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You might wonder who makes Kirkland golf balls? Who would win in Kirkland golf balls vs Pro V1? Finally, how much are Kirkland golf balls? Find out all the answers to your questions in this article.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls
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Trying out golf is no easy feat, especially on your budget. As a beginner, you may search for affordable golf equipment to avoid breaking your bank.

This is also helpful for you to save yourself from regrets of loss and damage during practice rounds. So, what is the most affordable golf ball?

Lucky for you, there’s a company out there that cares. Kirkland brand golf balls are the best option there is for golf beginners and novices.

You surely wouldn’t regret checking out Kirkland golf balls once or twice.

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

One of the first questions to come to your mind after hearing about a certain product would most likely be, “who made that?”

This goes the same way for your golf ball. This is also important for you to know so you could do some research on its reliability and strengths.

So, who makes Kirkland golf balls? This piece of information may come as a surprise to you. You may even be a member of this warehouse club. Have you guessed it by now?

Yep, that’s right. Costco is the one who makes Kirkland golf balls. The American multinational corporation decided to devise this signature ball last 2016.

Since they already had a strong market with their members, the well-known wholesale company made its way to the golf ball industry.

Many still continue to doubt the quality of Kirkland golf balls. These people even go as far as comparing these balls to Titleist’s Pro V1. This has led to several discussions about Kirkland golf balls vs Pro V1.

However, no matter what they say, Costco still provides the most amazing customer service and bang for the buck golf balls.

The brand who makes Kirkland golf balls decided to start off their launch in the field of golf balls with a blast.

They released a Signature four-piece golf ball that immediately flew off the shelves. Costco’s sales skyrocketed so fast that they decided to invest more in golf equipment.

To make up for the overwhelming amount of orders, Costco decided to make more golf balls and even putters.

Since then, the brand who makes Kirkland golf balls became a staple for budgeting golfers.

Kirkland Golf Balls vs Pro V1: Pros & Cons

Kirkland is the signature golf ball of Costco, while Titleist is the most renowned golf manufacturer in the industry.

Recently, they got into legal arguments about the likenesses in the design of their respective flagship golf balls.

Now that you know who makes Kirkland golf balls, it’s time to find out which are available for your leisure.

In addition, get to know the reasons behind the Kirkland Golf Balls vs Pro V1 arguments.

Titleist Pro V1

To start off the discussion about Kirkland Golf Balls vs Pro V1, Titleist Pro V1 continues to rank high on the best golf balls list.

This is because of its 3 piece construction that heightens any golfer’s game performance, its amazing ball control and feel, extreme durability, and astounding ball flight.


    • The #1 choice for golfers, including pro golfers like Tony Finau and Justin Thomas
    • Amazing greenside control with an exquisitely soft feel
    • Optimizes distance
    • 352 dimple design lessens spin on long woods and long irons
    • Its dimple design also heightens penetrative ball flight
    • Extreme durability is also seen in the Pro V1 because of its Thermoset Urethane Elastomer cover


    • A golf ball that sells for a high price
    • The Pro V1 features a high compression at 90, which would not be beneficial for slow swinging golfers

Kirkland Golf Balls

Now, let’s go to the first contender of the battle between Kirkland Golf Balls vs Pro V1. Kirkland Signature Golf Balls have 3 layers and a highly durable cover system.

It also has a more affordable price range while maintaining high spin, soft feel, and maximum distance.


    • It has a low compression core made of elastic rubber that increases ball speed and distance
    • Its cover system is made from durable urethane
    • Makes for an amazing feel on the course
    • Its 338 dimple design encourages ball flight
    • Its mantle is speed-boosting with a low long iron and high short iron spins
    • Kirkland Signature Golf Balls are affordable, so it’s cost-efficient


    • A brand is not as renowned as Titleist
    • Kirkland Signature Golf Ball’s compression is high at 96, which slow swing golfers would not benefit from

Kirkland Golf Balls vs Pro V1: Feature Comparison

Now that we’ve established the pros and cons between the two golf balls, let’s get down to who wins the showdown.

  • Distance

Since both golf balls have over 300 dimples in their pattern and other innovative designs, both of them show exceptional distance on the greens.

While the Kirkland Signature golf ball has an elastic mantle and core, Pro V1 has its dimple pattern and isomeric casing layer.

To be honest, it’s a close fight between the two in terms of how far they will go.

But we have to give it to Pro V1 because of its Generation 2.0 ZG Process core that amplifies the distance it could reach.

  • Ball Control and Feel on the Course

Titleist has always boasted of Pro V1’s feel and control on the greens. On the other hand, Kirkland Signature golf ball also contains features that produce a soft feel on the course.

Pro V1 has a soft cover system and core with low compression that helps with its greenside control and feel. Kirkland Signature combats this with its elastic core.

Unfortunately, Kirkland’s Polyurethane cover system contradicts this feature. So, once again, Pro V1 wins in terms of feel and control on the course.

  • Price Tag

Now, let’s tackle a little bit about how much are Kirkland golf balls. You probably know that premium golf balls are pricey.

The Pro V1 is no exception to this, which is why it’s one of the priciest golf balls there is. It’s usually priced above $40.

On the other hand, Kirkland golf balls is a cost-efficient brand that offers almost the same quality as Pro V1’s. This is why they win in terms of the price tag.

Later on, you’ll find out how big their price difference is.

  • Durability

If you haven’t guessed it by now, of course, Pro V1’s durability is more advanced. This is because of its Thermoset Urethane Elastomer cover that overpowers that of Kirkland golf balls.

While Pro V1 definitely won the showdown, you can still see how you’d get every cent’s worth of your money with Kirkland golf balls.

So, if you’re working around a budget but you want good quality golf balls, try checking out Kirkland golf balls. They’re almost as good as Pro V1 anyway.

How much are Kirkland Golf Balls?

Now, to answer your final question of just how much are Kirkland golf balls, let’s consult the maker itself: Costco. Costco offers Kirkland golf balls both on-site as well as on their website.

According to its website, Costco offers Kirkland Signature 3-piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball, 2-dozen for half the price of Pro V1.

For only $24.99, you get 24 Kirkland Signature golf balls that are highly comparable to Titleist’s Pro V1. If you opt to get a dozen, you can get it for only $16.65.

Many resellers even offer Kirkland Signature golf balls for as low as $20! It’s really a bang for the buck purchase that you can use for years on end!

Should I Buy Kirkland Golf Balls?

If you’re into intermediate to advanced golf or planning to start a career in pro golf, Kirkland golf balls are a good starting point.

You get to save up almost half the price of Pro V1 with only minuscule differences!

To get the best deals, you can also check out other sellers besides Costco.

You can get Kirkland golf balls for as many as 72 pieces a set, so it’s definitely a steal!

This can also help you invest more in other golf equipment that you need to practice with to get better at golf.

So, check out Kirkland golf balls and consider improving your game at a friendly price!

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