What is the Difference Between Ladies and Mens Golf Bags

We all know that golf is gender-neutral; it can be played by both women and men, however, we often wonder about the differences in the golf accessories for each gender such as, what is the difference between ladies and mens golf bags.

What Is The Difference Between Ladies and Mens Golf Bags
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Yes, there are differences, because females and males vary in body type, level of strength, and so much more!

So, let us take a look here to find out about those!

What Is The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Bags?

Contrary to the belief of many, golf is also actually popular among women and not just to men.

As a matter of fact, there are about 6 million female players of golf in the United States and this number is increasing yearly.

There is also the LPGA or the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association set up as a counterpart for the PGA. The LPGA has seen numerous female professional golfers bag titles and defends such titles for consecutive seasons.

With the increasing trend of female golfers, we should really expect that there is an increased demand for golf equipment for women.

But, what makes a female player’s accessories and equipment different?

If you are one of the many people who wonder about the differences in golf equipment for women and men, then I’m sure that you are very eager to learn about what is the difference between men’s and women’s golf bags.

After all, a golf bag is one of the most essential accessories. How will you carry fourteen golf clubs in a game without it, right?

So, what are we waiting for? Let us look at the different aspects that would answer our question: “what is the difference between ladies and mens golf clubs?”.

  • Weight

When asking about what is the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs, one of the initial things that will usually come to mind is the clubs’ weight.

We all know that most women are more petite or smaller than males, and producers of golf bags have made this an important consideration in making equipment for ladies.

It’s actually a simple concept: the smaller you are, the less weight you can carry.

This is the reason why most of the women’s golf clubs that you can buy in shops are slightly smaller in size than those of men’s’.

Moreover, they also used durable materials that are lightweight so you can trust that those bags won’t easily break even if they are not that heavy.

  • Size

The next essential thing about what is the difference between men’s and women’s golf bags is the size. Truth be told, this also applies even for golf clubs– the males’ clubs are longer in length than that of females’.

Therefore, since golf bags’ main function is to act as the storage of golf clubs, you can expect that the same concept applies to them.

Women’s golf bags then tend to be shorter in size because this way, it can give better protection to the golf clubs that you will fill it with.

  • Storage

Would you agree that women carry more things than men?

If yes, then storage is the next thing that you will notice about what is the difference between ladies and mens golf bags.

When you look at women’s golf bags, you will notice that they have more pockets than men’s golf bags. The reason behind this is to give a space for the jewelry that ladies love to wear.

The most exciting thing about this is that these pockets are lined with fleece that is called an “internal velour” to protect those precious things.

Also, there are full-length apparel pockets to store other necessities of a woman. However, keep in mind that these pockets are only exclusive in a female’s golf bag.

  • Design And Color

Last but not the least, the most obvious answer to the question: “what is the difference between men’s and women’s golf bags”  is the design and color.

Ladies’ golf bags have more intricate designs, giving off an elegant vibe that suits their personality and taste.

We’re not saying that men don’t have a taste or a sense of elegance, okay? It is just, the intricacy in design is much more visible in a woman’s golf bag.

It can be plaids, polka dots, and many more!

Also, you can tell the difference between a woman’s and man’s golf bags just by looking at the color. A female’s bag varies from nude, solid pinks, and different shades of violet.

On the other hand, a male’s golf bag tends to have colors such as solid black, hues of blue, and silver.

Are Golf Bags Unisex?

In this part, let us stop dwelling on the topic “what is the difference between ladies and mens golf bags”. Instead, let us discuss “are golf bags unisex?”

We understand that there are people who do not have that much preference when it comes to the design of their golf bags.

Some of them are ladies who do not want too many feministic designs and colors and some of them are men who do not want to look so manly.

This is the reason why manufacturers of golf bags also came up with unisex designs. They are more versatile for you and your partner can both use it.

So, to answer the question “Are golf bags unisex?”, I’m going to give you a big Y-E-S! They can be unisex and no one can stop it.

With these unisex bags, you don’t have to worry anymore about what is the difference between ladies and mens golf bags. And, for you to better appreciate them, let us look at best unisex golf bags!

This unisex adult golf bag from Sun Mountain gives the best yes to the question “are golf bags unisex?”. It is made from waterproof materials so all your other stuff will be protected from getting soaked when it is raining.

Also, it has a lot of pockets and we are sure that this is the first thing that you will be happy if you are a woman.

Moreover, you can forget about carrying so much weight if you have wheels to just roll them for the Sun Mountain Unisex Adult Golf Bag is a trolley type.

You can also choose between the two most versatile colors: black and red. This is so good, isn’t it?

  • Zero Friction Unisex Golf Bag

Are golf bags unisex? Yes, and Zero Friction may just have what you are looking for!

The Zero Friction Unisex Golf Bag features a 6-way divider which is perfect for both men and women who love their stuff well organized.

It also has a comfortable strap system so the weight that you will carry doesn’t have to be a burden.

Furthermore, if you are looking for lots of storage options, then this golf bag is the one that you should go for since it has seven multiple sized pockets.

For the color, it is a mixture of black, white, and lime which is absolutely lovely for those males and females who want to go vibrant!

So, if you don’t want to think about what is the difference between ladies and mens golf bags, go for this one!

Something to Ponder On

Gender differences cannot go unnoticed which is true even for golf bags.

We hope that this article enlightened you about what is the difference between ladies and mens golf bags!

Happy golfing to all men and women players out there!

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