How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight | Back to Basics

An in-depth understanding of golf requires going back to the fundamentals. In mastering this sport, you must learn how to hit a golf ball straight.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight | Back to Basics
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Although this shot is quite challenging, you can review the basics and practice your skills. Keep on reading if you want to learn how to hit the ball straight in golf.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight | Back to Basics

How to hit golf ball straight? It is evidently a complex task, most especially for beginners. But through diligence and passion, how to hit a golf ball straight can be easier for you.

Before anything else, let us start with the basic foundation on how to hit the ball straight in golf.

Basic Foundation of Golf

First, you need to learn the basic golf terminology and the fundamentals before we proceed on how to hit a golf ball.

  • Target: This term refers to the direction of the ball you want to go. Knowing where your goal is essential on how to hit golf ball straight.
  • Fairway: The part of the golf course with short grass in the middle of the tee and green is called the fairway.
  • Green: The most important is the hole, this is the location of where the ball should go.
  • Stance: This word refers to your position; it includes your feet and legs before hitting the golf ball. Having a strong foundation depends entirely on your posture, so it is the most crucial aspect on how to hit golf ball straight.
  • Grip: Once you find your stance or position, have a firm grip, and your posture, you are now required to address the ball.
  • Address: The way you position the clubhead above the ground and behind the golf ball is called an address.
  • Grounding the Club: This term refers to when your club touches the ground while you are addressing the ball. Grounding the club refers to when you position your club on the floor while handling the golf ball.

The Fundamentals

In addition to that, improving your skill must be your priority too in how to hit the ball in golf. Knowing how to hit the ball in golf is vital.

Always put in your mind that every golfer started as a beginner also. Understanding the fundamentals will give you an advantage over other players.

Before we proceed to the advanced topic of golfing, we must start with basics such as proper stance and address.

In this section, we will guide you on how to hit a golf ball straight. Moreover, we will answer your questions, such as why I can’t hit a golf ball straight?

  • Stance and Posture

When you prepare to swing your golf club, you must have a proper posture first; it pertains to your feet’ placement on the ground.

Focus the strength on your legs; this will give you a strong foundation as you swing.

After adjusting your stance, you must always put on your mind the proper posture, bend your knees, and put all the weight on your feet.

The address pertains to how you place the clubhead behind the golf ball, given that your grip and stance is correct.

As a beginner, knowing the proper posture will be very helpful for you to hit a golf ball straight.

Maybe the reason why I can’t hit a golf ball straight is because of improper posture.

  • Visualize Your Grip

Why I can’t hit a golf ball straight? To answer that question, you must remember that you and your club is one. You and your club must have a connection on how to hit a golf ball straight properly.

Start with a neutral grip by placing your hand on top of the club. Start your grip from the central joint of your pointer finger down to the hinge of your pinky finger.

Wrap your hand around the hold. Slightly pinch your thumb to have extra control. Either the placing of your finger is interlocked, or one finger is overlapping the other.

Daily practice will enhance your skill on how to hit a golf ball straight. Learning the proper grip will help you achieve how to hit the ball in golf.

  • Proper Address of the Golf Ball

Most probably, the reason why I can’t hit a golf ball straight is the lack of knowledge on how to address the ball.

The correct address is one of the basics on how to hit a golf ball straight for beginners. It will also depend on the type of golf club you are using.

Various golf clubs have different lengths. Either using a longer or shorter club, you must position your body where you can put most of your strength on your feet.

Having the proper stance, posture, and address will also depend on the golf club you are using. Always practice your pose to enhance your skills.

Hit the Golf Ball Straight | Step by Step

One of the most challenging things to learn in golf gameplay is hitting and driving the ball straight. Let us have an example scenario: The club has a groove on it whenever you swing it.

Most newbies swing the clubhead at an average speed of 80 miles per hour. It would help if you know how to hit golf ball straight to swing the clubface – the impact on the ball must be at square necessarily.

