How Hard Should I Swing a Golf Club | Power Swinging Tips

Do you think that smashing so hard on the ball will make you a better golfer? No! If you want to perform just like a pro golfer the read our article and let’s explore the idea of, How Hard Should I Swing a Golf Club?

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Key Takeaways TL;DR
Summary: Learning how to swing a golf club involves developing a consistent swing, mastering swing tempo, increasing power and distance, fine-tuning the short game, understanding course management, staying mentally focused, maintaining fitness and flexibility, using proper golf equipment, and enjoying the game.
📌 Develop a Consistent Swing: Focus on technical proficiency, muscle memory, posture, and alignment to achieve a consistent swing.
📌 Master Your Swing Tempo: Achieve a fluid and rhythmic execution by analyzing swing mechanics, utilizing swing analysis, and incorporating metronome training.
📌 Increase Your Power and Distance: Improve technique, speed, body rotation, weight transfer, flexibility, and strength to enhance strike force and distance.
📌 Fine-Tune Your Short Game: Develop precision and finesse in approach shots and putting through chipping techniques, reliable stroke, speed control, and reading the green accurately.
📌 Understand Course Management: Analyze the course layout, identify hazards and wind direction, and make informed shot selections to optimize performance.
📌 Stay Mentally Focused: Utilize visualization techniques, breathing exercises, and mental clarity strategies to maintain focus, make effective decisions, and enhance performance.
📌 Maintain Fitness and Flexibility: Incorporate regular exercise routines including cardio, weight training, and stretching to improve overall fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility.
📌 Use Proper Golf Equipment: Choose well-fitted gloves, supportive shoes, and clubs with appropriate grip and shaft length to enhance performance and reduce injury risk.
📌 Enjoy the Game: Embrace the challenge, have fun outdoors, and play with friends and family to fully immerse in the game of golf.
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How Hard Should I Swing a Golf Club | Power Swinging Tips

You don’t have to always swing on the club with all your vigor like you are pushing a truck that weighs a ton.

Just observe the professional players in PGA tours, they swing effortlessly and smoothly but their ball statistics are jaw-dropping!

How Hard Should I Swing a Golf Club?

Beginners in golf tend to think that in order to be good in the game and cover more distance.

They must pay attention to how hard should you swing at a golf ball. But, little do they know that this isn’t the real key in successfully playing the game.

The manufacturers and producers of golf wear and equipment are somehow to be blamed for this misconception.

Because of their marketing strategies that highlight power and distance gains so much. Amateur players tend to put so much glory in hitting the golf club as much as they can.

However, if you dig deeper into why manufacturers do this, you will come into a realization that they are only trying to cater to what the majority of golfers say they want.

You will see in surveys that the most important thing for golfers in to be able to increase their power and cover more distance.

Amateurs badly want to achieve these goals and because of that, they opt to swing too hard and too fast.

However, they tend to forget that because of this, they will not be able to hit the ball cleanly and that it can be stuck in the middle of the clubface.

By slowing down and not swinging your club too hard, you are actually enabling yourself to ensure the proper swing sequence.

In doing so, the way you hit the ball will become cleaner and you will be able to get a decent distance and above all, more consistent shots.

When you ask other players the question, how hard should I swing a golf club if I want my ball to reach a farther distance?

Then they will probably tell you to hit it with 75% of your power, but the truth is you can do that at 50% and you will still be able to have a longer shot.

Do you want to know how?

Well, if you want to cover more distance, it is not a question of how hard should you swing at a golf ball instead.

You should be inquiring about what is the proper way to hit the ball.

Learning the correct way to hit a golf ball is much simpler than trying to control how hard should I swing a golf club.

The proper way to hit a golf ball

Most players are so hard-drawn on the question, How hard should you swing at a golf ball? That they often overlook the importance of getting the proper swinging form.

Actually, getting the correct form will also help you answer your question of how hard should I swing a golf club?

To get the proper swinging form which will help you to hit the ball accurately, you must determine your target.

Of course, the goal of your swing is to get the ball to the hole, or at least, to a location that is close to the hole.

The target will guide you regarding the trajectory and the power of your swing.

