Choosing Among the Best Golf Balls on Amazon

With the platform’s vast offers, buying golf balls on Amazon is undoubtedly the way of a true golfer. However, for the same reason, it can feel overwhelming to start looking for a specific model that suits you.

Choosing Among the Best Golf Balls on Amazon
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But fret not because we will give you the best guideline and tips and tricks in purchasing golf balls on Amazon. Read on to know more!

Best Picks for Golf Balls on Amazon

At one point, you have probably spent countless hours browsing through golf balls Amazon Prime and golf balls for sale on Amazon.

This scenario probably holds in the journey of many golfers like you and me. But with so many choices and so limited opportunity to test different golf balls, it’s challenging to choose only one.

Numerous brands offer various models with different feature highlights. Choosing one of the best golf balls at Amazon can give you a headstart in improving your golfing performance.

That said, we will make the selection process easy for you with our best picks of golf balls for sale on Amazon.

Check out our compressive golf balls Amazon review below!

TaylorMade TP5x Golf Ball

You’ll never go wrong with buying golf balls Amazon with one of the best golf OEM—TaylorMade. While they are known for their top-notch golf clubs, TaylorMade also offers game-changing golf balls.

The TaylorMadeTP5, in particular, with its five layers, is best for controlling spin. You’ll know it’s one of TaylorMade’s best offers as it took a decade to develop and launch.

The five layers in this golf ball boost optimum response upon contact with the clubhead. It offers flexibility using different golf clubs and in different environments.

For instance, you can minimize your driver spin and maximize your short iron spin at the same time using this golf ball.

Here are the feature highlights of the TaylorMadeTP5:

    • Premium urethane cover
    • Has a gripping layer for maximum spin
    • High launch on the tee with low spin
    • Provides maximum distance
    • Great feel for short games

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

As the most popular golf ball around, we can’t leave out the Titleist Pro V1 in this list.

If you have previously browsed golf balls Amazon Prime, you have probably already encountered this gem.

With Titleist’s specialization in developing high-class golf balls, you can ensure that their products are reliable and of top quality.

The construction of this middle trajectory model has received love from all skill levels for its construction and performance.

Over the years, the brand modified its initial features to cater to all types of players.

Today, the 2020 Pro V1 features a thin cover matched with a thick casing cover. As a result, it has decreased spin and more distance.

Here are the feature highlights of the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball:

    • Molded through high-class laser engineering
    • Has a 17% thinner cover for an improved spin
    • The newer version is made firmer and more solid
    • Its urethane thick layer casing functions to lower spin and improve distance
    • Highly durable and affordable

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

The Callaway Chrome Soft is a versatile golf ball that caters to all skill ranges. This premium three-piece golf ball addresses slow and inaccurate swings.

True to its title, the construction of this golf ball highlights a soft feel. Its Soft Fast Core, combined with its DuraSpin cover, does the trick for this feel.

It also has a low compression feature that allows you to control your spin depending on the club you’re using.

Despite having a soft feel, it doesn’t compromise distance and speed. In fact, the structure of the Chrome Soft promotes far launch and wind stability.

As a result, it allows you to be more in control of your spins.

Here are the feature highlights of the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball:

    • DuraSpin cover provides a soft feel
    • The Soft Fast core feature promotes speed using long irons and drivers
    • Unique Hex dimple pattern boosts distance and stability
    • Best for playing around the greens
    • Offers controlled and consistent spin

Bridgestone Tour B RX

The Bridgestone Tour B RX offers accuracy and distance like no other. It is made possible through the ball’s Gradational Compression Core feature and Dual Dimple technology.

Its structure caters best to low to middle handicapped. Its low compression (lower than Bridgestone Tour B X and XS) is highly beneficial for players with slow swing speeds.

Here are the feature highlights of the Bridgestone Tour B RX:

    • Offers the best accuracy and distance with its Gradational Compression Core
    • Has a Dual Dimple technology for optimum aerodynamic
    • Has a urethane SlipRes Cover for durability and performance

Best Golf Balls on Amazon for Women

Now that you know the best Amazon golf balls, let’s proceed to the best golf balls for women you can purchase on the platform.

A quick tip: two-piece construction is the secret to optimum distance, control, and durability for the ladies’ golf balls.

Since women have a relatively slower speed of swing, this will give you an anchorage in performance. It is also advisable to get a golf ball with soft compression for more comfortable hitting.

That said, here are the best golf balls on Amazon for the ladies:

Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Ball

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls offer both soft feel and distance without compromising one another.

The structure of its core provides a smooth strength transfer and high-speed ball trajectory when hit by the club.

