What are The Best Golf Balls for Distance | Detailed Buying Guide

You are undoubtedly on the right page if you are looking for the best golf balls for distance. While all golf balls look similar, they are designed differently.

What are The Best Golf Balls for Distance | Our Detailed Buying Guide
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They can be specifically configured for a spin, distance control, or simply driving range.

In this article, we outlined the factors you need to consider to get your hands on the top golf ball in the market.

Characteristics of Best Golf Balls for Distance

Of course, you should first get yourself acquainted with the aspects contributing to distance before we answer the question – what are the best golf balls for distance?

These include the number of layers, hardness, dimple pattern, and compression.

  • Number of layers

Distance golf balls are typically cheaper than premium golf balls since they require fewer layers to function at an optimum level.

The more pieces or layers you put on a golf ball, the softer it is going to be, resulting in a shorter distance. Hence, you should always choose a two-piece ball.

In other terms, select the kind that is made up of the golf ball cover and core only and nothing more. It can help you break distance records.

  • Hardness

What is the best golf ball for distance? Harder golf balls go the furthest after a swing. The same idea as the ball drop test applies to the sport.

You see how dropping balls with different hardness from the same drop point result in varying bounce heights. Softer balls tend to bounceback less.

This is because they are better constructed for feel and workability instead of distance.

  • Dimple Pattern

Which golf ball is best for distance? When asked this question, brands like Bridgestone and Callaway are often mentioned because of the notable dimple patterns of their golf balls.

Just like hardness, these patterns can help drive the ball further. Hence, different golf ball manufacturing companies put so much effort into designing it.

Its varying sizes and shapes somehow dictate the driving range.

  • Compression

In case you are not aware, a golf ball deforms briefly at impact. Getting to the core is essential if you wish to improve your driving range.

Needless to say, your swing speed plays a critical role in that. Generally, players with faster swing speed deal with golf balls with higher compression while golfers with slower swing speed use otherwise.

This is to maximize the deformation effect upon impact.

Hence, evaluating your swing speed before doing any purchase is relevant. Here is an outline of the best golf balls for distance now that you are familiar with the factors affecting the driving range.

Recommended Top Golf Balls for Distance

Many manufacturers offer quality-made golf balls. However, not every product is designed for distance. Some focus more on the spin or the workability of the golf ball.

So, what are the best golf balls for distance exactly?

Wilson Ultra 500 Distance

Among all options for the best golf balls for distance, Wilson Ultra 500 is the cheapest. It is perfect for those golf players on a tight budget.

Although it is a lot cheaper than any other brand on this list, its quality is not compromised. If you wish to achieve a greater ball distance in golf, the Wilson would not disappoint.

Nevertheless, you should not expect anything more in terms of feel and spin since the product is mainly focused on distance.

When you purchase a Wilson Ultra 500 distance, you can enjoy the following features:

  • You can put until three lines of text to make the golf ball more personalized.
  • Purchase it in a pack of 15 for an affordable price.
  • It has a highly-durable cover
  • The core is high-energy. In other terms, it is a hard golf ball.
  • Two-piece construction, which is great for distance.
  • Cheapest among all distance golf balls.

TaylorMade Noodle Golf Balls

Which golf ball is best for distance? Many players describe Noodle golf balls as the absolute perfect mix between power and price. It is also one of the cheapest options in the market.

However, unlike Wilson Ultra 500, Noodle golf balls do not only fly far but they also perform way better in other categories.

The distance control with this brand is not as good but it is already such a steal for its price. You can save money while ensuring the quality of your equipment remains intact.

If you are not yet convinced why it is one of the best golf balls for distance,

Here are some advantages of using Noodle golf balls.

  • Its patented dimple pattern is specifically designed for straighter shots. In case you are not acquainted with the concept, less curve means more distance.
  • Its spin rate is very low.
  • It has a high-quality Surlyn cover and two-piece construction for a better driving range.
  • Noodle golf balls are quite cheap for their features.

Bridgestone Lady Precept

What is the best golf ball for distance? A golf ball with slightly lower compression is perfect for women with slow to average swing speed.

