’t seem like an easy task for most people.

Why is this?

Most reviews push for a single golf bag over the other.

In most cases, these reviews can’t be trusted.

Some are based on personal opinion or a push to make sales.

Finding a trustworthy reviewer or blog might not be as easy as it seems.

Before deciding to create content and guides about golf, I had gone through many reviews and blogs.

However, some gave some really misleading information.

This is not to say that online reviews shouldn’t be fully trusted.

I have come across some very useful blogs and guides. Therefore, trust the trustworthy-albeit with a pinch of salt.

I am not blowing my trumpet, though!

After research and an in-depth discussion with several players, sales representatives, and professionals, I came to the conclusion that there’s no standard definition for the best carry golf bag.

However, there are various conditions that, when satisfied, that bag qualifies for the title.

What are these conditions?

Ample space

The best carry golf bag should offer enough space for your golfing gear.

For instance, it should create ample space for the clubs, the putters, the wedge, and the other items.

However, this doesn’t mean that you pick the biggest model. Something could have enough space and still look compact.

Therefore, pick a golf carry bag that offers adequate space without inconveniencing your movement.


What is the use of buying something weak?

You don’t hit the bag with a ball, but you might hit it with your golf clubs and other accessories.

For that reason, you need something durable.

The best carry golf bag boasts a tough and durable construction.

They boast a strengthened construction that offers years of service. As long as a carry golf bag ticks on the durability, it is on the right path to being the best option.


You don’t want to carry heavy loads around the course, do you? Therefore, get something compact.

A compact carry golf bag offers convenient movement around the course.

What does being compact mean?

Does it mean being small in size? Well, a compact golf bag doesn’t necessarily mean being small.

It has to create enough space for all the clubs and the other items. However, it should also come in design, shape, and size, which makes carrying easy.

Carry-friendly design

The best carry bags also boast a foldable design for easy carrying.

They are structure-less and convenient to carry. They even fold for easy storage.


You don’t want anything too bulky. Therefore, get a lightweight carry golf bag.

Something compact will ensure that you move easily. It won’t cause inconveniences.

What is the best carry golf bag? As stated earlier, various factors identify the best carry golf bag. Any bag that fulfills this term also qualifies for a spot on the table of the upper stratum models.

How do you adjust the straps of a carry golf bag?

This is another question that comes up a lot. Well, as earlier mentioned, it might depend on the brands and the design.

I have used different bag models. For instance, I had a single strap at some point. I later moved to a double strap model.

Of course, your bag needs to worn across both shoulders.

However, this might not be an easy task like it sounds.

Imagine you have to like turn it over 40 times while still on the course. For that reason, keeping it in a perfect position requires several adjustments.

For my bags, I typically throw them across my shoulder.

This is because I have been around for long and have learned how to adjust it appropriately.

With some bags, you don’t want to position them above the roof of the back porch.

For that reason, you should adjust it in such a way that it stays a little bit higher

Of course, most manufacturers offer instructions on how to adjust the straps. It is always an easy task.

You only use the available sections to adjust the position and make the straps longer or shorter or can even adjust them to assume a certain angle.

Here is a catch; always ensure the straps rest easy on your shoulders.

Also, ensure that the bag feels comfortable and doesn’t hurt your back.

In short, adjust the straps such that the weight feels evenly distributed across your shoulders and the back.

Ensure that the bag rests at an angle of between 20 and 25 degrees across the back.

At this position, you are guaranteed comfort and convenience.

It shouldn’t also feel like it is too high or too low on your back. Ensure the bag feels like it occupies your back proportionally.

Of course, you also need to walk upright while carrying your bag.

This way, you save your back and avoid back pains.

If possible, always carry your bag using both straps. This way, you avoid imbalances, which might have negative effects on the back and muscles.

Can a golf bag fit in a mini cooper?

People ask me this question. A few months ago, I got an email from an old pal asking me if they could use their golf bag in a mini cooper.

They were concerned about the size. And they didn’t want to waste their money.

I didn’t have a ready answer at that time so I decided to do some research.

I talked a few of my friends who had used the mini coopers.

One of my friends told me that he had been using a 2006 mini Cooper S. He was clear that his mini copper fits perfectly. He even went ahead to suggest the Ping carry bag, which he uses.

Bend the Back Seat

It does just fit his golf bag; it also offers enough space for his shoes in the back area. However, he suggested that one ought to bend the back seat.

I don’t trust information from a single source. Therefore, I decided to try it out with another friend. The first thing I noted was the fact that one needs to put the seat down.

However, we easily fitted our golf bag in the mini cooper. The mini cooper has a lever on the back seat. Therefore, putting the seat down was a breeze.

With a single lifting of the lever, the seat dropped down. It looked pretty cool and flat. Therefore, the bag rested comfortably.

For our case, we had to wrap a sheet around the bag since it was wet. However, in an ideal situation, you should just place the bag on the area left by the folded seat.

How about ease of access? Well, you will easily access your golf clubs and other items when using a mini cooper. Some even come with a golf bag rack for easy access.

In short, you can use your golf bag on a mini cooper.

However, you need to bend the back seat. That’s the only way to create enough space for your golf bag.

Final Thoughts!

What is the best carry bag? I have answered that exhaustively!

Can you fit your golf bag in mini cooper? I have also put this debate to rest.

What else do you want to know about golf?

Feel free to drop your question, and I will burn my midnight oil to get you facts and answers.

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