All About Golf Balls That Float | Beyond the Green

Do golf balls that float really exist? Most players are eager to know the answer to this question. When a golf ball is hit too hard, it is inevitable for it to travel beyond the green and into the blue waters.

All About Golf Balls That Float | Beyond the Green
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Let’s face it, we usually just leave the ball as it is because we don’t have the time or we don’t want to be inconvenienced. This topic has been rarely explored in golf.

So, it is time that we learn more about golf balls that float and find out what happens when a golf ball gets thrown into the water.

All About Golf Balls That Float | Beyond the Green

Golf balls that float are commonly called floaters — yes they exist! These balls have the capacity to move towards the surface of the water instead of sinking.

Majority of the golf balls used in the sport sink when thrown in the water because they are denser. This being said, golf balls that float are designed to fill this gap.

It provides an option to players who want to reduce waste and save money from losing golf balls in the water.

Here are some examples of golf balls that float which you can easily find in the market.

EliteShine offers a top-grade golf ball that floats in the water, at an affordable price. It looks and weighs similar to the standard ones, which makes it an all-around ball that you can use for every game.

The EliteShine floaters have a diameter of 42.6mm, which is not too big nor too small.

Escape the hassle of looking for your golf balls with these floaters from EliteShine. It stays unsinkable so you can keep each piece and use it several times.

  • Wilson Floater Range Balls

The next example of golf balls that float is the Wilson Floater Range Balls. The quality of these floaters are unmatched. Wilson is one of the few major brands that provides golf balls that float.

These floater and range golf balls are guaranteed to stay unsinkable in the water. They won’t settle in the bottom but instead float towards the surface as soon as it reaches the water.

It has a low-density construction and non-absorbent materials which allows it to float. These floaters are also known to be highly durable that’s why it’s ideal for repeated use.

More importantly, it performs at a shorter distance and offers the optimal range for golf courses near the lake or any body of water.

If you are looking for golf balls that float and suited for aquatic driving ranges, then the A99 Floaters are the one for you.

These ones are best used for practice because it’s cheap and comes in a pack of 12 pcs and 48 pcs.

Even if you hit it several times, its outer cover remains intact. It features a 432 dimple design and 90 compressions.

This floater is infused with a Surlyn cover and weighs the same as regular golf balls.

  • LostGolfBalls SoftCore Range Balls

The SoftCore Range Balls developed by are also golf balls that float.

LostGolfBalls has developed a premium quality golf ball that not only provides range but also floats in the water.

Whether you are at a golf course near the shore, lakeside dock, or at a resort, these floaters can enhance your playing experience.

You don’t have to worry about finding them in the water even if your swing gets carried away.

The SoftCore Range Golf Balls are also designed with a durable outer layer that protects it from being worn out. You can use them as much as you want and it remains in good condition.

These floaters come in two colors: yellow with black stripes and with red stripes. LostGolfBalls has designed these balls to stand out in the water!

Are you fond of playing by the lake or pool? Then the Snugen Floating Golf Balls are the perfect fit.

Even though it’s more suited for practice, these golf balls that float can still be used for proper matches. It comes in the same size and weight as regulation golf balls.

What’s interesting about the Snugen Floaters is it can float despite their 2-piece construction, 90 compressions, and 326 dimple pattern.

Snugen’s best-selling floaters are soft, lightweight, and vibrant. It has a striking yellow color that makes retrieving easier.

These floaters retail at $55.99 for 48-pieces per pack, which is quite affordable for the number of golf balls you are getting.

Can golf balls float?

The easy answer is yes. However not all of them. Floaters are the only ones that fit into the question “can golf balls float?”. The reason behind can golf balls float is because of the composition.

Floaters are constructed differently than regular golf balls. Can golf balls float? Yes because they are molded to hold a gravity that is less than 0.98, allowing it to float in both freshwater and saltwater.

Like all golf balls, floaters are designed according to the rules set by the United States Golf Association.

It is composed of different polymers such as monomers, elastomers, polymerization initiators, and fillers that strengthen the mixture.

Can golf balls float are built with unique floating material, the microscopic hollow glass spheres. These comprise about 5-10% of the floater’s weight.

Then, all the polymers and floating materials are molded under pressure to strengthen the structure.

The main factor that determines will a golf ball float in water is its composition. So, the next time someone asks can golf balls float or not?

You can answer it by introducing floaters and what makes them float in the water.

Will a golf ball float in water?

Will a golf ball float in water? Yes, depending on its structure. Floaters can move up to the surface of the water because of their composition. Regular golf balls absorb water faster than floaters.

If an ordinary golf ball gets into the water, it slowly settles into the bottom. It takes roughly 12 hours for the water to penetrate the outer cover and into the core.

As this happens, will a golf ball float in water is not possible anymore. So, before you ask will a golf ball float in water, it is better to be prepared and secure your own floaters.

It can enhance your play at any golf course near the water.

Will a Golf Ball Sink or Float?

On freshwater vs saltwater, Would a golf ball float? This also depends on the body of water involved. Would a golf ball float in freshwater is a different scenario.

Only floaters can float in freshwater. Regular ones are denser than freshwater, so it will definitely sink.

In freshwater, will a golf ball sink or float? Since freshwater is more commonly found in golf courses, it is expected that regular golf balls will sink.

This is the advantage of floaters because they perform well in lakes, pools, and other areas with water. When it comes to freshwater,  would a golf ball float is only applicable for floaters.

How about in salt water, will a golf ball sink or float? All golf balls are not as dense compared to saltwater. Therefore, both floaters and regular ones will float on top.

The question Will a golf ball sink or float would not really matter if you are playing near saltwater.

Would a golf ball float? Will a golf ball sink or float in freshwater and saltwater? These are questions that should be asked more within the golf community.

Whether Will a golf ball sink or float, it is important that you take good care of it. If you ever retrieve a sunken golf ball, make sure to inspect it. On the other hand, would a golf ball float?

you should also let it air dry. Once it’s left underwater for a long period of time, even harsh drying measures cannot get rid of the water inside.

This may weaken the performance of the ball. A soaked, 2-piece golf ball can lose distance and range for about 9 to 15 yards.

In Summary

There are many golf balls that float available in the market. However, not a lot of golf players are aware of it.

When a ball gets thrown off the course and into the water, there are times when players neglect the ball instead of retrieving it.

It is understandable as most golf balls sink easily.

Floaters are important because you can keep your golf balls and maintain their quality.

Even if you rarely play near the lake or pond, having your own pair of floaters is an advantage.

It can save you money in the long run and is efficient to use during practice!

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