Where are Titleist Golf Balls Made

Different golf ball companies manufacture in varying locations, and so you may be wondering where are Titleist golf balls made. With their varying origins, how manufacturers leverage the technology of their golf balls are also unique.

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Where are Titleist Golf Balls Made

That said, where are your favorite golf ball brands made? Let’s find out in this article!

Where are Titleist Golf Balls Made

As a golfer, you probably have a go-to brand for your golf balls. Golf ball choices often depend on the features that golf ball manufacturers specialize in.

These features would cater to different skill levels and address your strengths and weaknesses.

For years, Titleist is one of the top brands in the industry when it comes to golf ball production. They continuously develop innovations on how are Titleist golf balls made to address every golfer’s needs.

Before tackling in detail where are Titleist golf balls made, let’s first take a look at the industry giant’s beginnings.

  • Titleist Beginnings

In 1932, Phillip E. “Skippy da Do” Young founded what would become the technology leader in manufacturing golf balls.

Prior to this, Young, who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was playing golf with his dentist.

Upon missing a putt, he became dissatisfied with the performance of his golf ball. He felt that the miss resulted from the ball’s uneven weight.

Since he was playing with a dentist, he asked him to X-ray the ball to investigate its construction. What they found out was that the ball’s rubber core was off-center.

Young became interested in exploring the structure of golf balls and proceeded to examine more. Most of the balls examined also had off-center cores, which is what causes inconsistent shots.

After this discovery, Young went on to establish Titleist, in a mission to create the most consistent golf balls. This story is how are Titleist golf balls made started.

Note that the name Titleist refers to a brand name, not a company. The company that produces Titleist golf balls is Acushnet, which is now a subsidiary company of sports equipment company Fila.

The location of Acushnet’s headquarters is in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, United States. Meanwhile, where are Titleist golf balls made is in the greater New Bedford, Massachusetts.

For over 89 years, how are Titleist golf balls made have undergone many innovations and revamping.

The manufacturers continuously improve the ball core by using different materials and tweaking its construction.

From the revolutionizing Balata ball to the widely-popular Pro V series, they have become the ace in the golf ball world.

Currently, the brand’s operations teams have more than 1100 associates working in the place where are Titleist golf balls made.

Their experience makes it possible to improve the process of manufacturing and enhance the performance of their golf balls.

How are Titleist golf balls made ensure that it is of the highest standards in terms of quality?

  • Manufacturing Process

How are Titleist golf balls made undergo more or less 90 processes? These multiple procedures and quality checks are done to ensure each golf ball’s top-notch performance and consistency.

They have three golf ball plants with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. To monitor every phase of development, Titleist employs the use of high-class computers and quality assurance teams.

This rigorous process ensures that each golf ball meets the industry standard and the uncompromising Titleist standard.

That said, how are Titleist golf balls made has put them on top of technology innovation in designing and producing golf balls.

They make sure that each golf ball’s construction successfully meets the needs of golfers with different skill levels.

Here is the standard process of how are Titleist golf balls made:

  • Core mixing
  • Molding
  • Grinding
  • Construction of case layer
  • Addition of a urethane cover
  • Cast removal
  • X-Ray
  • Buffing
  • Ball painting
  • Hand and quality checks

Titleist’s craftsmen uphold a commitment to maintaining the brand’s reputation. They are skilled experts with training in the step-by-step golf ball manufacturing process on where are Titleist golf balls made.

Where are Other Golf Ball Brands Made?

Each golf ball manufacturer has unique manufacturing processes that meet their personal brand standard.

Aside from Titleist golf balls, you might also be curious about where are your other favorite golf ball brands made.

Knowledge of these differences would give you in-depth insights as to the quality of your golf balls.

That said, here are more helpful information on where your favorite golf ball brands are made.

We will focus on two brands for this article: VICE and Srixon.

Where are Vice Golf Balls Made?

VICE is another golf ball brand that is steadily establishing its name as one of the top industry manufacturers.

Unlike Titleist, VICE is a relatively new brand with just almost a decade of experience. However, even as a young company, they’re proving that they must not be underestimated.

Where are VICE golf balls made that will also impress you?

Founded in Germany in 2012, the brand produces premium golf balls at an affordable price compared to competitors.

While its official foundation was in 2012, their team members have collective experience in engineering quality golf balls since the ’90s. T

hey have worked in both Germany and Taiwan to produce the best performing golf balls. Thus, where are VICE golf balls made go way back.

Because of its success, they have expanded their market to the U.S. and European markets as well. VICE’s plant in Germany is where are VICE golf balls made.

Each VICE golf ball undergoes an extensive engineering process, utilizing only top quality materials.

Aside from the assurance you get from where are VICE golf balls made, you’ll also appreciate their seamless process.

What makes the brand unique from the rest is its transaction process—which is entirely online. They ship your golf balls directly from their plan and then right at your doorstep.

The golf balls don’t go through price markups from middlemen, explaining their golf balls’ valuable price.

Where are Srixon Golf Balls Made

Srixon Golf is a golf ball brand under the Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI). As a subsidiary of a Japanese company, this explains where are Srixon golf balls made.

They have been manufacturing since the 1930s, but the Srixon brand was established only in 1996. Where are Srixon golf balls made launched their first golf ball in 2005?

The constant innovation in technology and construction, where are Srixon golf balls made has pushed the brand as a top industry manufacturer.

They primarily focus the golf ball construction on four aspects: launch, feel, aerodynamics, and durability. Often, their golf balls would combine a soft feel, speed, distance, and greenside spin control.

With where are Srixon golf balls made, they have continually maintained their spot as U.K.’s best 2-piece golf ball.

Most of their golf balls cater to all players with different skill levels, from beginners to Tour players.

In Summary

It’s important to remember that different golf ball brands specialize in different things.

Some will focus on quality materials, while others will focus on the distance, speed, feel, etc.

You’ll also find that some brands would cater to the general public, while others would concentrate on producing high-performing balls for professionals.

Often, the location can matter in ensuring the quality of all these features.

That’s why other than knowing where are Titleist golf balls made, it will also help to look into other brands.

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