How to Remove Spikes from FootJoy Golf Shoes?

How to remove spikes from FootJoy golf shoes? Stuck spikes from golf shoes are one of the reasons why many golf players cough up a bunch of money to continue enjoying the sport.

How to Remove Spikes from FootJoy Golf Shoes?
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Many people say that golf is an expensive sport.

Apart from the fact that you have to buy your equipment, golf gear maintenance can also hurt your pocket.

Nonetheless, there are alternative ways on how you can ensure they remain in their best condition without spending too much money.

Thus, golf is only as expensive as you make it to be. Replacing your golf gear now and then can be expensive.

Knowing how to remove spikes from FootJoy golf shoes can save you the trouble of spending another penny.

Some golfers, especially amateurs, just often replace their shoes because removing spikes is not an easy task to do.

This circumstance is just one of numerous factors that makes the sport expensive.

For that reason, let us go over a step-by-step instruction on how to remove spikes from FootJoy golf shoes.

How to Remove Spikes from FootJoy Golf Shoes?

Let us answer the question – how to remove spikes from FootJoy golf shoes.

Golf players who often play might need to change their spikes a few times in a year. You should know that spikes do not wear down simultaneously.

However, your traction during your swing would be affected when a couple of them start losing their effectiveness.

When players reach this point, many choose to buy a shoe replacement. But there’s no need to fret!

You would not need to purchase another pair of golf shoes as long as you follow the steps below on how to remove soft spikes for FootJoy golf shoes.

It would allow you to replace ineffective spikes only and not the entire shoes itself.

  • Removing Spikes Using A Cleat Wrench

The simplest way to remove spikes is with the use of a cleat wrench since it is designed for that purpose.

However, you should know that some spikes can be uncooperative, making other minor invasive procedures more effective.

The first step on how to remove soft spikes for FootJoy golf shoes is to gather all your tools and settle on flat ground with a towel underneath.

Afterwhich, start spraying an adequate amount of WD40 into the spike receptacles or stuck spikes. Make sure to observe the amount of WD40 you put so that it would be properly lubricated.

Once you are done spraying WD40, use your cleat wrench to loosen up the spike. Moving it in both clockwise and counterclockwise manner will do the trick.

You should give just enough strength when using the wrench. It will consume plenty of elbow grease to loosen it if the spikes are stuck in bad.

After you work on the cleat wrench, the spike will be in its point of ejection. However, you would need to perform some more steps if the spikes remain difficult to remove.

What you need to do in case it does not eject right away is to use a drill to take it out.

  • Removing Stuck Spikes Using A Drill

Work the drill by slowly making spike holes. Make sure they are small. You should not rush it. Otherwise, you might end up drilling through your entire shoes.

And when that happens, you have no other ways to go but to do a replacement.

Since the stuck spike is already a damaged spike, your main goal is to remove it without destroying your entire shoes.

You should choose a drill bit that is large enough, so you can insert vise-grips or small pliers into the hole. Otherwise, what is the point of drilling in the first place?

These vise-grips or nose pliers will do the trick. Use them to pop the stuck spikes right off.

Needless to say, there are other ways on how to remove soft spikes for FootJoy golf shoes if you do not own a wrench, or if you happened to misplace it.

  • Removing Spikes Without a Cleat Wrench

Of course, caked-on mud would make the removal process more difficult. So what you need to do first is to use a golf cleaning tool to rub and clean the spikes.

Make sure to use the end of the brush to successfully free the spike receptacles from dirt. It will considerably make the procedure easier.

In case you do not have a golf cleaning tool, you may use alternative brushes that are available at your home. But you should know that some mud is difficult to get rid of.

In such cases, you would need to use a wet sponge first to be able to soften it before rubbing it with a brush.

After you are done removing caked-on mud, what you should do next is to grip the spikes with a plier. You can either use large pliers or needle-nosed pliers.

It does not matter what you choose since they both work properly in removing spikes. If your golf shoes have metal spikes, you can directly pinch it using the tools.

Once you have that grip, by turning pliers counterclockwise, it should remove the spike from the shoes.

Do not fret if it does not get ejected right away since stuck spikes are undeniably hard to remove. Just continue the process until it comes off.

Tighten your grip on the spike again every time your pliers lose contact.

That is how to remove soft spikes for FootJoy golf shoes without a cleat wrench. But if you have one, you can use it also since it is more straightforward.

FootJoy Soft Spikes

While it is common to see metal spikes out in the market, there are also other versions that some golf players prefer. It is often referred to as the soft spikes.

So, how to remove spikes from FootJoy golf shoes?

In case yours is a plastic spike, you still have to follow some of the above-mentioned steps.

You should start by cleaning your golf shoes with the brush end of a golf cleaning tool. Use wet to sponge caked-on mud if it is also too hard.

But instead of directly pinching your spikes with the tools, you can lay needle-nosed pliers across it so that you would be gripping on two of the spikes.

That would be the only difference. Follow the other removal techniques mentioned above. Choose what works for you best. You can use a cleat wrench or not.

It is entirely up to you. And that is how to remove spikes from FootJoy golf shoes.

Be Proactive!

How to remove spikes from FootJoy golf shoes?

This is the question that we attempted to answer today with all possible techniques.

You can enjoy the convenience of using a cleat wrench, or you can follow some of the alternative solutions we included in this article.

Either way, it would help you maximize your golf shoes.

You do not have to change the entire shoes every so often because learning how to remove the spikes in need of replacement can bring your traction during your swing back.

Golf shoes are not necessarily cheap so knowing these tricks can help you enjoy the game without hurting your pocket too much.

However, prevention is the best penny saver among any other thing.

If you wish to use your golf shoes for a long time without compromising your need to play so often, a little proactive work might be just what you need.

Cleaning your golf shoes every after rounds is a good way to maintain them.

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