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One of the most desired shots in golf is the draw shot because of its consistent delivery and a more powerful ball flight. Read on to know how you can start improving your gameplay and learn how to draw or fade a golf ball.

How to Draw a Golf Ball for Beginners
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Some pro golf players opt to use the power fade shot, but most PGA Tour players play by hitting a draw.

How to Draw a Golf Ball for Beginners

In hitting a draw shot, you can have better ball control. If you miss the hit, you can limit the adverse impact because it is more likely to curve to some degree.

Another reason to consider this shot is the unreliable straight shots, which are difficult to repeat.

How to draw a golf ball? Take your posture and appearance into consideration, which is the opposite structure of fade.

Without further ado, here is the step by step guide on how to draw the ball in golf.

  • Position Yourself to the Right Side

How do you draw a golf ball? The first step on how to draw a golf ball is preparing yourself for the correct position.

The primary goal of draw shots is to aim at the right if you strive to arched it on the left. It actually means that you are trying to keep your golf ball away from the right side of the hole.

Select a spot where you can aim your target. Envision how far should the ball shift in the air. Take note that when you go further to the right, there would be a larger draw.

Set up your equipment and gears as if you are trying your knowledge on how do you draw a golf ball.

Furthermore, remember how do you draw a golf ball by doing the appropriate position of your feet on the ground. Give attention to your legs’ strength because it will be your swing foundation.

It can assist you from the backswing until the follow-through. Plus, get your posture correct by bending your knees and shifting your weight on the feet.

At this point, align your feet with your shoulders.

  • Place Your Club Face to the Actual Target

Maintain your posture and alignment to the right side. What you need to do next is to move your clubface and identify your target.

To learn how do you draw a golf ball, you must determine where the golf ball should land. Without shifting your body, gradually point the clubface directly to the target.

If you are done with this step, you are halfway into applying how to draw the ball in golf correctly.

  • Proper Grip

In any golf ball position tips for fade and draw, it is a must to ensure that you are holding your clubs properly.

Many golf players begin with a neutral grip. In this grip, you will position your hand above the club. Wrap your hands around the holder of the golf club.

It should look like one of your fingers are overlapping or interlocking. But in this draw shot, there will be a slight difference. Find out below how to draw a golf ball by changing your grip.

After ensuring that the clubface points toward the actual target and keeping your stance and posture, you need to change your grip.

Your left hand must slowly creep underneath your grip, and one or two of your knuckles should be hidden as well in doing this grip.

In this grip, you will know how do you draw a golf ball and learn how to fix your slices.

If your body and club are aligned correctly and the grip reveals three knuckles, you are ready to apply what you have learned on how to draw the ball in golf.

  • Appropriate Full Swing

To fully apply how to draw a golf ball in your shots, make sure that your club follows your body position’s alignment.

This placement means that the follow-through will move towards the right side of the actual target.

It would be best to verify that your swing is aligned with the club because this will generate your draw shots.

You will notice that your downswing and follow through points to the right part of your golf ball’s spot in this situation.

To understand how to draw a golf ball, you can visualize a soccer player doing a free-kick. They use the same technique as the draw shots to curve the ball from right to left.

This strategy is called the inside-out swing path.

  • Deliver and End the Swing Smoothly

Even if you have hit the ball, it is still essential to check if you have done the follow-through correctly.

Most players tend to neglect that one of the significant components of how to draw a golf ball is the follow-through.

You can determine if the golf ball went to its correct destination by ending your swing strong. It can reflect what has happened in your posture and full swing.

Through this, you can ensure that you have learned how to draw the ball in golf.

When you finish your swing, your chest is most likely out, and your right shoulder is pointing towards your aim or target direction.

This can ensure that you did the critical mechanics of an excellent golf swing. Moreover, it features the correct shift of weight, shoulder rotation, as well as the inside-out swing path.

How to Fade a Golf Ball

Do you want the ball to curve towards the pin? Are you aiming at the center of the green, or maybe you want the ball to curve around the tree or in a corner, this shot is what you needed.

Skilled golfers have different techniques to execute this shot; you can also do this with these simple steps.

Setting up for a straight shot first is the key, then adjust for the fade. This will surely give you success in doing this skill.

  • Step 1

Standing behind the golf ball gives you the advantage to have the best estimate of the distance. Visualize a straight line towards your target.

  • Step 2

Make sure that your feet, hips, and shoulders are aligned to the target – this is called square stance. Aim the ball by placing the face of the club behind it, pointing directly to the goal.

  • Step 3

Do the “opening” stance. The key here is adjusting your posture for the fade, ensure that your feet are aligned for one to two inches from your previous position, which is called a square stance.

Slightly turn both of your feet to the left, then slowly step back the left foot while the right goes forward. After this, your hips and shoulder must be parallel with the new line.

  • Step 4

Ready to do the “weakening the grip”. This grip is very simple while holding the club’s handle, rotate your grip counterclockwise about half an inch.

  • Step 5

Before you swing, align your club along with your feet. In mid-air, you will notice that the ball goes to the left and fade towards your target.

Our golf ball position tips for fade and draw is to try both methods. Learning these two methods can give you an idea of how to draw or fade a golf ball.

You can try applying the two different shots and assess which of them is more effective and efficient for your performance.

Golf Draw vs Golf Fade

One of our tips for golf ball position tips for fade and draw is to learn first the difference between the two shots.

A fade is intentionally curving your golf shot to shift the ball from the left side to the right direction.

  • Golf Fade

Players who opt to do the fade will strive to hit the left side of the target. When you do not carry out the fade shot properly, it is considered a slice, which every golfer avoids doing.

According to top players, they opt to curve their shots from the left side to the right. Lee Trevino considers fade as a more controllable shot and more conducive to scoring.

But if you miss and incorrectly do the fade, it can deliver low scoring and performance.

A terrible swing fade will typically fall short and right, catching the frontside bunker on most golf holes puts you in a disadvantageous situation, but you still have a chance, it is still playable.

However, when a planned draw becomes a hook, the ball goes towards the left, often becoming a horrible situation.

  • Golf Draw

If the golfers aim to move the golf ball from the left side to the right, it is known as hitting a draw.

However, if you draw the ball excessively, it is called a hook. If you poorly hit the draw ball and fail to curve it properly, it should land in the middle, near the result.

If you draw it accordingly, there is a high chance to land the ball close to the hole.

  • Key Takeaways

How to draw or fade a golf ball? Both strategies can help you to improve your scoring and gameplay. Ensure that you assess which of them is more helpful to you.

If the flag is closer to the greens’ right edge, the best choice is fade shot because it is the safest play. It is preferable to use fade because it is easier to exert rather than ‘a dead-straight drive or one that draws.’

It is harder to draw or fade the ball if your clubhead has more loft than usual, side-spin will be harder to accomplish.

If you prefer working the ball around, you may want a lesser loft, but distance may be compromised or a trade-off.

Draw a Golf Ball Like a Pro!

For beginners, it can be challenging to do a draw shot.

But in this article, we provided golf ball position tips for fade and draw and step-by-step procedures on how to draw the ball in golf.

Ensure that you follow the correct alignment of the body, the grip, the full swing, and the follow-through.

These crucial steps can determine the success of the game.

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