How to Increase Golf Swing Speed

Knowing how to increase golf swing speed can transform your experience in golf. Having a fast clubhead speed can give you more impact and as a result, gain great distance.

How to Increase Golf Swing Speed
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In this article, we will learn how to increase golf swing speed and help you achieve the best game you will ever play!

How to increase golf swing speed?

It is common knowledge that a faster golf swing results in more distance.

The faster your swing is, then the farther the golf ball goes. It is because the impact is transferred to the ball and allows it to move farther.

So, how do I increase my golf swing speed?

There are several techniques that can help you achieve an increased swing speed such as a change in equipment, form, position, and more.

To accelerate your swing, we have compiled some training and techniques that you try on how to increase swing speed for golf.

  • Modify your swing

How do you increase golf swing speed? Well, the first thing you can do is to modify or improve your current swing technique.

This method focuses on your body’s form and position and leads to better awareness of your capacity.

Once you enhance your technique, then gaining a faster speed will follow. You can either ask for help from your coach or do it on your own.

If you choose to modify your swing technique by yourself, make sure to conduct research first and change your technique according to your needs.

It will also be beneficial to study your current swing first and identify the errors you’ve made. That way, you will know which aspect to improve on.

  • Do speed drills

The next thing you should do on how to increase golf swing speed is, of course, performing speed training. It is actually the fastest way to gain an increased swing speed.

One example of a speed drill is using a heavier golf club instead of your usual ones. Use a weighted club while practicing your swings and this will condition you to swing with more speed.

Simply hold the weighted golf club like you usually would and start swinging it slowly, back and forth.

These slow movements are crucial at first because it will help you develop endurance and stability. Do this speed drill consistently, as much as possible up to 15 minutes a day.

Believe it or not, once you switch back to your staple golf club, you will be able to swing it faster than ever!

  • Improve your flexibility

Another technique you can try is doing exercises and drills to improve your flexibility.

A significant skill you need in learning how to increase golf swing speed is flexibility and control. These are probably the most important factors that affect the speed of your swing.

Once you enhance your body’s flexibility, you will be able to turn, twist, and aim better. Thus, giving you better control in releasing your golf swing.

Here is an easy and quick flexibility drill you can do even in the comfort of your own home.

    1. Fold your arm around the chest
    2. Use the other arm to wrap it around your body
    3. Next, push your arm to the extent that you will stretch your shoulder. Make sure to do this to both of your arms.
    4. Stand at a 90-degree angle against the wall
    5. Twist your body and let your abdomen stretch to the side
    6. Using your arm, push the wall to gain more pressure, and allow your muscles to stretch.

This drill can enhance your flexibility especially in your ability to turn.

It will also give you an improved motion range that can increase your golf swing speed.

  • Conduct strength training

The last technique we will discuss on how to increase swing speed for golf involves strength training.

Building strength is important if you want to effectively execute a swing at a faster pace. But keep in mind, your strength training should target the right muscles.

Most amateur golfers think that they should develop their biceps, shoulders, and chest. While they contribute greatly to your swing, they shouldn’t be the main focus.

But rather, you must develop strength in your hips, forearm, and abdominal area.

Why? It is because these muscles are the ones you will use to achieve distance as you accelerate your swing.

Take note that even if it is the most effective technique, it takes a lot of effort and discipline to observe results. That is why consistency is key and you need to work on your flexibility as well.

Apart from its importance on how to increase golf swing speed, exerting the right amount of strength plays a significant role in making sure your round goes well.

Other Ways to increase golf swing speed

Now let us move on to the tips and tricks on how to increase golf swing speed.

While the different training methods mentioned above can greatly help you produce a faster speed, these tips are also important to keep in mind.

These will allow you to accelerate your speed starting from the bottom of the golf swing.

Here are simple and effective ways to increase golf swing speed.

  • Develop a strong grip

One of the ways to increase golf swing speed involves the grip. It is crucial to improve your grip because it dictates the intensity of the swing.

Aside from increasing the speed, a good grip can also provide you better impact and stability. You can also enhance your grip by using a weighted golf driver that can develop strength.

Training with a heavier club can condition your body to develop a twisting motion with greater force and faster pace.

Once you have a proper grip, releasing the golf driver will be easier and you can produce impact with less effort.

This will also let you reach the maximum speed as you perform the swing.

