Why is My Golf Swing So Inconsistent

Inconsistency is one of the most prominent issues of golfers, but what is the real cause of golf swing inconsistency? Let’s explore the possible answer to your question, Why is My Golf Swing So Inconsistent?

Why is My Golf Swing So Inconsistent
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To be able to score effectively on golf and to get a good performance, you should first know where your target is.

Direct your ball towards the target by performing your swings consistently and accurately.

But, the key to getting these kinds of swings is by having a calm and composed mind.

Why is My Golf Swing So Inconsistent?

There can be many reasons why is my golf swing inconsistent.

Check out this list to learn about it!

  • Reason #1: Your golf swing is not sound

All golfers want to reach uniformity and consistency in their swings.

They start by first making sure that they master the basics for the golf swing until they discover a repeatable swinging rhythm.

Many amateurs suffer from inconsistency and they often resort to buying additional golf clubs.

Mistakenly thinking that better golf clubs would result in better swings even though this is not always the case.

Like the other professionals and golf veterans, you should aim for getting a swinging rhythm that you are comfortable at doing.

One that you can repeat even if it is your 100th swing or more.

To address why is my golf swing inconsistent, the first thing that you should do is to set up properly.

A good setup includes getting into a good stance and getting a good ball placement. Wherein the ball is not too far from you that your arms are hanging down uncomfortably.

Not too near you that when you swing, your clubhead would hit more ground than the ball itself.

Next is that you should be able to correctly perform these three crucial swing phases:

    • The Takeaway is when you cock back your golf club to the highest point of your swing or when the golf club is behind your head or overhead.
    • The Backswing puts your golf club towards its swing route
    • The Downswing wherein the golf club head will impact the ball.

Once you have mastered these basics, you will find it easier to discover an accurate and powerful swing that you can repeat throughout your game.

  • Reason #2: You easily get frustrated

The next challenge that amateurs face is that they easily doubt their ability to swing properly. Which could lead to why is my golf swing inconsistent.

Most amateurs give up easily after failing to replicate a good swing when they are at the latter stages of a game.

Of course, the swings affect your shots and then your scores. But when you are an amateur you should always focus more on improving your performance than on winning the game.

When you are an amateur and if you do focus more on winning, then you will likely overlook the basics of your swing. It will lead you further into getting inconsistent swings.

When you give in to frustrations, pressure starts to build up. Aside from doubting your own ability to swing properly.

You are also in danger of comparing your performance with other players.

Doing so will only add more pressure to what you are already going through and it will cause your game to deteriorate further.

You may see other players doing worse than you, but you are more likely to focus more on those who are performing better than you.

Overall, you should avoid doing this if you want to improve your swings.

The best way to deal with frustrations is to keep a relaxed and composed body when you are getting into the address position.

Your shoulders should not be raised or in a tense position and your head should be in a neutral and calm position.

Doing so will not only save you from injuries, but it will also ease off your blood flow in your head and the tension coming from your shoulders.

Always remember that the golf professionals did not immediately get into that level.

They trained hard and stayed consistent; the two most important things to do when you are a golf amateur.

  • Reason #3: You are not seeing the club

Lastly, you may face inconsistencies with your swing when you are not clearly seeing your golf club.

It may sound simple, but many amateurs actually find it difficult to keep an eye on their clubs.

When you are not seeing your clubs clearly, there is a huge chance that your aim is also not that good.

In the end, you will be making an inaccurate swing and your score will also be lower.

The best way to solve this problem is by keeping your head in a neutral position, yet it still allows your eyes to see your golf club.

When your shoulders raise the golf club back, your head should also follow its movement.

So that when you direct your golf club to its swing route, you will still be able to see your golf club until it impacts the ball.

Tips to improve your consistency

Learning to have a consistent golf swing is hard to do, but you can achieve this goal if you have persistence.

Just take some golfing lessons and regularly watch tutorial videos on the internet.

Now that you already know about the possible reasons why is my golf swing so inconsistent,

Here are some tips so you can improve your consistency!

  • Tip #1: Mix swing techniques

A person who is likely to succeed in his chosen endeavors is someone who is not afraid to take risks and experiment with new things.

This guiding principle in life is also true in playing golf.

So, instead of focusing on just one, why don’t you try to mix up several swing techniques and find where you are most comfortable, right?

Also, don’t fear committing mistakes. As the famous saying goes, we’ll never know what is right if we don’t experience what it feels like to be wrong.

Experience is the best teacher and experiences are like a roller coaster ride. They can be good and they can also be bad, but what you need to do is to learn from them.

  • Tip #2: Don’t be in a rush

You must remember that playing golf is not a game of race, so you must not rush when doing your golf swing.

Instead, you must allow yourself to focus and stay calm. By doing so, you will be able to follow the proper swing sequence and timing and hit a smoother shot.

Rushing is one of the many reasons why is my golf swing so inconsistent, so take your time. Try to stay focused.

Don’t grip too tightly on your golf club or it might stick to your hand permanently!

Kidding aside, gripping too tightly is actually one of the major reasons why some players don’t have enough power in their swing.

It can be the reason why is my golf swing so inconsistent, instead of gripping tightly, try having a relaxed grip. This way you can swing faster and cleaner.

  • Tip #4: Avoid sliding

The next tip that can help you resolve why is my golf swing so inconsistent is to avoid sliding.

Sliding while you are doing your golf swing is a major cause of swing inconsistency and it can also result in poor performance.

It is very erroneous to think that sliding away from the ball and making your weight go with the club is the right thing to do.

In addition to that, it is also wrong to let your body move toward the ball without pivoting.

  • Tip #5: Let your body parts “jive”

The next reason behind inconsistency in a golf swing is not having body parts that “jive” together.

If you want to have a more consistent golf swing, you must ensure the proper timing of every movement- may it be big or small.

Imagine your body as a machine that hits the ball with a golf club and the body parts that you need to swing the club are gears.

To swing perfectly, you must make sure that all the gears work perfectly with each other.

Be Consistent & Swing Better

By being consistent, you will be able to become better at playing golf.

So, always keep in mind the reasons why is my golf swing so inconsistent and try to address it as early as now.

Because if you don’t change bad habits while there is still time, it might be hard to do so in the future.

Therefore, go visit a range now and practice to be more consistent in swinging your golf club!

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