How Tall Are Golf Bags – Choosing Proper Height

Imagine having to fit fourteen long golf clubs; it makes you wonder how tall are golf bags, right? Actually, the height of a golf bag matters as it needs not only to fit the golf clubs really well but also to you.

How Tall Are Golf Bags - Choosing Proper Height
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Therefore, let us discuss in this article the dimensions of a golf bag along with its other features!

How Tall Are Golf Bags – Choosing Proper Height

In looking for the right golf bag, one of the most important considerations is its height- is it too tall or too short for your clubs and for you to carry?

In this section, we will discuss the dimensions of the different types of golf bags.

Players in a tournament often have their own caddies or persons carrying their golf bags for them while playing.

However, if you are going to do all the carrying by yourself, the most recommended type of golf bag that you use in a course is the carry bag.

This type of golf bag is usually produced using materials such as plastic or nylon so rest assured that they are lightweight.

They used these materials so your back will not be strained by the additional weight from the golf bag.

The carry bag can perfectly store your golf equipment such as clubs, tees, and balls.

However, you should also consider the weight of the bag so as not to injure your back or shoulders when walking around the golf course.

Carry bags generally come with straps which makes it easy for them to be carried, but be careful not to overload them.

You can also attach a stand to carry bags if you do not want to just leave it on the ground while you are playing.

How tall are golf bags, specifically a carry bag, depends on the brand and model that you will choose. But, to give you an idea, they are usually 12 inches in height.

If you want a more spacious bag, then try using cart bags! This bag is best used in golf courses where you need to use carts to go around.

Moreover, with this type of golf bag, you can bid your farewells to back pains as you literally have wheels to just push your bag.

I know you are curious about how big are golf bags, especially this one. Well, generally, cart bags have 5 to 9 inches in diameter providing more space compared to carry bags.

The cart bag also lets you sort out your golf equipment easily because they feature dividers!

If you are wondering how big are golf bags, then tour bags may just make you really interested.

Just so you know, they are the biggest among the different types of golf bags with a diameter that is usually 9 to 10 inches.

It got its name because this is the type of bag that is widely used by professional tour golf players.

Pay attention to those people and you will realize how enormous their golf bags are.

It seems like their caddies are crazy strong to endure carrying that during a 5-hour long round, right?

Given its dimensions, you may expect this bag to weigh around 45 pounds.

So, if you want this and at the same time thinking about carrying your own bag during a game, let me tell you this early that it is a very bad idea!

Not only will it make your whole body hurt, but it will also surely reduce your chances of winning!

If you want a more “upright” bag then try using a stand bag.

Its storage capacity is bigger than that of a pencil bag, and it also has stands to support its weight and literally make it stand on the ground while you are playing or taking a break.

It also helps to keep your bag clean and dry, easier for you to remove, and to store golf clubs and saves you the trouble from choosing a good spot to put your bag in because you can basically put it anywhere.

The most crucial thing to consider before buying a stand bag is the stability of its stand that can be found in the base.

This ensures that your bag will not easily tip over when a strong wind blows over it or when small debris gets in contact with it.

Keep in mind though that stand bags may be more expensive than carry bags. However, having a stand on the bag is worth the price.

Also, because these are stand bags, you might want to ask before buying how tall are golf bags, specifically this one.

The reason behind this is because the length of the stand will rely on the height of the bag.

Why Is It Important To Know How Tall Golf Bags Are?

As mentioned before, your golf bags need to have the right size for your clubs to fit in really well. This is because the most important purpose of the golf bag is to keep your clubs protected.

So, if it is too short and small, a part of your golf club will be very prone to damage from the external factors.

On the other hand, if your golf bag is too tall and big, your clubs will have enough space to collide with each other which means that they could damage one another.

Also, it is important to learn about how tall big are golf bags when you are a man or a woman. I’m sure that you know the reason behind this already, but let me just reiterate.

Club length depends on gender. Women are usually shorter than men and so are their clubs. Therefore, it is also expected that a woman’s golf bag will also be shorter in size.

What Are The Other Features of A Golf Bag?

Now that we have finished discussing the different types and how tall are golf bags, you must also learn about the other features of a golf bag!

Furthermore, you will notice that some do not have dividers at all and some have a 14-way divider.

So, choose the golf bag that features this so you will be sure that your bags are protected from unwanted scratches.

  • Dividers

Forget about how tall are golf bags for a while and let us talk about how these bags keep your precious clubs safe.

Well, you will see a divider on the topmost part of the golf bag and its purpose is to keep the clubs tightly sitting on where you put it and avoid clashing with each other.

  • Putter Well

The use of a putter well is basic: don’t let the putter scratch the other golf clubs. This is because no matter how tall golf bags are when there is no putter well, the other clubs will most likely be damaged.

  • Pockets

I think you already know why there are pockets on a golf bag. I mean, I’m pretty sure that you want to have a space to store your valuables, change of clothes, and other stuff.

So, aside from asking what the height of the golf bag is, ask also about how many pockets a golf bag has.

  • Handles and Straps

Seriously, how do you expect to carry your golf bag without handles and bags?

Therefore, aside from how tall are golf bags, one of the most important considerations is the placement of handles and straps as it may vary depending on your need.

  • Umbrella Holder

You can’t really predict when it’s going to rain, so always carry an umbrella with you.

Therefore, to make sure that your umbrella is stored in a place that is safe, make sure that your golf bag has an umbrella holder.

After all, the rain can make you sick and a sick golfer would not be able to play!

  • Rain Hood or Cover

Golf bags can adapt to your changing needs as well and the rain hood or cover is the best example of that.

With a rain hood or cover, you do not have to worry about your clubs being soaked in water during heavy rain.

  • Towel Loop

The towel loop is actually one of the most essential features of a golf bag.

I’m sure that you can get really sweaty during a game, so to keep your towels in an easy and accessible reach, look for a golf bag with a towel loop.

Sizing The Golf Bag

Now that you know about how tall are golf bags and their other features, I hope that you will be able to find a bag that is fit for you.

Always keep in mind that the proper size of golf equipment is also one of the keys that will open the door to your victory.

Therefore, if you want to pursue that dream of becoming the world’s most renowned golfer, then you better start sizing that golf bag!

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