How Often Should You Replace Golf Clubs

Are your social media feeds and inboxes boxed up with a boatload of videos from golf club manufacturers suggesting how often should you replace golf clubs and why you should regularly change your golf club?

How Often Should You Replace Golf Clubs
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How often Should you Replace Golf Clubs

Better accuracy, improved performance, and more yards are some of the many words these advertisers use to convince golfers.

If you’re confused about how often you should replace the golf club, this article is for you.

I’ll be pretty frank with you here. If you’re satisfied with the current results you’re getting from your clubs, then there’s no point in changing them.

Just focus on your craft and stop looking for how often to change golf clubs. If not, read on.

What are the Guidelines for replacing golf clubs?

Two factors will determine how often to replace golf clubs. The first is clubwear.

You don’t want to continue using a club that is worn out and underperforming, do you? If you notice that your club no longer hits the spark like before, get a new one.

The second is Technological advancement. Swinging persimmon when your fellow golfers hold titanium can be embarrassing. You don’t want that.

When it comes to which golf clubs to replace first, Drivers are usually on top of the list. Only professional golfers may have a chance at using a driver for a longer time.

In fact, drivers usually get hotter as it ages. In terms of technology changes, drivers have always been on the front line and many golfers struggle to stay updated on the latest tech upgrade.

Always stay updated on the constantly changing driver’s technology. Drivers experience massive upgrade year in and out. Don’t sit on the fence; always check for updates every year.

Hybrids and fairway wood don’t wear off quickly. Be sure to not use these clubs multiple times in a single round; else you might be in for shaft wear in some years to come.

These clubs are progressing technologically over the past few years. I don’t expect that to stop soon.

But if you’ve been hitting the ball with these clubs for 3-4 years, and you’re thinking of how often should you replace golf clubs, I think it’s high time you give some new clubs a try.

A set of irons should span for between five to ten years unless you play too hard or too aggressively.

When it comes to technological advancement, it all comes down to your preference. The traditional forged irons have not changed technologically over the years.

But if you’re a fan of the low spinning, high MOI clubs, be prepared for an upgrade every 3 to 5 years.

  • Wedges

While changing wedges is common among seasoned golfers, many amateurs also try to follow suit.

In my ten years of golfing experience, I’ve realized that any intermediate golfer that changes wedges annually is only wasting money. Your wedges will last for more than three years.

In terms of technology, wedges share similarities with irons. If you prefer the traditional blade wedge, technology shouldn’t be an issue. Wedge technology is similar to irons’.

If you like the advanced cavity back wedge, you might have to check in every 3 to 4 Years.

So how often should you replace the golf club when it comes to wedge technology depends on your preference.

When it comes to which golf clubs to replace first, putters should not fall on the list. If your putter still rolls the ball into the hole perfectly, continue using it.

Putters are incredibly wear-resistant. Although their designs have undergone drastic improvements over the years, the old-hedged design still wins lots of money on tours.

Are new golf clubs better?

As a golfer, it’s not only about how often should you replace golf clubs, another factor to consider is, are the new clubs better? That’s why I suggest contacting a professional club fitter.

They’ll tell you if the clubs you currently own have similar quality with the new options. And if it’s the other way around, they’ll tell it to you too.

Speeding up the research process and getting back to you in the course of time are some of the features of a professional club fitter.

On top of that, a good fitter session will allow you to give different iron/drivers/etc, a try in order to know which golf clubs to replace first, and you can get back to the green on time.

Why should you replace your golf club?

Apart from improved performance, golfers change clubs for several reasons. Sometimes, we just want something new.

The feeling of Playing with a whole new club can be satisfactory, especially with putters. Also, there are instances where you may have lost confidence in a club and want something new.

New clubs can be fun (there’s no denying). And for some golfers, owning new equipment is part of the ‘excitement’ of the game.

Although replacing your old club is never a bad idea, you should be able to clarify why you’re doing this.

Because, if you’re prioritizing improved performances over getting fit, you might be in for a ridiculous disappointment.

But if you’re able to clarify your reasons for opting for a new club, chances are you’re not going to make a mistake.

Clubs that are properly cleaned, handled with care, and used infrequently tend to last for years, unlike those handled aggressively and used to hit the green multiple times in around.

Always clean the clubs after each shot using a dry and wet towel. Cleaning can also be done at the end of each round.

When cleaning iron clubs, brush the dirt lurking around in between the grooves. And when storing the club, always use a headcover to shield them away from potential wearing agents.

What can I do with old golf clubs – Helpful Tips

At some point, you’d love to upgrade your golf equipment, however, the next question that comes to mind is, ‘what can I do with old golf clubs?’ Well, A lot!