Needless to say, Bridgestone Lady Precept has it covered. The brand is specifically designed with the lowest compression so golf players that do not hit as fast can still achieve great distance.

Most golf balls require that you powerfully hit it to make its core react, resulting in extra yards.

However, Bridgestone does not need high speed to have the most distance possible. Although it does not excel in terms of other categories, it would never disappoint you in distance.

Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing Bridgestone Lady Precept.

  • It has low compression. Thus, golf players with slow swings do not have to worry as much about the distance they can make.
  • Its outer layer is harder while its core is softer when compared to other options in this list.
  • Its patented dimple design is meant to lessen backspin (which means fewer mishits).
  • It is made from a two-piece construction, which is why it is one of the top golf balls for distance.
  • Bridgestone Lady Precept is available in three different colors.

Titleist Velocity

What are the best golf balls for distance? Of course, Titleist Velocity would never miss the list of top golf balls for distance.

The brand solely focuses on bringing a better driving range. Hence, you can expect it to fly as far as possible after a swing.

Titleist is carefully designed to achieve great distance only and its manufacturer has been upfront about it.

You would not see it spinning in about any shot you hit. Hence, it is perfect for slicers and hookers since lower spin can reduce mishits.

Although Titleist is carefully designed to achieve distance, it also has a great feel at impact (which is rare for distance balls).

Listed below are more of its advantages and benefits.

  • It has the lowest spin rate among all options on the list.
  • It is super long, but it still has a great and decent feel at impact.
  • Titleist Velocity is made from a Surlyn cover and two-piece construction.
  • It feels as though the wind hardly affects it when you use this golf ball.
  • It is highly durable.

Callaway Warbird

If there is a golf ball that is specifically crafted for long and straight shots, it is the Callaway Warbird. As mentioned, less curve means greater distance.

Hence, the brand is one of the top golf balls for distance. Callaway Warbird has HEX Aerodynamics that allows golf players to reduce drag and improve driving range.

The said feature also increases speed and hang-time, which is an excellent bonus for its price.

Into the bargain, the brand is the best highly compressible golf ball as of writing. Hence, players can maximize their potential, regardless of their swing speed.

Listed are some of the perks of using Callaway Warbird instead of other brands.

  • As mentioned, it has its exclusive HEX Aerodynamics that maximizes distance and reduces drag.
  • It has an ionomer cover that is responsible for its decent and satisfying feel.
  • It is highly durable.
  • Callaway Warbird has a high-energy core that allows for maximum distance at any swing speed.

Volvik DS55

These golf balls are best for senior golf players who do not swing as powerful as before anymore. Volvik DS55 has a low compression that is just enough for it not to be put in the women’s category.

They come in vibrant colors, which is perfect for seniors since they can easily spot the ball on the field.

The brand is one of the top golf balls for distance since it is made from a very elastic core that allows for a maximum driving range.

Here are some of the reasons why Volvik DS55 is worth buying.

  • Low compression can help with maximizing distance with less effort.
  • Highly durable and has a hard outer coating.
  • Has a two-piece construction with a Surlyn cover.
  • Volvik DS55 is available in three different colors.

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

What are the best golf balls for distance? TaylorMade TP5 is configured to achieve the maximum distance without compromising its speed.

The brand is extremely responsive in the greens. You will be paying more when you choose these golf balls instead of the other options in this list but it is worth it.

TaylorMade TP5 boasts of a unique triple-layered core system that allows for a longer driving range and higher speed.

Listed are some of the benefits of using these golf balls.

  • It has a dual-spin cover
  • Its triple-layered core system helps generate massive speed and great energy transfer.
  • It is highly durable and is one of the top golf balls for distance.
  • Although it has a five-piece construction instead of two, it is still highly competitive in terms of distance.

Final Thoughts

Golf balls do not have to be premium to be considered the best golf balls for distance. Even the cheapest option can help you achieve the longest driving range in your golf career.

Hence, what you should check when purchasing equipment is the aspects affecting distance. These include the number of layers, hardness, compression, and dimple pattern.

If you know these things, you can easily choose the best golf ball in the market.

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