Why Do You Need Golf Shoes | Helps Game Performance

Why do you need golf shoes, anyway? You probably thought golf shoes are more of a nuisance because they’re just extra hand-carry and hassle. Who wants to carry two pairs of shoes just to play for leisure.

Why Do You Need Golf Shoes | Helps Game Performance
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Have you ever felt the urge to just have a quick casual game of golf with some friends or colleagues?

Besides, your friends might not even own golf shoes. They probably believe that golf shoes aren’t needed for casual golfing.

You see them sporting tennis shoes or sneakers, so you feel a little bit overdressed because you’re wearing your own pair of golf shoes.

Continue reading to find out more as to why are golf shoes needed and why you do not have to ask yourself the question, Why do I need golf shoes?

Why Do You Need Golf Shoes

So, are golf shoes needed? Are they really that important? Why do you have to suffer wearing big golf shoes rather than being as stylish as your friends?

Style isn’t the priority when you decide to play golf. If you really want to protect yourself and up your game, then you got your answer as to why do you need golf shoes.

Apart from this, don’t you feel the immense comfort of playing golf with actual golf shoes?

At the end of every round, you would be thankful that you decided to wear golf shoes because your feet wouldn’t be crying for help.

Your pride wouldn’t suffer the embarrassment of putting out a bad performance.

Designed to help you improve your skill and excellence on the course while maintaining ease off of it, golf shoes are made with you in mind as their first priority.

This is another reason why it is important to stop asking yourself, why do I need golf shoes even if it’s just a casual game of golf?

If you still are not convinced with the reasons given to answer your question of why do you need golf shoes, you have to consider that beyond style, it is also important to focus on the basics.

  • To support your basic turns

First, think about your golf swing that is just a basic turn around for you. You swing back and then go forward. It seems easy, isn’t it?

However, think about this. Would you take a swing at turning your car suddenly knowing that the ground is wet and you have no traction to count on?

I think you would most certainly not. So, why do you need golf shoes?

This is because golf shoes provide the same amount of safety that a reliable tire rubber provides to a car when it treads upon uneven or wet surfaces.

As you turn yourself back and shift your weight on your back foot, you have to keep your traction.

If you’re simply wearing basketball shoes, common sneakers, or running shoes, you would most likely fail to deliver a decent swing and may even gain injury to add to the insult.

Does this already answer your question of are golf shoes needed? Not yet?

  • To avoid injury

Well, if you remember, Tiger Woods had to undergo knee surgery a few years ago.

This is because his knee had suffered from the pressure exerted on his forward leg due to the numerous impacts sustained while giving out quality swings on the course.

When you rotate your body, your bottom has to support the sudden shifting of weight and bodily motion.

Without a good pair of golf shoes, you will experience a heavy amount of impact that may add up to a major injury as time passes.

So, if you really want to keep golfing a leisurely sport that doesn’t have to incur you any problems, you have to invest in golf shoes that you heavily rely on.

  • Partners On and Off the Course

There is an exact purpose as to why manufacturers create specific equipment to suit an athlete.

Since most sports require a lot of foot action, these people spend more time and effort into creating the best footwear fit for their specific sport.

Without this type of support, chances of injury become higher. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake among beginners in golf.

They opt to wear whatever type of shoes they have on hand, thinking that golf is easy and breezy since it’s often perceived as a casual sport.

However, this isn’t the truth. Golf actually requires having all the support and cushioning that can be offered to the player.

Thankfully, you already live in the era of modern technology that has formulated the amazing quality of golf shoes.

  • Strength

Thanks to golf shoes’ wide rubber soles, their sturdiness is guaranteed to keep your traction on and off the course.

Additionally, manufacturers also ensure that the material they use on golf shoes is lightweight without compromising the satisfying arch support it gives, which is not found in other types of footwear.

  • Comfortability and Support

Added padding is integrated into golf shoes in order to cater to shock absorption and midfoot support.

This becomes highly essential when golfers have just hit the ball and get back steady on their feet.

Additionally, golf shoes are made out of flexible leather that provides extreme comfort. Even if it’s already been a long day on the golf course.

  • Breathability

Breathability is important because it provides extra comfort for the wearer and it’s also a practice of hygiene.

Usually, golf shoes are made with Gore-Tex lining in order to absorb moisture better and prevent the excessive sweating of the feet.

There are also times that manufacturers choose to include a footbed that is made from a combination of polyurethane and charcoal that are good at dealing with moisture as well.

Additionally, polyurethane also has properties that allow it to keep feet warm and cool them down when needed.

Spikeless vs Spiked Golf Shoes

You also have to take your golf shoe type into consideration when rationalizing your question of why do I need golf shoes.

Each has its own advantages and you’re going to find out what these are.

So, why do you need to know about these benefits and what does this have to do with your question of why do I need golf shoes?

Spiked golf shoes are the first in the scene in terms of golfing footwear.

Consequently, they are also highly used by professional golfers because of its reliability in terms of several important aspects, such as stability, support, and performance.

Throughout the years, technology has vastly improved the spikes by making them detachable in order to be usable on and off the course.

On the other hand, spikeless golf shoes are better for floors and are designed to be more comfortable and just as sturdy as spiked golf shoes.

It is also made with the goal of distributing body weight symmetrically in order to innovate flexibility. This is also a requirement for most golf courses, as it is cost-efficient for them.

In Closing

So, are golf shoes needed? Yes, which is the same answer to the question of why do I need golf shoes.

Even if you maybe just a beginner, it is still better to protect yourself and start on a foundation that not only protects you but also improves your expertise as time passes.

Even if you’re the odd one out of the bunch because you’re the only one wearing golf shoes. You can proudly say that you have the best performance out of them all.

Because you are free from any distractions or discomfort that non-wearing golf shoes may bring.

In addition, you also experience the most comfort, considering how each round of golf averages at least 4 hours, you’re still up on your feet because of golf shoes’ breathability and support.

If all these aren’t satisfying yet, what’s another reason as to why are golf shoes needed is because rain or shine, the game is still on.

Many golf shoes produced nowadays are already waterproof which would mean nothing could get in the way of your relaxation time.

You also do not have to worry about style, as we don’t live in the trial and error phase of golf shoe style anymore.

Thanks to modern technology and the recent trends of minimalism, golf shoes are now less clunky and more convenient to bring and even wear on and off the course.

Save yourself the stress of having to deal with the repercussions of choosing to save money or fitting in by allowing yourself comfort through wearing golf shoes.

You would really appreciate its value as you continue playing golf.

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