When you buy new equipment, your old clubs start looking somewhat garbage. You would be eager to offload them in order to focus on the new sets.

Here are five ideas of what you can do with your old golf clubs.

  • Gift a family member

Every new golfer needs encouragement. Do you have a family member who is just starting in the golf world? Gifting them your old golf club can encourage and inspire their golfing effort.

Beginner golfers don’t need the best equipment.

They only need something to practice. Just be sure your club is in proper condition. These clubs should help them decide whether the golf sport is their thing.

When you’re thinking of what can you do with old golf clubs, donating to businesses and charities is good.

This is a workable solution to offloading your golf clubs while helping other people. Visit charities, businesses, and youth organizations to inquire about how you can donate your clubs.

Some charity organizations and businesses receive sports equipment to sell off and help less-privileged families. Golf organizations receive golf equipment to use during summer camps and youth golf conferences.

Once you’re able to locate an interested organization, arrange how the clubs are going to reach them and inquire if they can provide a tax receipt.

Charitable organizations like Army, The Salvation, are good options for places to donate your equipment to.

They sell this equipment and use the money raised to fund projects and assist people from across the globe. Doing that, you’re giving to society, which is a great deal.

When it comes to what can I do with old golf clubs, you can also donate to charity organizations that teach youth how to golf.

A good example is First Tee. First, Tee has a program where kids can learn various skills, responsibilities, teamwork, accountability, and golf skills.

There are other donations ideas when it comes to what can you do with old golf clubs. As you know, educational sectors are always short on budget.

You can donate the clubs to a local school for use in their golf team.

In addition, you can gift these clubs to a thrift shop, which would make them available for purchase to someone who cannot afford a new club set.

  • List them for sale on online classified sites

If you’re not comfortable giving out your clubs for free, especially if you feel it’s worth money, try listing it in the local newspaper or on an online classified website of your city.

You can either sell your clubs individually or sell them as a set. It’s all up to you. You can always sell them on these several available platforms.

Set a decent price, describe the clubs in detail, and add photos that clearly show their view. If no one is buying after some time, relist them, but at a lower price.

  • Trade-in

Furthermore, if you’re like, what can I do with old golf clubs’, Trade-ins are also a desirable option. Many golf manufacturers offer the trade-in program.

When purchasing new golf, these manufacturers will offer a reduction in your price once you provide your old clubs. The discount depends on a lot of factors, including the quality of your club sets.

In fact, you might be surprised to get up to a $60 reduction on the price of a single club.  So, if you’re confused and thinking ‘what can I do with my old golf clubs,’ trade-ins can be a great option.

Repurposing your old golf clubs

Apart from the options listed above, what can you do with old golf clubs?

Simple – just repurpose them. By that, I mean continue using your golf clubs, but as something else. Check out these ideas of what can you make with old golf clubs.

  • Smart coat hooks

Do you have clubs with a broken handle? You can turn them into smart coat hooks.

However, you’ll need at least 3 clubs. Take off the shaft and attach the head of the club to a block of wood. Then you can hang your coats and hats on its head.

Or, instead of this method, you can use the grip in the same way.

  • Golf Club Fence

Did you know that you can creatively make your own fence with golf clubs? Look for wooden railings and attach the grips and shafts to them.

Unique and super simple! Plus, it’s another way to show off your love for the game.

  • Golf Bag for Garden use

If you already own a new golf bag, what’s left with the old one? Well, your garden equipment will gladly welcome these old golf bags as a home for storage.

Store the rakes, shovels, spades, and other gardening equipment in your old golf bag.

  • Golf Ball plant Pot Drainage

Your old golf balls can also work as rocks to serve as drainage in plant pots.

  • Golf balls as a relief for sore feet

After some rounds of play, you must surely crave for a foot massage. Golf balls can be a reliever.

  • Christmas Ornaments

What can you make with old golf clubs for Christmas?

Go wild on creativity with classic Christmas ornaments. Your old golf balls, glitter, hooks, glues, and paints are all you need to make beautiful Christmas ornaments.

Hop over to Pinterest for classical Golf ball Christmas ornament ideas.

In Conclusion

When it comes to how often should you replace golf clubs, always keep in mind that the condition of the club does not have to be the key reason to change your clubs.

A lot of factors such as personal improvements, technological upgrades, and the urge to try something new can contribute to how often should golf clubs be replaced.

Now that you have decided to get a new club set and ditch the old one, we hope we’ve answered your questions about what can I do with old golf clubs.

There are many things you can do with the old sets, from gifting it out to a loved one to donating it to a charity and selling it.

Also, before giving out your old golf clubs, make sure they look presentable. Clean the club sets thoroughly and have them packaged properly.

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