How Much Does a Golf Rangefinder Cost?

Alright, this is a question you’d never get a straight answer. How much does a golf rangefinder cost? Why so?

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Like any other item, price depends on an array of factors. For instance, the brand, the quality, performance, and several other factors affect the price.

How Much Does a Golf Rangefinder Cost?

So, perhaps breaking things down would tell us the average price. One thing to note, price doesn’t necessarily correspond to quality. This is a mistake most people do.

On average, a product going for between $80 and $350 wouldn’t be bad.

How much does a golf rangefinder cost?

Come think of it, what would come to your mind if I asked you, how much does a smartphone cost? You’d laugh that question off, possibly. Or, you’d get into an explanation which would take quite a long time.

That’s the same scenario with golf rangefinders. Of course, the same applies to any other product. So, the first question would be; what determines the price?

Why is it that some people purchase an iPhone, leaving behind a cheaper phone with similar features? Well, various factors determine which price is best. For instance, a certain brand would be cheap, but someone still chooses a more expensive product.

What causes this? I mean, why buy an expensive option and leave the cheaper option?

Some of the factors are obvious. For instance, buying a luxury car doesn’t mean the other brands are less reliable. So, some people look at prestige; others look at the brand name. So, delving into these features will help in making a conclusion.

Factors to consider when settling on a price:

Brand Equity

As earlier pointed out, you’d prefer a Nike shoe and not another brand of the same quality, right? Why so? The reasons are obvious.

Sticking to our topic, for golf rangefinders, most people settle for Bushnell. However, does that mean all Bushnell golf rangefinders are the best on the market? Well, this is subject to be debated. However, I’d bet my last dime that some aren’t as good as some other cheaper brands.

Why do people settle for them and filter out the cheaper brands? The main reason is brand equity. What does a brand entity mean? Well, this simply refers to the popularity of a certain brand. For instance, some brands charge more because they are already popular.

Funny enough, the price isn’t necessarily because they are the best. However, associating with their name comes with a feeling of pride. I mean, having a Bushnell golf rangefinder puts one at a different level. Same way, having an iPhone places one to an upper-echelon level.

Similarly, wearing a NIKE shoe or outfit places one to a higher class. So, most people won’t mind coughing some extra bucks for these high-end names. So, saying the average price for a golf rangefinder would require considering the brand Entity.

Perhaps being specific on a certain brand would now tell the average price of a golf rangefinder. However, even within the same brand, we have models. The latest model wouldn’t be sold at the same price as an old one. So, determining the price of a golf rangefinder can’t be a straightforward affair.


Although rangefinders serve the same purpose, their components differ. How is that? Let us take material, for instance. Cheap materials would lead to damage within a short while. On the contrary, tough material results in long-lasting services.

When determining the price of a golf rangefinder, you also have to consider the components. Those made using flimsy components often go at a cheap price. However, like earlier pointed out, the price shouldn’t be only consideration checked.

Most high-end brands use high-quality materials. For that reason, they go at a higher price. Similarly, most so-so brands use low-quality materials, hence the reason for a lower price.

For that reason, a golf rangefinder featuring poor components can’t be compared with a high-quality one. So, the components influence the price.

Determining the price would take components into consideration. Of course, golf requires high commitment. So, better buy an averagely-priced golf rangefinder and get years of service, or not buy at all.

Latest functions

Models matter a lot. Why is that? Well, most models reflect on the year of manufacture. And, later versions boast better and advanced features.

Older rangefinders only measured distances. They only performed basic tasks. The price for such a product would, obviously, be lower.

However, advanced golf rangefinders come with sophisticated features. For instance, they measure wind speed, check the slope and also get the reticule. In fact, most advanced rangefinders use pin seekers.

Obviously, a model offering all these advanced features would go for a higher price. So, you would expect a 2000 model to cost the same as a 2019 model.

You wouldn’t mind spending a fortune on a 2019 version golf rangefinder, would you? How about a 2000 model? Would you spend the same? Well, that goes to show how the functions affect the price.

In a nutshell, advanced features call for a higher price. And, the opposite is also true. I mean, less advanced functions attract a lower price.

For a beginner, I would suggest a fairly-product with less sophisticated features. This way, you practice easily and also save a few bucks. However, professionals wouldn’t mind buying more sophisticated brands at a higher price.

How much does a golf rangefinder cost? The answer is, it depends on those factors.

Why are some golf rangefinders so expensive?

Sometimes you wonder, why pay $900 for a golf rangefinder when I can still guy a piece for $200.

As stipulated above, there are various factors that determine that. First, understand that, in most cases, you aren’t just paying for the rangefinder. How now? Well, the price is a culmination of different factors.

For instance, that price pays for the materials used, labor, the machine and transport among others. For that reason, some brands cost more due to these factors. High-end brands purchase expensive components so their price goes higher.

Additionally, some golf rangefinders are expensive because of the brand name. As stated, brand name determines the price. A less known brand wouldn’t charge more like famous companies.

Most expensive golf rangefinders are from big companies or are made using high-quality materials.

However, this isn’t the case in all brands. Research before rushing for the most expensive brand.

Do cheap golf rangefinders work?

Well, I have heard this question from several beginners. So, what is the answer? Yes and No.

How is that possible? Well, it all depends on how cheap, which brand and many more factors. While I don’t recommend the cheap models, I don’t disapprove of them in totality. Consider various factors when picking a cheap model.

For instance, a beginner is better off with a less pricey golf rangefinder. However, a professional golfer wouldn’t enjoy a cheap product. So, if you are just starting off your career, consider something cheap for a start then invest more as you advanced.

To answer the question, do cheap golf rangefinder would work, but not as good as those expensive options. Of course, less serious golfers don’t need to invest a lot of their cash so they can pick a cheap model.

Something else, there’s a difference between a cheap and affordable product. So, when does an affordable golf rangefinder become cheap? Well, an affordable rangefinder isn’t necessarily cheap.

Beginners might want to settle for something cheap. However, for an experienced golfer, getting something affordable would be perfect.

A cheap product offers an average performance. However, an affordable product serves the same purpose as an expensive one but is fairly-priced.

How much does a golf rangefinder cost? Is it better to purchase the least expensive golf rangefinder or add a little bit more in your budget and purchase the device that will perform and help you achieved the next level.

What is the best golf rangefinder for the money?

Like most questions, this one requires some in-depth analysis. This question contains two segments.

First question, what is the best golf rangefinder?

Second question, which is the most appropriate price for that best golf rangefinder?

Which is the best rangefinder? Well, the best rangefinder fulfills all the parameters required for efficient performances.

The best product is the one that offers advanced functions, brand entity, durable, comfortable and easy to use.

Now, what is the right price for that best golf rangefinder? Like mentioned earlier, price depends on the brand, the components, the quality, and the model. However, anything ranging between $100 and $500 wouldn’t be bad.

A product which fulfills the factors for the best golf rangefinder; then goes at a price of between $100 and $500, that one would be the best option for the money.

In Summary

How much does a golf rangefinder cost? We have answered this question completely. I also added some bonus tips. So, go ahead and make a decision now.

However, consider your level of expertise.

For a beginner, just go something affordable.

All the best, bye for now!

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