What is an Over the Top Golf Swing

Do you know what is an over the top golf swing? You can perform many different swings when it comes to playing golf. Not all swings work for everyone, so it’s essential to be able to identify what would result in a win or a fault.

What is an Over the Top Golf Swing
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What is an Over the Top Golf Swing

Playing golf requires extensive knowledge not only on the equipment you use but also on different swing mechanisms.

One of the most well-known swings in golf is what is an over the top golf swing.

However, most golfers consider it a fault. The reason why over the top golf swing is a swing that many golfers avoid this because it can cause either a slice or a pull.

Typically, we can describe what is an over the top golf swing as overusing the upper torso while executing the downswing.

What happens then is that your club will go off your swing plane, resulting in an out to in ball approach.

Here are some manifestations of what is an over the top golf swing:

  • Opening up the shoulders during the downswing
  • The shaft remains above the swing plane during the downswing
  • Steeper shaft during the downswing compared during the backswing
  • Hand motions forward during the start of your backswing
  • The path of your swing swerves towards the left side of your target

Since this swing mechanism can negatively affect your shots, it is crucial to learn how you can correct it.

How to Correct an Over the Top Golf Swing

An over the top swing means that you’re swinging across the ball during the impact.

The primary element that you must focus on when correcting what is an over the top golf swing is your physical movement.

Here are some effective ways how you can start fixing why over the top golf swing affects your game:

  • Proper Weight Shift

Since why over the top golf swing usually happens roots from the player’s stance and posture, it is vital to address it first.

The first thing you must work on is your weight transition before the downswing. This movement would involve switching your weight from the back foot to the front.

Adjusting how you shift your weight during your swing would require you to improve your hip rotation and develop a strong core and lower torso.

Note that not being able to do this properly would make it more likely for your swing to result in an over the top swing.

It’s because the wrong posture will cause your upper torso to swing right from the top plane.

  • Make Sure to Turn Your Shoulders

Another reason why over the top golf swing typically happens is when you don’t entirely turn your shoulder during the backswing.

Make sure to execute a big shoulder turn to create an in to out swing during the impact.

What you need to do is to ensure that your left shoulder turns under the part of your chin during this step of your swing.

  • Adjust Your Stance Closer

Again, your stance and posture affect why over the top golf swing occurs during your swing.

For your stance, make sure to adjust your set up so that your feet are aiming at the right side of your target line. Also, your clubface must be square to your target line when performing this.

Then, make it so that you perform your downswing along your feet to create an in to out-swing.

  • Tighten Your Lead Arm

One of the things you must do to correct why over the top golf swing keeps happening is to tighten your lead arm. Note that your lead arm is the arm you use nearest to the hole.

What this means is that it’s the arm that extends from your body when you perform the downswing.

How you can fix an over the top golf swing is to tighten your lead arm towards your body during your downswing through the backswing.

  • Stay Inside Your Swing Plane

Again, why an over the top golf swing can be detrimental to your shot is because it makes your swing go off your swing plane.

What you must do here then is to endlessly practice keeping your clubhead inside and back when doing the swing. You can utilize a lot of drills to perfect this swing path.

  • Ball Toss Drill

Aside from all the tips mentioned above, one of the best ways to fix why an over the top golf swing happens is the ball toss drill.

This drill involves holding your golf ball with your non-dominating arm and then performing a swinging motion. Then, try to throw the ball at impact underhanded.

Once you do this, check if the ball flies towards right from your position. Otherwise, you’re performing an over the top swing.

Once you master this drill, you can start seeing an improvement in your swing.

You’ll also feel more used to the proper arm motion and shoulder and hip rotation to correct the swing.

What Causes Over the Top Golf Swing

The typical golf swing would follow a sequence of motions under a short period.

When something breaks this sequential movement, it can result in an ineffective shot as it will disrupt your swing plane. That’s ultimately what causes over the top golf swing.

The definition of the terminology would vary from payer to player depending on their unique build.

But as you may notice, why over the top golf swing occurs every time your swing results in a flying shot towards the hole. Hence, t’s also vital to look at several factors that may have been driving this problem.

Here are some of what causes over the top golf swing:

  • Wrong Timing

Again, the shift during the backswing and the downswing is an important step in your swing.

It can be easy for beginners to build up tension in your arm muscles and shoulder at the peak of their swing. The result of this may then be a swing that goes off your swing plane.

It will then lead to a shot that will stray off your target line. It is essential to relax during your swing duration and pause at the peak.

Make sure to hold this posture for at least a second before proceeding with your downswing.

  • The Position of Your Head

Always remember that the path of your club will follow where your eyes motion towards.

What this means is that when your sight moves ahead of the ball, it will also affect your club. Then, it is more likely for your swing to end up over the top.

Hence, it is essential to begin your swing by positioning your vision at the back of the ball.

Ensure that your head keeps its position at the address while you execute your swing and hit the ball.

  • Your Dominant Elbow Flares

Another possible reason why you end up with an over the top swing is that your dominant elbow flares from your body at the swing’s peak.

Your dominant arm plays a massive role in keeping the club inside the swing plane. Instead, you must keep your dominant elbow tight close to the body to ensure a good swing plane.

  • Inadequate Flexibility

Although you may not find it so at first, flexibility is an integral part of your swing.

It goes for all the body parts that coordinate during your swing, including your torso, hips, arms, back, and neck. The common mistake of some golfers is not warming up before a round.

Because your body is not fully ready to move, you may end up rushing your swing and coming over the top.

Hence, you always have to make sure to stretch and move your body before playing. It can be as simple as stretches that involve rotation and extending the torso.

You also have to repeat this after every round for at least a minute to enhance your muscles’ flexibility.

Don’t Go Over the Top

Now that you know what is an over the top golf swing, you will see if you’re performing right or not on your next round.

Note that an over the top golf swing will ultimately lead to a pull or a slice, which will not benefit your game.

While this is a common swing fault for many beginners and average players, there are also a lot of drills that can fix this.

Make sure to study the tips above and apply them during your practice so as not to go over the top!

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