How to Clean a Golf Rangefinder? Required for Avid Golfers

Worried about how to clean a golf rangefinder? Well, the process involves several steps. And, it’s a dicey affair, no doubt. Being an avid golfer, I have gone through the steps countless times. A simple mistake messes up everything.

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How to Clean a Golf Rangefinder? Required for Avid Golfers

Of course, owning a golf rangefinder comes with a bit of excitement.

Unfortunately, it also comes with too much responsibility. Buying the device isn’t enough; how you keep it determines a lot.

So, what are the steps to keeping the device clean?

How to clean a golf rangefinder?

A clean golf rangefinder enhances performance. However, keeping the device clean is an uphill task.

As an experienced golf player, I understand the difficulties of using a rusty golf rangefinder. So, how do you clean the device?

First, you need to switch it off. Switching the device off involves a few steps, albeit simple.

There’s a power button for this function. Simply press the button for a while till the golf rangefinder switches off.

After shutting it down, take out the removable parts. Removable parts include SD cards and batteries. If possible, remove the rubber parts as well. This step makes cleaning easy.

It also saves these parts from coming to contact with the cleaning agents. You need the right tools for each part of the device. Most golf rangefinders come with a cleaning cloth.

If you don’t have one, no need to panic. Simply get a soft microfiber cloth. You should also consider using the appropriate cleaning agent.

An old toothbrush comes in handy for the hard-to-reach parts.

For the lenses, employ some caution. Use the right agents and cleaners for the contact lenses. Cleaning the body is, sort of, a DIY undertaking.

You could even improvise your own tool for that. Something to note, though, don’t use hard or rough items while cleaning. They could scratch some crucial parts.

When I say an old toothbrush, I mean a soft one. Like mentioned, there’s no limit to what you can use for cleaning.

For stubborn stains, use to your hands to peel them out. You could also peel out dried sand and dust using your hands.

Be gentle when cleaning sensitive small parts

Be gentle throughout the process. Using the tip of your nails to peel out stains isn’t a bad idea as well just do it gently.

After getting out the tough and dried stains, proceed to the next step. This involves the use of a cleaning agent.

Before I forget, don’t just use any detergent for cleaning, use the recommended ones. Spray the cleaning substance on the microfiber, or whatever cloth is included.

Next, gently rub the surface of your golf rangefinder, and I mean gently. Exercise extra caution when rubbing the buttons-or else you’ll destroy them.

Also, keep switching the side of the cloth used. This way, you avoid staining the clean parts. Having several cleaning clothes also won’t hurt.

They help you avoid staining the clean parts with dust from the other sections. Do we use wet or dry cleaning clothes? Definitely wet!

Why a wet and not a dry cloth?

In fact, use wet and warm cloth. Wet, soft clothes deliver smooth and gentle cleaning.

They won’t scratch the surface of your golf rangefinder. Additionally, the wet and warm cloth stimulates the power of the cleaning agent.

So, it’s settled, use a wet and warm cloth to clean your golf rangefinder! There’s no ambiguity about that. Well, let’s proceed, shall we?

Below are the steps on how to clean a golf rangefinder, in brief.

  • Switch the device off
  • Take out the removable parts
  • Remove dirt or dust your hands or an appropriate tool
  • You could improvise DIY tools to remove the sticky dust and dirt
  • Get the right cleaning agent
  • Get a soft cleaning cloth (mostly included)
  • Soak the cloth in warm water
  • Apply the cleaning agent on the wet cloth
  • Carefully and gently clean the surface of the golf rangefinder
  • Use a toothbrush, or any improvised tool, to clean hard-to-reach areas

How to clean the golf rangefinder lenses and screen

Get this, use the steps above for the body. How about the lenses? Well, this is another matter.

You didn’t plan to use the same procedure for the lenses, did you? The lenses require some extra caution when cleaning.

First, avoid using any cleaning agents on the lenses. The same applies to the screen of your golf rangefinder.

Some agents, if not all, contain some chemicals. These chemicals might not go down well with the screen and the lenses.

So, how do you clean the two parts?

Below are the steps on how to clean golf rangefinder lenses and screen

First, use a different cloth, not the one used cleaning the other parts.

If you only have one cloth, identify the parts not used while cleaning the body. There’s a special liquid for the lenses and the screen.

Apply the cleaning liquid on the cloth. Afterward, gently clean the screen and the lenses.

Exercise the utmost caution when cleaning these sensitive parts. Ensure your fingernails don’t accidentally scratch them.

A simple scratch on the screen or the lenses means a lot. Scratches increase the error margin. They also affect reading accuracy and could affect your performance.

However, they aren’t too fragile, no need to panic. Do you just rub the screen and the lenses? Nope! There’s a procedure for cleaning these two parts.

Use a zigzag pattern when cleaning. The zigzag pattern hinders the accidental distribution of dust to the clean areas. It shouldn’t be hard to clean the zigzag pattern.

What if the lenses are dirty on the inside?

This is a common problem. It requires an extra step. To clean the lenses on the inside, disassemble the golf rangefinder. This isn’t as easy as it sounds.

While dissembling, handle the small parts with care. In fact, keep these parts in an enclosed place. This way, they won’t get lost.

Dissembling also opens an opportunity for easy cleaning of the interior parts. Use the cloth to clean these parts. For those hard-to-reach corners, use a toothbrush to remove stains.

You could even spray some cleaning agents in water then dip the toothbrush inside before using it. Use the recommended amounts of the cleaning agent to avoid an error.

After the entire process, the next step is drying the device. Ensure all the parts dry before assembling your golf rangefinder. Drying might take a while must it’s worth waiting.

Assembling your device while still wet could cause some serious effects.

The steps on how to clean the lenses and the screen

  • Use a different cloth, not the one used in cleaning the other parts of the golf rangefinder
  • If you have one cloth, use the parts not used when cleaning the body
  • Spray some cleaning liquid on the cloth
  • Gentle rub the screen and the lenses.
  • Use a zigzag pattern when cleaning the surfaces to avoid spreading dirt
  • Avoid scratching the surface using your fingernails
  • To clean the inside of the lenses, disassemble the golf rangefinder
  • Then carefully clean the inside with a clean cloth
  • Finally, leave the gadget to dry.
  • Kudos, you are now good to go!

Which parts require regular maintenance on a golf rangefinder?

Regularly checking your golf rangefinder goes a long way in keeping it perfect for long.

Which parts of the device require maintenance? Well, the answer is simple, all parts. Besides the external parts, the internal parts also require constant maintenance.

Clean the lenses, clean the body, clean the screen and all the other parts of your golf rangefinder.

Besides, the inside part of the lenses also require cleaning for added clarity. Albeit tricky, the step serves an important role.

A clean golf rangefinder doesn’t improve your skills, but it enhances your accuracy. Performance requires more than just clean lenses. It requires practice and hard work.

Of course, you might also need some new lenses at some point.

However, maintenance for a golf rangefinder, both internal and external, plays an important role.

Proper cleaning is one among the many steps, ideal for enhanced golf rangefinder performance.

Final Thoughts!

Learning how to clean a golf rangefinder is a fundamental golfing step. Although it won’t make you a pro, it improves your performance.

Improved performance offers motivation. Needless to say, a motivated golfer is a happy golfer.

When motivated, you develop the right attitude. Do I need to mention that golfing is all about the attitude?

With the right attitude, you will, definitely, grown from an amateur to a professional. The bottom line is, keep your golf rangefinder clean.

This way, it will offer the best service. Although it won’t improve your skills, it will enhance accuracy.

Stick around for more tips on how to enhance your golfing skills.

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