So you see, even on the first step of getting a proper swinging form, you will already get the answer of how hard should you swing at a golf ball?

The next step is to get into a good stance or to get a good “address”.

A good stance can be done by positioning your feet, hips, and shoulders to be parallel towards the target that you have set for your shot.

Basically, your body should be in a sideways position when preparing for your swing.

Remember to hold your weight down using your feet, your arms should be hanging all the way, your wrists firmly gripping the club, and your head is in a relaxed and neutral position.

Lastly, you should perform the three essential phases of a proper swing:

The takeaway builds up your arm power for the swing because you would basically “cock back” the golf club before hitting it against the ball

  • Backswing

While the downswing ensures that gravity is helping your momentum to build more power.

  • Downswing

Downswing lets you release your body weight to the golf club head and to get a good impact against the ball.

Doing so will also get you the answer to your question, how hard should you swing at a golf ball?

So when you are able to perform all of these properly, you will then get the answer to your question, How hard should you swing at a golf ball?

Again, do not focus solely on the power of your shot, you should also focus on accuracy and consistency.

Why is the golf swing so hard?

Aside from learning how hard should I swing a golf club, you must also think about why is golf swing so hard. Yes, it is a fact that swing your club really good is a hard skill to learn.

You see, to be able to swing your golf club perfectly, your body parts must be in a certain position, your stance must be well scrutinized.

The swing sequence must be done correctly while the right timing is also observed. Just discussing the general idea of why is the golf swing so hard can be a bit confusing.

So, let us discuss the specific reasons why is golf swing a hard skill to learn!

  • You only use your arms

Do you think that the only part of your body that you will use in swinging your golf club is your arms? If yes, then that is the main reason why is the golf swing so hard!

It is a natural instinct of the beginners to use only their arms when they are told to hit the ball in front of them and when they do, their tendency is to hit it as hard as they can.

However, the resulting swing is too far and loose. Why is golf swing so hard if you are only using your arms?

The reason behind this is that a swing is a mechanism that involves different parts and joints of your body in order to be achieved perfectly.

For you to have a great swing, you must utilize those needed body parts.

  • You swing way too fast

One of the many other reasons why is the golf swing so hard is because beginners tend to swing way too fast. They blast the ball as if they are trying to launch a rocket into space.

You have to watch out for your tempo because if you hit one as hard as you can, you will be straining your arms.

Replicating that same kind of movement will become hard for you. This is also the reason why you should learn how hard should I swing a golf club.

Also, you must base your swing in your body instead of your arms. Your body rotates at a slower pace than your arms.

So if your arms are faster and your body is the one that needs to do the catching up, you will fail to hit the ball straight, or maybe you will not be able to hit the ball at all.

This is the reason why it must be your body who tells your arms how fast should it swing the club.

When done properly, you will never think again why is the golf swing so hard

  • You don’t have the proper equipment

Golf is a game wherein you need to invest in the proper equipment. The lack of proper equipment is actually one of the many reasons why is golf swing so hard.

Getting the right and high-quality equipment is vital if you are serious about being better at playing golf.

Clubs affect your swing speed and power so you must visit a fitter to learn which clubs suit you the most.

Tips to increase power

We all know now why is golf swing so hard, but even if it is tough to learn, there is no stopping a person with great will. So if your problem is that you are not hitting the ball hard.

Here are some tips to increase your power!

  • For you to be able to generate a more powerful golf swing, you must pay attention to your feet alignment. The position of your feet actually helps you to get more coil during your backswing.
    Also, the proper placement of your feet allows to you have more balance. More balance means that you have a good foundation to give off a powerful swing.
  • Brace your back knee and put pressure to the ground on the inside of your foot while you are doing the backswing.
    Doing so will create resistance that will be released when you commence your downswing.
  • You must make a broader swing arc by fully extending the club away from your body during the backswing. With this, you will be able to transfer more power to the ball during impact.

Learn to Adjust Your Power

The real answer to your question, how hard should I swing a golf club actually depends on your capacity.

You should be able to find and adjust your power by knowing how you can swing your golf club more comfortably.

The key is to be able to generate power that is consistent with all your shot.

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