Here are the feature highlights of the Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Ball:

    • Offers optimum performance for women with slow swing speeds
    • Boosts speed and accuracy
    • Has a soft feel that enables you to control your spin
    • Improves distance and control with every shot
    • Highly visible around the course

Chromax Metallic I Golf Ball

Aside from its uniquely metallic color and appearance, the Chromax Metallic I Golf Ball also offers top-notch performance.

With a total of 432 dimple count, it improves control and strength with every shot. It is also highly durable with its core construction.

Here are the feature highlights of the Chromax Metallic I Golf Ball:

    • Unique metallic color options
    • Surlyn cover ensures high durability
    • 432 dimple technology boosts strength and control
    • Superior ball trajectory
    • Robust core construction

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball offers the lowest compression that is best for lady golfers. Not only does it improve distance, but it also boosts flight trajectory.

Furthermore, its Hex technology ensures wind stability when shot into the air. Overall, this is the best pick for lady golfers who are looking for control and a soft feel.

Here are the feature highlights of the Chromax Metallic I Golf Ball:

    • Tri-ionomer outer cover offers a soft feel
    • Its low compression boosts distance
    • Hex technology stabilizes flight performance
    • Offers control and accuracy
    • Decreases surface drag and spin

Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball

Since its launch, the Bridgestone 2015 Lady Precept Golf Ball has been the top choice of many women in the sport. And with its features, it’s no surprise why that is the case.

It ticks all boxes, from its low compression, soft feel, accuracy, and controlled spin. It also has a thinner outer layer and excellent dimple technology for distance and flight.

One of its best selling points is its selection of colors that makes it more visible around the course.

Here are the feature highlights of the Bridgestone 2015 Lady Precept Golf Ball:

    • Boosts flight height and distance
    • Launches higher with lower spin
    • Improves control
    • Has an excellent and soft feel
    • Many color selections for high visibility
    • Overall a great deal for its price and performance

Golf Ball Buying Guide

Let’s now proceed to the things you must keep in mind when buying golf balls on Amazon and in general.

There’s science behind golf balls’ performance, from its anatomy, construction, compression, etc. It’s packed with technology that can either make or break your performance.

Thus, it is essential to take note of the following things before checking out your golf balls on Amazon:


To start, take a look at the overview of the anatomy of a golf ball:

  • Core

This is the center of the ball that influences many factors such as compression, spin rate, and initial velocity.

When it comes to the core, the vital thing to remember is the compression it provides against clubface contact.

Here are the best compression rating depending on a golfer’s swing speed:

    • High swing speeds: 100 and up
    • Slow swing speeds: 90 and below
  • Cover

Essentially, two types of covers remain the standard in golf balls. These are urethane and Surlyn.

What’s the difference? Urethane has a soft surface that provides optimum control and spin.

On the other hand, Surlyn has a more rigid body, making it extra sturdy than the former. Surlyn generally caters more to beginners, while urethane is the top choice for regular and seasoned golfers.

  • Dimples

Have you ever wondered about the dimples present on golf balls? The science behind these indentations is it controls the aerodynamics of golf balls on the flight.

It decreases drag for a more stable ball flight. Without these dimples, a golf ball would travel more or less half than the average distance.

The amount of dimples and their depth, size, and shape varies depending on different models and manufacturers.

However, the typical number of golf ball dimples ranges around 300 to 400.


Another factor to consider when choosing golf balls on Amazon is its construction. Here are the standard options of golf ball constructions:

  • Two-piece

With the term “two-piece,” this golf ball construction is very straightforward with a cover and core. Because of this construction, it caters to high handicappers and amateur golfers.

Its huge core boosts distance and helps address slices and hooks. Meanwhile, its thick cover promotes durability and long-lastingness.

  • Multi-Layer

On the other hand, this golf ball construction caters to golfers of all skill levels. This multi-layer construction can range from two-piece up to five-piece construction.

The layers incorporated in these golf balls, along with their thinner cover, help improve spin feel and control.

Other Factors to Consider

Finally, here are some factors to consider and keep in mind when buying golf balls on Amazon:

    • Golf ball type (distance, spin, combo)
    • Visibility
    • Price
    • Personalization

Purchase Your Golf Balls Smartly

Buying golf balls on Amazon can be a long and tricky journey.

Hence, it is crucial to do a comprehensive review to know the best golf balls in the market.

From models, manufacturers, anatomy, construction, visibility, and price, learning these things will make all the difference in your choice of a golf ball.

Eventually, you’ll find the best one that matches your playing style and preference. Good luck!

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