How To Improve Your Golf Swing for Beginners

As a beginner, you might also aspire to become better, so here is a guide on how to improve your golf swing for beginners!

How To Improve Your Golf Swing for Beginners
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You might not understand how swinging a golf club is very essential in playing golf. The golf swing is actually the heart of the game.

How do you think the ball will hit the hole without you swinging your golf club?

How To Improve Your Golf Swing For Beginners

The key to improving golf swing for beginners is understanding how a swing is done. A golf swing has two parts: the pre-swing and the golf swing itself.


  • Getting A Grip

The first thing that you should know on how to improve your golf swing for beginners is about getting a good grip.

You should have a good and proper grip on your golf club. It’s pretty obvious that you won’t want it to fly away when you do the swing!

Your hand is the only part of your body that will have close contact with the golf club. Therefore, you must assure that you will be able to grip your club properly.

So, how can you get a good grip on your club?

The first thing that you should learn is how to hold your club properly. To do so, unfold your front hand with your palm facing up.

The front hand is what you are dominantly using so it can either be left or right. The next thing to do is to put the club’s grip on your fingers in a diagonal position.

Start at the end of your pointer finger up to the base of your pinkie. After doing so, you may now close your hands, but you should remember not to close it too hard or too loose.

Up next is to get a good feel of your grip so must lift it up and swing it just like you are hammering down a nail.

Then, take your free hand and let its pinkie and thumb find each other. It will make a pit and on your palm, marking where you should close your fingers.

Use that to determine how you should hold on the club and remember to close it by the fingers and not by the palm.

Get your positioning right by looking if both your thumbs create a “V” shape when touching with the base of your point-finger.

  • Aim

The next thing to discuss on how to improve your golf swing for beginners is your aim.

How can you hit the ball if you have no idea how to aim correctly, right? The common mistake of amateur golfers is they aim their body at the target.

Little do they know that they should aim the head of their clubs at the target, and their body should be on the left side of it in a parallel position.

  • Stance and Posture

A good stance and posture are keys on how to improve your golf swing for beginners.

If you have a bad one and won’t work on fixing it, then don’t expect that you will ever be good at swinging your golf clubs.

How to do the proper golf stance and posture?

The distance between your feet should be your shoulder length. Remember to bend your knees slightly but unlike what you would have done while playing any other sports.

It should be less than the usual athletic position that is done when playing volleyball, football, basketball, and many more.

After getting the right bend of the knee, the next thing to do is bend at the waist to reach the golf ball.

When you bend at the waist, you must also remember not to slouch. Check the straightness of your back by putting a golf club down your spine.

The back of your head, the middle of your shoulder blades, and your tailbone must touch the club.

Once you are done with your posture, do not forget to improve the positioning of your arms. Don’t reach your club like you are having a hard time reaching for something.

Just let it hang, naturally, and loosely from your shoulders.

Golf Swing

Now that we have covered the pre-swing on the first section of this article, it is also important that we tackle your golf swing before you hit the course.

The golf swing is an important matter to discuss when it comes to how to improve your golf swing for beginners.

Your golf swing has important parts, namely the backswing and the downswing.

  • Backswing

For the takeaway, start swinging your golf clubs using your larger muscles and not the smaller ones. Those muscles will act as the core of your body.

Golf swing help for beginners will encourage you to use your shoulders and arms rather than your wrists. It is also essential to take note not to try finishing your backswing swiftly.

You are not in a rush to the office! Many beginners of the game of golf think that they will get a massive amount of power when they put on a quick backswing.

But this will only compromise the tempo as the backswing should prepare you for a downswing.

You must also put your attention on how your golf club will rotate in response to the movement of your wrists.

As you put your golf club in the upper direction of your swing, you must try doing the pivot. The pivot is done by twisting your torso throughout your spine.

Up next, you might also want to verify the position of your top swing by laying your clubhead down the ground and putting it behind your shoulder.

After that, make your trunk circle and the golf club still laying on your shoulder. When you are finished doing that, put your club away from your shoulder in a gentle manner.

If you want more guidance on how to improve your golf swing for beginners, it will help to watch a video on golf swing tutorial beginners or consult a professional and ask for golf swing help for beginners.

  • Downswing

When you think you are already doing your backswing better, then you must now focus on improving your downswing.

Improving your downswing is a crucial part of how to improve your golf swing for beginners.

Watching countless golf swing tutorial beginners and researching for golf swing help for beginners might help. However, you don’t have to waste more time doing that anymore.

Just read this section, and you’re good to go!

When you are doing your downswing, the initial feeling that you should have is that your hips are turning back towards the ball.

After that, your body and your arms should come after.

What’s wrong is that beginners usually let their back elbow rise up away from their edge.

The best and the proper way of doing it is keeping too close to your side until after your clubhead touches the ball. Doing so will actually help you maintain your power.

Additional Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

Tired of watching countless golf swing tutorial beginners and asking for golf swing help for beginners?

If yes, then just read up on these tips on how to improve your golf swing for beginners!

  • Keep your eye on the ball

In some golf swing tutorial beginners, they will teach you to imagine a target beyond the ball. However, if you do so, you might miss the right aim!

So, keep your eye etched on the ball if you want to improve your golf swing!

Maintain the position of your head all throughout your swing, even until the follow-through. The lesser movement in your head, the more you will be able to hit on the ball accurately.

  • More power isn’t always good

Force and strength are not the two pillars of the game of golf. It isn’t always about how strong you hit on the golf club.

Unlike in some golf swing tutorial beginners, hitting the ball with a lot of force will only make it stunted because it will surely head in the wrong direction.

This is the reason why you should always remember that too much power isn’t always good.

  • Slow down

If golf is not about power, then it is not about speed too. This is why you should remember not to rush your swings.

You must ensure that everything- from your grip, aim, stance and posture, takeaway, backswing, downswing, and finish will be done properly.

So, always consult this golf swing help for beginners and make sure to do things the right way!

Swing a Better Golf

Now that you know how to improve your golf swing for beginners, it is time to take your knowledge into real action!

So, go to a practice game and show them what you have learned from reading this article!

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