There are three possible results when you fail to use the square clubface when you hit the golf ball.

The ball will spin sideways, which can become first a fade shot, second is called a slice, and third can be called the hook.

  • Learn how to hold the golf club

How you envision and grip your golf clubs is the most critical part, so you must master it to hit the golf ball straight.

Use the neutral grip. One of the reasons why I can’t hit a golf ball straight is because of the grip.

  • How you position your hand on the club

In this case, you must visualize the way you shake your hands with your club; your hand will automatically position your grip on the club.

Notice that your non-lead shoulder is where the V is pointed to. Your pointer finger and thumb finger must look like a V-shape.

  • Align club head on the ball and position your target

You can place the golf club’s head on the field along with the ball and swing it towards your target.

Aligning your golf club will help you determine if your clubface is lined up appropriately or not. The clubhead must form a right angle to the club that was placed on the field.

  • Position your feet properly

Since you learn how important it is to properly angle and position the club. You can now hit or drive the ball by choosing between the three stances—first, the open stance.

It would help if you faced the opening of your feet from your target. A closed stance refers to where your feet are slightly away from the target.

You can also use a neutral position. Your feet are supposed to be aligned straight towards your target.

  • Perform proper backswing

Just keep your ball’s clubhead inside when you start to drawback. A correct position of the clubhead will help when you accidentally do an outside-in swing.

The outside-in swing is one of the common mistakes golfers commit. Backswing can help you correct those mistakes before hitting off the clubface’s square; this will create a sidespin.

You can now proceed to apply how to hit golf ball straight! You learned how to grip correctly and how to align the golf club properly.

Just follow all the steps, and the ball will indeed fly straight.

Best Golf Ball to Help Hit Straight

If you are one of the golf players searching for golf balls that can deliver straight shots, one thing you should look at is the rate of spin during its flight.

Yes, your swing affects where your golf ball will land. But you can minimize the hooks and slices if you invest in a piece of equipment.

The construction, technology, and dimples play a huge part in the golf ball’s flight.

Here is the best golf ball to help hit straight.

Bridgestone belongs to the best golf ball manufacturers in the industry, but they are often placed behind them. They produce one of the best golf balls that helps you hit straight.

It is always a quality ball that you can use to enhance your performance and experience.

It is softer compared to other low-spin balls, but it flies straight. For high handicappers, it is not the best option for you.

According to Bridgestone, they designed it for those players who can play with a high swing speed. Moreover, it is faster by ten miles per hour compared with the average golfer.

Bridgestone E12 Speed is the best golf ball to help hit straight.

This guide won’t be complete without including this brand, which is leading amongst manufactures.

Titleist’s Velocity constructed their ball to produce a low spin and a high launch; it produces straighter and extensive shots. Titleist Velocity is the golf ball that helps you hit straight.

These are the three ways: Initially, the LSX core has a softer core, which is designed for a significant rebound effect that can produce longer shots.

After that is a NAZ+ cover that gives the player lower spin rates. Lastly, the outer coating has a simple design, which has 328 dimples in the tetrahedron shape. This is the best golf ball to help hit straight.

If you are looking for a golf ball that helps you hit straight, Callaway Warbird offers affordable and low-spin ball. It is a two-piece golf ball produced to have a high-energy core.

It promotes a higher distance. Warbird uses Callaway’s HEX aerodynamics to achieve a lower spin. It reduces the drag in the ball, which helps you have an extensive distance.

Callaway asserts to golfers that feel around the field is not compromised, given its price range.

In Summary

In learning how to hit a golf ball straight, you should understand the basics and the step-by-step guide.

As you practice your skills, you can naturally and precisely hit the golf ball.

In addition to that, you must also gauge your abilities for the right selection of golf balls.

There are specific golf balls that can help you deliver a straight shot.

Hopefully, through this guide, you can achieve your desired shots.

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