How Accurate Are Golf GPS Watches?

How accurate are golf GPS watches? I get this question quite often. Well, the answer is simple, they are very accurate. In fact, they are more accurate than most other rangefinders available on the market.

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How Accurate Are Golf GPS Watches?

How accurate is “very accurate”? Well, we need to delve into details to understand more about the topic. Before we proceed, I must mention that there are several GPS watch manufacturers out there.

In the US alone, we have a plethora of brands. The number goes higher when you include other manufacturers across the globe. With the many numbers, quality also varies.

In short, as much as golf GPS watches are accurate, not all of them deliver the desired accuracy. Therefore, it varies from one manufacturer to the other.

In that case, if you come across people talking ill about golf GPS watches, it’s possible that they bought theirs from the wrong manufacturer. Of course, the most accurate models go for a much higher price.

What Determines the Accuracy of a Golf GPS Watch?

Well, there are various factors that determine the accuracy of a golf GPS watch. For instance, the GPS technology used greatly determines how accurate the GPS watch works.

GPS Technology

The US government owns GPS technology. That’s good news for most GPS watch users. This is because the government is committed to ensuring that the GPS signals meet the required standards and accuracy.

Therefore, the accuracy of GPS watches is awesome thanks to these standards. The government ensures that signals are transmitted with a user range error of something less than 7.8 meters. Therefore, this error margin ensures that one gets more accurate results.

With such a user error range, you can never go wrong with GPS watches. In fact, as of the year 2016, the government has even brought the error margin lower.

What else besides GPS technology?

Unfortunately, the GPS technology isn’t the only factor affecting the accuracy of a golf GPS watch. We also have other factors that affect how accurate the golf GPS watch performs.

Satellite Geometry

What is satellite geometry? Well, this is the location of the satellite (GPS) in relation to the user’s location). If you are not located at a place where you have access to the satellite signals, then accuracy is affected.

What is the significance of satellite geometry in relation to golf GPS watch accuracy? Well, the geometry helps in trilateration. This way, it affects the ease of finding the location.

Just like the normal internet signals, other factors like the quality of the receiver, signal blockage, and the atmospheric conditions affect the accuracy of a GPS watch.

So, how accurate are golf GPS watches? Well, that depends on all these features put together. These watches are supposed to be extremely accurate if all factors are held constant.

However, we do not live in an ideal world. All of these factors come into play. Assuming the satellite geometry is perfect, the atmospheric conditions are on point and the receiver works perfectly, the accuracy of the watches goes up.

Signal Blockage

About signal blockage, I believe you already have an idea of how it works. If there’s a barrier between the receiver and the satellite, the signal is bound to get weaker. Therefore, any barrier between the reliever and the source of the signal lowers the accuracy of your GPS watch.

What are some of these barriers? Well, they might include trees, cars, and buildings. In most cases, you will get an error notification.

How do you avoid this? The only way to solve the issue of signal blockage is by going to an open area. Ensure that there isn’t any physical barrier between the satellite and your watch.

Atmospheric Conditions

Some atmospheric conditions also affect the accuracy of your golf GPS watch. Which conditions are these? First, we have something like solar storms. They greatly interfere with the signal quality thus affecting the accuracy of your GPS watch.

We also have thunderstorms and heavy rains. The two affect the radio signal and also affect the accuracy of the watch. They might even cause physical damage in the process.

Therefore, you should also consider the atmosphere when using your golf GPS watch.

Receiver Quality

This is, by far, one of the most important considerations. The quality of the receiver greatly affects the accuracy of your GPS watch. How does it do so?

Of course, in our case, the receiver is the GPS watch. If you pick an inferior GPS watch, you will, definitely, get inaccurate results.

The design of the watch also affects its accuracy. When you pick a receiver with the correct design, you will get more accurate measurements. However, if you go for the wrong design, you will blame yourself.

Good news to golfers is that most watches boast a similar design of the receiver. Therefore, chances of your GPS watch giving inaccurate results due to the receiver design are a bit narrow.

Therefore, holding all factors constant, your receiver should give accurate results. Unfortunately, when the other factors come in, then the accuracy of your watch would be jeopardized.

Given the current technology, most GPS watches remain accurate to a radius of up to 5 meters. This is a reasonable accuracy by all means.

How to Get Accurate Golf GPS Watches

There is no short cut when it comes to getting the best GPS watches. Only purchase from renowned manufacturers.

Before buying a GPS golf watch, conduct some research. Get to know the reputation of the manufacturer.

I have covered the ways you can use to identify the wrong GPS watches on a different guide. Feel free to check it out.

Of course, finding out the reputation of a specific company requires some background checks. Talk to your friends and also check golf GPS watch reviews. We have famous and well-known companies. You might have to spend some extra bucks to get the accurate watches but that shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Are golf GPS watches legal?

Are golf GPS watches legal? People ask me this question quite often too.

After answering the question; “how accurate are golf GPS watches”, now we need to look at how legal they are.

First, golf GPS watches are legal. However, there are some features that are prohibited by the United States Golf Association.

For instance, one isn’t allowed to access features like slope, wind information, plays like, and course swing features.

For that reason, the watches are permitted in tournaments provided the user sticks to the rules and avoids using the features banned.

My Conclusion

How accurate are golf GPS watches? If you had any doubts, I have cast them. Golf GPS watches are more accurate than most other distance calculating devices.

They are also multi-functional. They don’t just determine distances but also offer several other functions. Again, the watches also offer convenience thanks to their size. They are fashionable too.

However, the accuracy of your golf GPS watch depends on several features. For that reason, do not expect all of them to deliver uniform performances. Always get the best brands. Ensure you go for trusted sellers at all times.

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