How to Wear a Carry Golf Bag – Learn the Right Way

Hurrah! You just purchased your first golf bag. However, do you know how to wear a carry golf bag? Most people think it’s a matter of buying and throwing the bag over your shoulders. I wish it were that easy!

However, wearing your carry golf bag is a process. It involves several crucial steps. Failure to carefully adhere to the steps could result in very adverse effects.

How to Wear a Carry Golf - Learn the Right Way

In fact, improper carrying of a golf bag could cause several postures and body ailments. For instance, you could suffer back, shoulder, and neck pains. Some bags could even affect your thighs if not well placed on your back.

How to Wear a Carry Golf Bag

Before you even start worrying about how to wear a carry golf bag, you need to pack it. Before packing, you need to do some adjustments. First, you should try adjusting the bag when it has no clubs. This way, you will get the perfect fit.

How do you adjust the bag? You place it on your shoulders then adjust the straps to assume that perfect fit. Ensure that the bag matches the frame of your body. Additionally, always ensure that the size fits perfectly.

After adjusting the bag, you can now load the club and other accessories.

After loading, you bend your dominant shoulder and slide the arm through the carrying straps. This should be before you even lift the bag.

After sliding your arm and the bag’s straps rest on your shoulders, use the handle to give some help to the shoulders.

You can also use the legs to offer extra force then lift the bag. After that, insert the other arm such that it occupies the other straps on the opposite side.

You should also make any minor adjustments at this time. For instance, you can loosen the straps a little bit.

When carrying the bag, ensure that it feels even over your shoulders and the back. It should not feel like it occupies one side more. The weight should feel even over the entire body.

Additionally, assume an upright posture when walking. Don’t bend or lean. This way, your posture remains perfect. At the same time, you won’t get too tired.

What is a Carry Golf Bag?

Golf bags are used to carry golf clubs and accessories around the course. Carry golf bags are most the most convenient golf bags on the market.

They are carried on the back or at the shoulders. They feature a compact and lightweight construction. Furthermore, they are designed to offer easy carrying.

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What are the benefits of Carry Golf Bag?

A carry golf bag offers several benefits for the user. For instance, they are a form of exercise and workout. Therefore, users stay fit at all times.

However, they might not be perfect for those with some ailments. However, anyone with full mobility can use bags easily and comfortably.

They are easy to carry

These bags boast a unique design. The design ensures that they are ideal for carrying. They are mostly shaped in a convenient way such that they won’t harm the back.

They exert minimal stress to the body

With the convenient straps and perfect design, the carry bags are designed to protect your body from the unnecessary pressure of the clubs and the other items inside the bag. They are padded and adequately protected to keep your body safe.

They are lightweight

Carry golf bags are lightweight. They are designed for carrying on the shoulders and the back. For that reason, they are convenient and easy to carry.

The lightweight design makes them ideal for carrying on the course. No one wants to carry heavy loads around the course while playing. For that reason, golf carry bags come in handy.

There are ways to reduce the weight even further when the bag is loaded.

How to set up a carry golf bag

How do you set up your carry golf bag? There isn’t a standard way of doing this. However, there are a few things to note.

For instance, place the clubs and accessories in such a way that you can easily find them. This way, you won’t waste time getting the clubs or anything else.

You start by placing the wood and the putter on the front section of the bag. On the next row, you put the mid-range irons. The final compartment is perfect for wedges and

There are pockets for towels and other accessories. You can also place them in the order in which you will get them easily.

How to Decrease the Weight of a Carry Golf Bag

Do away with the umbrella

Rains don’t come each day. What is the use of an umbrella when it’s not the rainy season? If you don’t really need the umbrella, leaving it out might greatly reduce the overall weight of your golf carry bag.

Most people might think the weight of the umbrella makes no difference. However, even a single pound makes a whole lot of difference.

Of course, sometimes we just have some light drizzles. At that time, you have no use for an umbrella. However, if you foresee rains in the near future, you don’t have to leave the umbrella out of your package.

Of course, you could replace that by having some waterproof gloves and a jacket. You can even have an extra towel.

To me, an umbrella isn’t quite necessary, unless it is.

Dropping the umbrella will reduce the weight by a few pounds. This is a good thing for the user.

Try using a single strap

Most people don’t know this! However, using a single strap can really reduce the weight. I don’t think it does that literally, though!

What happens is that it shifts the weight from your back and shoulders to the shelf of your butt. Using a single strap allows one to use the “Stick” method. The stick method reduces the weight felt on your body.

How does that work? The method works since you throw your sticks over the shoulders such that they face behind. That way, the bag rests on the butt and not shoulders or the back.

This way, your arms tightly hold the bag very tightly, and it feels lighter. This ensures that you have easier movements across the course.

Of course, keeping your bag lighter offers some benefits. You should also try avoiding some of those unnecessary items that you won’t need.

For instance, you might not need some golf accessories or extra clubs. I see no need for carrying 14 clubs when you will only need 8.

Word of Advice

We all need to learn how to wear a carry golf bag. Improper wearing and carrying of golf bags lead to pains and other issues.

You know have tips on how to wear your bag. Therefore, you have no reason for doing it the wrong way. Always ensure the items are balanced so that they offer even weight distribution.

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