What are the Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

Looking for the best golf balls for mid handicappers is challenging because there are many factors to consider. Manufacturers produce golf equipment that caters to different skill levels.

What is the Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers
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The equipment, such as golf balls, may look the same, but not all of them are suitable for you.

What are the Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

You may have heard that there is a handicap system in golf. In this system, you can calculate your golf scores as opposed to specific criteria.

You are a high handicap if your score is at 36.4 for males and 40.4 for females. On the other hand, you are a mid handicap if your score is between 13-15.

Shifting from one handicap to another means that some changes in your equipment are needed as well.

If you’re transferring from high to the average level, or if you’re currently one, here are the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

Srixon Q-Star Tour

The Srixon Q-Star Tour is one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

Its specialty is that it can reach a greater distance with a low spin ball. This product is suitable for you if you want to improve on increasing the distance and the accuracy of shots.

Srixon produced this 3-piece golf ball set using a urethane cover similar to that of tour pro equipment. To cater to your needs as mid handicappers, they made the core soft for a better overall experience.

Its low compression is another reason why this is considered one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers. This feature enables the ball to reach a greater distance and gives off a spring-like feel when the club hits it.

  • PROS

    • Budget-friendly.
    • Low compression, which boosts the distance even with average swing speeds.
    • Softcore that creates a smoother pitch.

Callaway Chrome Soft

The Callaway Chrome Soft is composed of 4 golf balls that are made with urethane cover as well. It is a runner up when it comes to the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

Has a soft feel and low compression, but it has greater control around the green. It may not be suitable for those looking for a budget-friendly product.

This golf ball set is more expensive than others, but its price justifies the quality.

  • PROS

    • Soft feel and a greater distance reached.
    • Less expensive than pro golf balls.
    • Helps create consistent shots using irons and wedges.
  • CONS

    • More expensive than the other mid handicapper golf balls.
    • It may not work well with slow swing speeds.
    • Only gives an average ball spin, which reaches shorter distances.

Bridgestone e6 Soft

The Bridgestone e6 Soft is considered one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers in terms of distance.

Given its name, Bridgestone produced soft golf balls that can reach a greater distance. Despite its softness, its durability can last for a long time.

A decrease in the spin will happen when you use drives and long irons. Fortunately, these clubs are seldom used by mid handicappers.

It is considered one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers thanks to its Delta Dimple design. This design aims to reduce air pressure resistance, which results in having a smooth flight.

  • PROS

    • Improve the distance reached by the ball.
    • Works well for mid handicappers with a slow swing.
    • Fly higher than other golf balls.
    • Improve the direction of the ball, such as straightening.
  • CONS

    • Prone to marks and shambles.
    • Alignment aids don’t play a significant role.

TaylorMade Project (a)

The TaylorMade Project (a) is one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers that specializes in tour-level experience. The outer layer of the golf ball is also made with urethane which enhances the spin.

This product is made with a new technology called the dual-distance core that targets to provide smooth and consistent shots.

Its low 70 compression core is the main reason why it’s one of the best golf balls for mid handicappers.

The compression enables you to create a good shot by giving you control over the spin.

  • PROS

    • Designed with a dual-distance core.
    • Has a soft feel due to its 322 seamless urethane cover.
    • Made with an aerodynamic design.
    • Generates a good spin and gives you control.
  • CONS

    • Might be complicated to use at first, so there is a need to practice.
    • Prone to be shambled.
    • More expensive compared to other products.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Golf Ball

Now that you have an idea on what are the best golf balls for a mid handicapper, shopping for one can still be challenging. There are more brands that you can choose from when buying a golf ball.

However, if you want to improve your performance, there are some factors that you need to consider before deciding what to buy.

In determining which golf ball is best for mid handicappers, you can check the following factors.

  • Compression

Compression plays a significant role in your play because it determines the amount of force you need to exert to reach a certain distance.

The ones with low compression are the recommended golf balls for mid handicappers.

If you are a slow to average swinger, then a low compression is best for you. However, if you are strong at swinging, then you don’t need to worry about it.

Thus, in choosing a ball, you need to find what best suits your swing power.

  • Spin Rate

Spin rate is highly significant when choosing which golf ball is best for mid handicappers. The spin rate describes the behavior of the ball, which is connected to the predictability of your shots.

Aside from this, it can also show the distance that the ball can reach.

  • Price

Aside from the features, the price is the first thing that we’ll look at. There are no recommended golf balls for mid handicappers when it comes to price, so it depends on you.

If you tend to lose your golf balls during your play, I won’t suggest that you’ll buy the expensive ones.

The price is connected to its quality, but if you know that you’ll lose them eventually, then maybe you can check cheaper products similar to it.

  • Feel

The recommended golf balls for mid handicappers are those with a soft feel. It will enhance the flight of the ball, and ease your swing.

The feel is related to the compression and control of the golf ball, so you can check it when you look at the other factors as well.

  • Durability

In searching for what are the best golf balls for a mid handicapper, durability is a factor that you should always check.

You can see that a product is not durable if it is easily shambled or dented after hitting it. Its durability may come from the quality of the ball or its design.

You can check the durability of the golf balls by reading reviews or asking your fellow golfers about their experience.

Final Thoughts

In searching for the best golf balls for mid handicappers, you need to consider your skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

It will help you in choosing the one that suits your needs since there’s no specific product that is ‘best.’

You can check the products mentioned above, but you can still find similar products from other stores and brands.

I think that weighing the pros and cons of each product will help you choose the one that’s most beneficial for you. Part of the pros and cons are the factors that you need to consider before buying one.

The factors that will affect you in the short and long run are its price and durability. In terms of performance, the factors that you should consider are the compression, feel, and spin rate.

I believe that peer reviews play a significant role in choosing which golf balls to buy.

If you are shifting from high handicap to mid handicap, try to ask golfers in that level since they already have experience.

However, if you are already a mid handicap, you can also ask your peers to gain a new perspective on golf.

If you don’t know many people in the sport, you can also find online forums where you can ask questions and consult.

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