  • Identify the right timing

Next in our ways to increase golf swing speed list is finding proper timing. First, you need to understand the difference between swinging fast and swinging hard.

A common mistake among golfers is that they exert too much force to gain a faster speed. This practice is a waste of energy.

Instead, focus on aiming in the right direction with proper timing.

If you want to achieve the maximum clubhead speed with maximum impact, then you need to identify the right timing.

To develop the perfect timing for your swing, you may try the “whoosh” training.

It is a drill that can exercise your swing speed as well as help you find the right timing to release the clubhead.

  • Enhance overall fitness

One of the overlooked ways to increase golf swing speed is improving your fitness and health.

In order to produce a faster swing, you need force to release the golf ball more accurately during your downswing.

This is why you need to enhance your torso, hips, and chest strength. Using workout bands and exercises such as wood chop, side planks, and V-planks and increase your strength.

Moreover, performing fitness training can provide you greater flexibility and twisting force. These can ultimately help you increase swing speed.

Even though the technical aspects of a golf swing are important, you should also prioritize your fitness. This entails focusing on your flexibility and strength.

  • Pay attention to rhythm

Included in our list of effective ways to increase golf swing speed is developing rhythm. Having a swing with rhythm is extremely helpful to achieve an increased swing speed.

To produce a faster swing, you also need to aim in the right direction; and rhythm can help you with that. It is an essential ingredient that merges direction and impact.

Rhythm allows you to increase your swing speed without compromising the aim.

In relation to rhythm, you also need to relax your muscles. This can prevent unwanted tension that can disrupt your swing.

If you have a relaxed torso, the turn in your swing will be more accurate and fuller. Thus, making it easier to accelerate the speed.

  • Train consistently

If you really want to see your swing become faster and more accurate, then you need to train as consistently as you can.

The point of drills and training is to condition your body and stimulate your body’s ability. This would not be effective if you have many lapses in your drills.

Being inconsistent will only put your energy to waste.

Sample Exercises

As mentioned before, exercises play a vital role in helping you achieve a faster swing.

Whether it is for strength or flexibility, including at least one or two exercises in your normal training can make a huge difference.

Here are two exercises that are easy to perform but effective at the same time!

  • For Strength

This is called the Ball Jackknife which is great for conditioning your core, shoulders, hip flexors, and back. You can add this to the strength training we have discussed above.

    1. Form a push-up position and use a stability ball under your ankles and feet. Make sure your feet are a little bit apart.
    2. Maintain a strong core as you pull both of your knees near your chest in a slow-paced motion.
    3. Next, move your knees to the sides and insert the stability ball once again.
    4. For better strengthening, repeat this 1t times in sets of three.  Perform it in both directions as well.
  • For Flexibility

The next exercise you can do is Pelvic Rotations that can develop flexibility.

Most players find rotations challenging, especially performing the proper external and internal hip rotations.

This simple exercise can be used as a warm-up before you practice your swing. This is definitely helpful for your flexibility and control.

    1. First, stand using one leg only and hold a golf club. Place it on the ground and in front of you. If you don’t have your club around you can use a broomstick as an alternative.
    2. Ensure that you are standing firmly. Then, twist your pelvis and rotate it slowly but surely. You must twist in both left and right. The leg you are standing on will develop a controlled motion as you go along.
    3. Do this repeatedly in between 20 to 30 rotations. Switch to the other leg too to condition both of your legs.

What is the average golf swing speed?

In learning how to increase golf swing speed, you also need to be aware of the average speeds of most golfers.

For those who play on tour, they have a swing speed that ranges from 110 to 115 mph. On the other hand, long drive players have an average speed of 140 mph.

Looking at LPGA players, their average amounts to 90 up to 100 mph.

Based on a study conducted by TrackMan in 2018, an amateur male golfer has a swing speed of 93.4 miles per hour, with a distance of over 214 yards on average.

If you are only starting in the sport, a starting speed of 80 to 90 mph is already good enough and you can work your way up to increase it further.

Swing Speed Matters!

Speed and distance are two factors that can significantly affect your performance in golf.

Which is why you should know how to increase golf swing speed.

Luckily, there are many ways to produce a competitive swing.

Make sure to try different tips and techniques to determine what works best for you.

As long as you train consistently and pay attention to your form, then you will be able to achieve a faster swing speed sooner than you think!

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