Can Apple Watch Be Used for Golf GPS?

Can apple watch be used for golf GPS? Yes, an Apple watch can be used for golf GPS. In fact, they are quite popular these days. And yes, they are luxurious.

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Can Apple Watch Be Used for Golf GPS?

I recall a few years ago when we only used rangefinders and things weren’t so easy. Then golf GPS watches came and we were so excited. After a while, Apple ventured into the business too. And yes, they are taking the market by storm.

Last summer, I decided to research and review different golf GPS watches. Of course, I came across different watch brands but I couldn’t resist Apple watches.

Benefits of Using Apple Watch as a Golf GPS

We just sand that you can use an Apple watch for golf GPS. What are the benefits of doing so? Well, using your Apple watch for golf GPS comes with several benefits. For instance, apple watches are compact and stylish. They are more accurate too.

Unmatched Accuracy

This is one of the many benefits you get for using your Apple watch for golf GPS. Of course, we previously had to spend time guessing how hard we would hit the ball.

However, things changed with the introduction of Apple golf GPS watches. These watches are accurate. They give precise measurements. Of course, they perfectly estimate the distance from the player/ball to the target/flag.

Helps One Take Out-of-Sight Shots

Rangefinders have a limitation. They can’t estimate out-of-sight distances. However, this is overcome by the use of apple watches for golf GPS.

Of course, most golfers feel less confident when taking wayward shots. However, with Apple watches as golf GPS, you won’t be guessing.

Something else, Apple golf GPS watches alert the user when there are barriers, bunkers or ponds nearby. This way, the golfer avoids the barriers and bunkers and takes accurate shots.

Enhanced Efficiency

I believe an Apple golf GPS watch will turn yours to a professional. Of course, this is a loose statement. This is because you need practice before you can be an expert. However, the watches will greatly improve your scores and performance.

Of course, becoming a professional requires more than just a fancy watch. It takes effort, dedication, and hard work. However, when you are pointed towards the right direction, I believe you can easily take perfect shots.

With the best apple golf GPS watches, you are assured of perfect and better shots. Therefore, you won’t be guessing.


While using your apple watch as a golf GPS, you can get alerts and notifications. This is a great thing. You get things like slack alerts, texts, phone calls, and calendar reminders. You can even control Bluetooth speakers suing the device.

Unfortunately, alerts could be a form of distraction to the player. There has been concerns from players that an email or a call alert could distract them as they are about to take a shot.

However, there’s an option of switching off the alerts. For that reason, that might not be such a serious concern. It also can’t be a deal-breaker. You can turn off the notifications if you feel like they bother you.

Easy Navigation

This is another great feature of apple watches. They boast an excellent display that offers convenient navigation through the menu.

Therefore, you won’t find it hard to get details and distances. They offer more than just distances. They also give shot tracking details and many more.

If you want to operate a simple watch and get accurate results, Apple watches are among the best options. Additionally, the watches boast a unique design and easily fit into your wrist. They won’t cause discomfort or inconveniences when worn.

What I Like About Apple Golf GPS Watches

Can apple watch be used for golf GPS? We said they can. Of course, I have my praises for the watches. And, I also have some negative sides.

First, the watches are among the most robust options on the market. One of the things I love about Apple golf GPS watches is the excellent vibrating alert. It even alerts the user when they are driving in the wrong direction.

Of course, Apple watches also boast an excellent design. The excellent display offers easy navigation. And yes, the easy-to-use and simple buttons offer easy access to all apps.

Of course, the excellent display ensures that one gets perfect results. And yes, the display offers ease of reading.

There are several color and band options too. For that reason, you are free to choose your favorite color and band design.

What I Didn’t Like About Apple Golf GPS Watch

Although the watches boast an excellent design, there are a few things I found less impressive. However, those are personal preferences and might not apply to everyone.

For instance, the battery lasts 36 hours. This is a long duration. However, I would have preferred a longer duration. I think a 72-hour duration would be perfect given the fact that Apple is a big name.

However, this duration is perfect for most people since I have come across some watches which can’t last 24 hours.

Furthermore, the watch takes several hours to charge. This isn’t a concern for most people since they do so at night. However, for those who want to juice it up just before heading to the golf course, it might be an inconvenience.

Can apple watch be used for golf GPS? We already have the answer. Indeed, You can use your apple watch for golf GPS. They have many benefits. At the same time, the watches also come with a few shortcomings.

Like mentioned earlier, the benefits outweigh the negatives. Therefore, apple watches are an ideal investment.

Android Golf GPS Watch

Besides Apple golf GPS watches, we also have android golf GPS watches too. They work just like Apple watches. However, they use android operating system.

That could be the main difference. And yes, they work with android phones and not Apple phones. For that reason, these watches are ideal for those using Android phones.

Garmin Golf Watches

Besides Apple, we also have other huge names on the market. Unlike Apple watches, Garmin watches are designed to work with their own gadgets. Therefore, they are specific to particular gadgets.

Garmin is a leading manufacturer of top-grade golf watches. The watches aren’t just meant for golfers, they are also perfect for cycling, running and other activities.

In Summary

Can Apple watch be used for golf GPS? We have clearly dissected the discussion. You can use your apple watch for golf GPS. They offer several benefits. For instance, they are compact. The watches also boast a unique design.

Something else, these watches are compact. They come in different designs and offer various color options. However, the watches are also costly compared to other brands.

The high cost isn’t a bother for most people. This is because the quality makes them worth the few extra bucks.

After going through this comprehensive and in-depth review, you can now go ahead and convert your apple watch to a golf GPS.

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