How to Get Forward Shaft Lean in the Golf Swing?

The golf swing is an intricate process and paying close attention to each detail is quite difficult. Do you know how to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing? One of the factors that affect your swing is the shaft lean.

How to Get Forward Shaft Lean in the Golf Swing
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It is also one of the most underrated concepts in the sport, but it is actually more important than you think.

How to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing?

Whether it is a full swing, putting, or chipping — the shaft lean greatly influences your entire performance. It gives golfers the right angle as they attack and hit the golf ball.

Learning how to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing will help you be accustomed to hitting the irons in a precise position.

Now let us discuss how to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing.

  • Perform drills

Continuous training is key to know how to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing. This particular drill eliminates your tendency to flip the driver and help you tighten your grip.

First, use an alignment stick and place it to the ground at a 45-degree angle. You can also position it 5 to 6 inches ahead of your dominant leg.

Perform this drill slowly but surely. The aim is to strike the ball at a distance of 20 yards.

Then, swing the driver at a 7-o’clock angle to allow your wrist to return to the alignment stick first rather than the driver.

Maintain this position even after the swing to see if you were able to produce a forward shaft lean.

Producing a forward shaft lean takes effort and discipline. To see noticeable improvement, remember to repeat this drill at least two to three times a week and 10 minutes per day.

Do this consistently and you will be able to strike the golf ball more accurately.

  • Start with short games

The next way on how to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing is through short games.

Improving your shaft lean is best done at a short game because this involves both putting, chipping, and of course, the full swing.

Doing short games first will help condition your swing and familiarize your body to the proper position.

To achieve a forward shaft lean for a short game, you must place your hands ahead of the golf ball in preparation for the swing.

Chip shots are the most precise and powerful if you have a forward shaft lean as you hit the ball down.

As for putting, it is better to have a forward shaft lean as well, but only at a small angle. Position your hands in front of the golf ball with a slight lean.

Make sure to keep that same angle from start to finish.

  • Do not flip your golf club

How to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing can be achieved by the correct sequence of moves. This entails keeping a close look at your downswing to make sure you are not flipping the driver.

Once you flip the driver, you will not be able to produce sufficient strength in the downswing. It can also lead to an unsuccessful slice as caused by the lack of power coming from the shaft lean

  • Maintain your lag

Another technique to develop a forward shaft lean is through holding your lag. It refers to the angle found in the middle of your arms, wrists, and the golf driver.

Similar to the shaft lean, the lag is also often overlooked but holds great importance in the golf swing.

How to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing involves the lag as well. You can produce a lag as long as you have the correct position and form right before you hit the ball.

A forward shaft lean can be generated once you are able to hold the lag during the downswing.

Most professional golfers are able to maintain their lag as it allows them to gain more power in the swing.

  • Practice proper position

Last but not least on how to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing is having the proper position.

The goal is to slightly lean your shaft towards the golf ball before you perform the full swing.

In using irons, your position should help you hit the ball down to gain impact and perform a powerful backspin.

To achieve this, you must place both of your hands in front of the golf ball before making an impact. This position will allow you to execute a strong swing.

While there are some golfers who think how to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing is not necessary. You must always keep in mind that a forward position will give you the most advantage.

By having a forward shaft lean, you can avoid the reverse shaft lean that can lower your chances of hitting the ball precisely.

It is important to maintain a vertical position while holding the golf club as you execute impact.

Importance of Forward Shaft Lean

What exactly is the shaft lean? For beginners, it is not a concept that is immediately introduced. It is commonly referred to as “hands in front of the ball” or “hands pressed forward”.

It is referred to that way because your hands are pressed forward at the starting position, making your hands located in front of the ball.

This is more effective than putting your hands behind or at the same line with the golf ball.

The shaft lean is the angle produced by the coordination of your arms, hands, and the driver’s shaft upon impact.

Once the shaft is leaning in the direction of the target after the golf ball is hit, it means you were able to produce a forward shaft lean in the swing.

Now that we have understood what a forward shaft lean is and how to achieve it, let us look at its implications.

Is it really necessary to incorporate it into the golf swing?

The simple answer is yes, it plays an essential role in the quality of your swing. It ensures that you are able to hit the ball with the most accuracy and power possible.

  • Prevents error

If done correctly, a forward shaft lean can eliminate the possibility of a slice and allow your ball to reach greater lengths.

It is most crucial during the downswing and the split second before you make an impact. By performing a forward shaft lean, you can be able to avoid errors later on.

  • Generates square takeaway

Putting your hands in front of the golf driver generates a square takeaway, which is better and stronger compared to an open takeaway.

A square one will result in a higher trajectory and farther distance. For short games, a forward shaft lean will generate more power without causing a slice.

  • Improves your shots

If you do this properly, a square takeaway decreases the tendency of executing “errant shots” which can disrupt your performance and lower your scores.

Leaning the shaft forward can also prevent thin shots that happen when the golf ball is hit just after the golf club goes up from the downswing.

Thin shots do not go as high because the golf ball is struck under its equator. A shaft lean can address this problem.

  • Hits the ball with impact

Producing a forward shaft lean and maintaining a proper lag are the key components of an accurate and impactful swing.

Always position both of your arms in front of the golf driver at the address. Through consistently performing drills, you can achieve this to improve your swing.

Perfect Practice, Always!

Like most techniques in golf, how to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing takes time and effort.

For beginners, it is understandable to have a small degree of shaft lean at first. This can serve as your motivation to practice in order to improve and see results.

Knowing how to get forward shaft lean in the golf swing can do wonders for your game. Apart from gaining more impact, you can strike the ball higher and more accurately.

The more you practice, the more it will be easier to position and forward your hands at the address.

Consistency is key so you can incorporate it in all of your swings.

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