How Can a Senior Golfer Increase Swing Speed

As we grow older over the years, our swing speed can get weaker and all the more the distances of our shots get shorter. In this article, we are going to discuss and explore, how can senior golfer increase swing speed?

How Can a Senior Golfer Increase Swing Speed
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Swing speed is one of the important skills to have as a golfer. It is commonly known to be the bridge between the golfer and how they can do their golf swings in terms of rhythm, timing, tempo.

How Can a Senior Golfer Increase Swing Speed

So, exactly how can a senior golfer increase swing speed?

We ourselves have been on our own journeys to increase our swing speed and we have compiled strategies and tips that can help you increase your swing speed as a senior golfer.

It is important to note that most of these or not all are actually just common sense and it is not like a secret formula.

However, this basic knowledge can easily be taken for granted and it is definitely great to have a reminder.

We are going to cover 4 essential areas that we have to focus on so we can improve your golf swing speed:

  • Speed Training

Speed training has been growing in popularity over the past decade and one of the speed trainers that caught my eye is the SuperSpeed Golf Trainer.

It can be used to train you into improving your own swing speed by 5 more miles per hour.

How can a senior golfer increase swing speed with speed training? These speed trainers provide a protocol that helps you maintain your initial swing speeds and grow faster from there.

Speed trainers cater to all ages, to youths, and even to the seniors.

  • Proper Swing Mechanics

Having proper swing mechanics will ensure that your swing speed is at the right angle and you will be able to encourage your body’s natural movement to reach the peak of your performance.

The key to doing this is by figuring out what is the maximum launch angle that gives you your maximum speed and matches with your current swing speed.

  • Fitness Training

The two major categories under fitness training that can definitely help improve your golf swing are speed is the overall strength and overall range of motion.

Combining those two will help you maximize the distance of your golf shots.

If you observe the professional senior golfs, you will notice that they treat their physical fitness with extra care and attention.

It is because as golfers become healthier and more fit, naturally the distance of their shots and swing speed will also improve.

It is best to invest with a personal fitness coach that can help you find the fitness system that works for your lifestyle, current health status, and your age.

This will also help you stick and be more committed to improving your physical fitness.

  • Mindset

Contrary to popular belief, the more that you swing harder, the weaker your swing speed will be.

Swinging harder means that you are putting unnecessary tension on your body parts and that will add more stiffness to your muscles.

We need to learn to just be loose, relax, and freely swing. This is why the mindset is really important.

If you stress a lot about why your progress is not going as good as you think it would be, then you are carrying dead weight on your shoulders.

Learn to be confident in your progress and that as long as you follow the system that you have set for yourself, your swing speed will definitely improve over time.

Why does our swing speed decrease as we grow older?

As golfers mature and grow in age, the combination of how they swing may change.

So your previous swing speed might not be the same next time, especially considering the swing weight you are using might not work for you anymore.

Before we proceed to learn how can senior golfer increase swing speed, let’s first discuss why our swing speed decreases as we grow old.

  • Pain

You might not be thinking much about the pain that you are experiencing in your shoulders or the strain and soreness you feel whenever you are swinging.

However, you should be really thinking about it because that is a huge cause of dropping the distance of your shot.

We know that a golf swing requires very dynamic and powerful body coordination. But this causes a lot of strain to your body and gives you unimaginable pain.

It will definitely stretch some muscles and slam some of your areas.

We can imagine the pain we are experiencing as the governor in a golf cart that no matter how much we want to go faster, the governor will hinder us from doing faster swings.

But how can a senior golfer increase swing speed despite the pain?

There are a lot of existing techniques to relieve the pain on your shoulder and you will significantly see changes in your golf swing speed.

The first step is to first identify where the source of all of your pain is.

  • Poor Mobility

Whether you were able to touch your toes when you are younger or was able to easily reach your car’s backseat, your mobility will definitely decrease as you grow older.

The four major parts, whenever you’re doing a golf swing, are neck, hips, shoulders, and upper back.

Without the proper body coordination of these parts, the golf swing speed will change drastically and can cause harm to your own body.

The best way to fix this is by modifying our swing and listening to our bodies more.

A lot of the best golfers have great mobility in those four areas. Fortunately, it is never too late to improve those areas even if you are already a senior.

Even just spending at least 10 to 30 minutes a day doing the specific exercises for these areas can already make an impact on your swing speed.

It is also best to have your own physical therapist who can guide you.

  • Loss of Power

It is obvious that when we grow older, our muscles also grow weaker. Thus, we also lose a lot of our power at a very fast rate.

However, there are a lot of things we can do to reduce this progression. There is no age hindering us from improving ourselves.

There are a lot of existing fitness programs for golfers that are catered to increasing the golf swing. It is worth the investment and can help you in less than 3 months.

You will definitely feel much better and will be showing off your faster swing speeds in no time.

In Conclusion

Whenever golfers hit the age of 50, which is considered by most as the golden age, we will certainly start to notice how our body reacts to golfing.

Our body goes through a lot of changes such as taking longer to loosen up or body strains take longer to heal.

And we have learned that the first thing that decreases in our golfing techniques is the swing speed.

But thankfully, we have discussed in these articles different strategies that can help us reduce the ill effects of growing older.

We are then able to maximize our skills in spite of the limitations we have.

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